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    used a couple of bags of it that a plumber got for me to do a bathroom and i found it ok, like the old knauf stuff i used to use on barretts sites,.i suppose the secret is to be a real spread.
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    Job measurement / estimation

    when ever i measure up a house or extension i always get the same question where bi-folds or window walls are , i hope your not going measure that whole wall up,i always reply no i do not measure window or door walls up as whole i measure them up as a liner metre for reveals and heads, shuts...
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    Tool quality

    And that is why we have now got the kung flu because we have sold out our great quality British manufacturing base to this cheap s**t.
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    Board finish for sale...

    mix it 50 /50 with lime and it's the same as fresh plaster, been doing it for weeks.
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    Pebble dashing

    wash the dash before you use so you get all the dust ,s**t off the stones.
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    @British Gypsum!!!

    i just hope that BG have not furlough staff when they could have keeped going like the supermarkets have and have now caused a problem with 10s000 of trades unable to work due to jobs unable to progress, it would be criminal if they received government money.
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    Multi Finish Party Time

    i would imagine b&q are just shifting stock which as a sell by date to these stores so they don't get caught with loads of out of date stock thinking of themselves. shut the f**k down.
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    Self Employed

    You should not be working for peanuts if you are self employed ,it's your own business the only problem is there are to many fake self employed with the employer having to pick up no responsibility for your welfare , i can't believe the amount of people earning under £200 a day and calling...
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    Free tools

    bluebirds , enough said.
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    Nela max

    with tools i have always associated cheap with crap , i was just checking out all these new trowels everybody is raving about but they seem to be no better or as good than a good old marshalltown ss ,after my second coat there is not a mark on the wall,but i think people want to put one coat...
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    Nela max

    how much
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    Nela max

    16 in, tool station i think £40 .
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    Nela max

    bought the oxo ultra flex a couple of months ago and leaves marks everywhere, bit disappointing as i'm trying all these new ways after over 30 years of plastering and nothing comes close to a marshalltown ss trowel, second coat and not a mark, ultra flex and lines everywhere.
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    Free tools

    so i take it no one has ever taken anything off site when we have had a hobble on,because that would be intentionally stealing off your employer.
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    Free tools

    if they can't be bothered to look for whats on the trolley and bill me for what they can only be bothered to scan that's their problem,i am sure we are all standing there saying, or you missed that and have not scanned this, would not happen in selcos well switched on in there, glass houses and...
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    Your tools

    if i ever wanted anything i would just go and buy it but i have on occasions caught someone using one of my trowels as a scraper and it pisses me right off, that cost me over £50 and is 5 years old and your scraping the floor with it,as they say a good runner will always beat a good fighter ,so...
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    Free tools

    when ever i need new blades ,tape ,pad saw or any other small tools i go to b and q and get them but put them under a couple of bags of sand or finish, if they can't be bothered to look what you have got their problem. that's what you get when you pay your workforce the min wage they don't give...
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    Render grip

    the everbuild stuff i found was great but i did go over whole entire side of house with wire attachment on a drill to remove any loose paint render then put in deep scratches with a diamond blade before base coating with fibre mesh and silicone topcoat.
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    Can you put Alpine finish over existing alpine?

    everbuild rendergrip the whole lot and alpine over the top,i have also done this myself.
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    Never paper , you might of used bandage scrim instead of hessian as it is a bit more easier to put on,what would you use scrim tape or traditional,we are talking north of £5sqm on my jobs, not your house bashing s**it.
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    Slow down ?

    i just tell them it's a minimum of a day £150 and if you want me to sweep up or fill the skip i'm quite happy
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    Try sbr and sand with food colour and leave to dry nextt day pva neat with a roller and you will have no problem.
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    Base coat and skim

    leave a day and just be quick, no bubbles but like glass
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    Problems with Sand-Cement Napped Finish - Advice Needed

    You need to tap the render to find out how much of it is hollow before you remove it, it's been on for 8 years so can't be that bad,if you are in the south east you will probably be using pit sand which is s**t compared to dredged sand which is much coarser . If it's all hollow get it off and...
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    all self adhesive tape is crap,only developed for house bashing. if you want a quality job use hessian like in the 80s bit more time but no cracks. i remember going in on a saturday just to tape up the house with cloth for a monday start and it's nice to see those same houses over 30 years later...
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    Problems with Sand-Cement Napped Finish - Advice Needed

    With a pourus sandy render i have tried going over it with sbr in the past to try and stabilise it, do a 10sqm test patch and see what it's like.