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    Silver wax

    Has anyone used a good silver wax for a stucco finish. I have found that some waxes can be rubbed off the finish easily. Im ideally looking for it in a paste form. Some1 must have used a good Wax,cheers in advance
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    our latest project

    Hi Guys, it has been a busy month for polished plastering, we have finished a bathroom in royal tunbridge wells and just completed a kitchen feature wall in surrey, we used a white intonachino to create a pitted base coat and a white marmorino topcoat over a floral stencil. I have attached...
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    its been weeks

    Hey guys, someone must have something to say. we cant let this part of the forum go this quite. we need pics, questions, advice etc Speak to you all soon
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    pitted polished plaster

    Hi all, Ive been making alot of samples of the pitted finish. I cant seem to get the look that i want. Ive seen some of armourcoats pitted in my local shopping centre and looks great. Does anyone know how they do it? or how to get a smooth pitted finish which is fairly uniform. if you see there...
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    Hi all, I hope this post doesnt start any bitching lol. I have experience in venetian. There are many good products on the market and some not so good but that is a matter of opinion. Many people have asked for advice on materials and there has been alot of conflict. For me if i dont like a...