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    Rise and Shine Casper

    This forum is fuc
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    Rise and Shine Casper

    It's only because you're a s*** house and you know he will ram your local bus stop up you're c**t pussyoo
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    Rise and Shine Casper

    Ive Missed your s*** stuff casper s**t coving
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    Rise and Shine Casper

    s**t job
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    Weber accelerator

    4.4 litre to 220 litre
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    Pizza oven rendering

    Cable ties melt, raw plugs melt, chicken wire expands in heat sand and cement render cracks in heat, what's the point in insulation it's going to be hot enough, a glug of PVA is gay you must be Irish.
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    Weber accelerator

    Give up you haven't got a clue what you're on about or what you doing It's called Mono not OCR and their halos anyone with any experience wouldn't allow that to happen and would know the cause of them
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    Hi I'm a plasterer

    Hello I'm a plasterer been told by the younger lads I work with to join and say hello
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    whats gone wrog

    Hi frank:D