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  1. stephenspread

    The joys ....

    Letting a client loose with a kango hammer.. Not a good idea...
  2. stephenspread

    Handy Friday .....small ceiling

    Handy day....
  3. stephenspread

    Damp weather rendering

    Will it ever dry up for a bit of rendering
  4. stephenspread

    Friday again

    Here we go again...deep tracks to fill... Thanks a lot sparkys
  5. stephenspread

    Clerk of works

    Done a ceiling last week, bonding, two coats of finish, looked good when finished, sparks put up a flourscent lightning, c.o.w turned it down saying that there was humps and bumps, that sort of light shows up everything not great lighting.. He didn't agree.. #pissedoff.
  6. stephenspread

    Problems with scrim

    Done a few rehab jobs recently and the problem is scrim cloth coming of the at wall angles, ceiling, the finish going bolst at the scrim, tried pva skimmed the scrim first. Although that helped a bit... Any suggestions out there
  7. stephenspread


    Did anyone watch diy sos,they had the plastererers in doing there bit....and then before the plaster has dried out ,there painting
  8. stephenspread

    replaster or not.

    A client wants me to replaster an outside wall,the problem is that there is alpine finish on it and that has several coats of paint,I have suggested stripping the old plaster much work he say's....any suggestions are very welcome
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    Any cure for sore arms after a long week....
  10. stephenspread

    trust me!!

    Class or what!!
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    Another day behind the trowel...!!!
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    Just in from work...just thought I'd say hi.