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  1. Squarehead

    Haunted Houses

    Anyone ever had a spooky going on during a job? I worked on a manor house 4 or 5 years ago, owned by Glastonbury Tor in 12th century, monks lived there originally. Worked there on 3 separate occasions and each time furniture moved around on its own, including cabinet doors flying open in front...
  2. Squarehead

    No deal plaster supply

    In the event of a no deal......are British Gypsum currently stocking extra supplies? How will customs tariffs affect prices? @BritishGypsum
  3. Squarehead

    Friday Rock RIP Chris

    Best rock voice of all time imo ...gutted
  4. Squarehead

    Indyref 2

    Fair point as they voted remain or Sturgeon lost the plot?
  5. Squarehead

    The Pink Plasterer

    The Pink Plasterer on BBC 5 live between 1 and 3 today. Discussing females in the trades.
  6. Squarehead

    The Apocalypse

    The end is nigh?
  7. Squarehead

    Halloween Music

    Festive track from the west country legends Portishead
  8. Squarehead

    Sweden looks nice...I'm off

    Very worried about another recession now. Farage...leathery old twat
  9. Squarehead

    SBR for skimming

    Used SBR in sand and cement for years but what about as internal bonding agent? If you PVA a wall and skim it the next day it re-emulsifys, but what about SBR would it be like skimming onto plastic and have no sticky bond? Anyone put SBR in with multi like you can with PVA. Would welcome any...
  10. Squarehead

    Flexi tubs

    Working at my aunties. She offered me couple of cheap £3 flexi tubs . No thanks I said, not strong enough. Had an idea and joined two together with taped handles. Solid.
  11. Squarehead

    Bank holiday

    Anyone else working today? Don't know why but always found bank holidays a bit depressing, so not too bothered to be working.
  12. Squarehead

    Friday tune

    Good tune for a Friday. Sleaford Mods - Jobseeker. Lyrics from this band just remind me of this forum.
  13. Squarehead

    Van Dog

    Looking to get a dog, not sure what type. Got to be good with young kids and want to take it to work. Anyone got a dog that settles well in the van?
  14. Squarehead

    Ghostly Encounters

    Have a lime plastering side to my business which takes me to a lot of old buildings. Did a job a while back in a country mansion formerly owned by Glastonbury Tor and lived in by monks. On 3 occasions on working there I had furniture moving around on it's own. Mentioned it to stonemason working...