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  1. Djr

    Domestics or site

    This is going to take a very long time to straighten out.
  2. Djr

    Not seen one of these in a while

    Old school pft mixer 24 year old still going strong
  3. Djr

    Friday ££ notes

    A little cash job today. Them barrel ceilings are a ballache
  4. Djr

    Plastic arch beads

    Wheres the cheapest place to get them been quoted £3.50 plus vat. 3m length?? Ccf
  5. Djr

    Wonder how much

    Wonder how much this fetches 2st one I've seen second hand
  6. Djr

    Something different.

    Makes a change from square rooms all day
  7. Djr

    Quality site dabbers

    How the fuk do these pricks get it so bad arrggghhh
  8. Djr

    Saturdays fun

    Sorry I volunteered for this awkward f**k*r
  9. Djr


    Nice little cash job b*ll***s to site today:bananas:
  10. Djr

    Tarmac ocr

    Thought itvwas going to be shite gear at first but its easily as good as weber
  11. Djr

    Where are??

    Where on earth are the apprentice plasterers these days . Was talking to my mate who works with me I'm 46 hes 47 between us we cant remember seeing a young spread on site in way over 10 years
  12. Djr


    Picked up a nice little cash job for a decent builder. Thought there was none of them left out there
  13. Djr


    Picked up a nice little cash job for a decent builder at last thought there was none of them left
  14. Djr

    This weeks work

    Small extension in the Lancashire hills
  15. Djr

    This is what you get

    This is what happens when people cant wait and use cowboys out of the local paper. This is at me mates missus house
  16. Djr


    Put me back on a new build ffs
  17. Djr

    Domestics are toss

    Why on earth did I volunteer for this howler
  18. Djr

    New run around

    I wish lol
  19. Djr

    Saturday patching

    Things you promise people when pissed arrrggg
  20. Djr


    This has got to be the worst board I've ever skimmed. It was down for the jointing system then the architect wanted it skimming . 2 x strong coats of pva and still sucking its b*ll***s off
  21. Djr

    Big render job

    The white I do for mates patching this turd up
  22. Djr

    Curves everywhere

    Christ I'm sick of them now
  23. Djr

    Tomorrow's fun

    Got this to skim nice change from straight walls
  24. Djr


    Something different
  25. Djr

    Domestic bliss

    Might turn to the dark side and do domestics
  26. Djr

    Nice change

    300 mtrs float and skim .man city training ground
  27. Djr

    This mornings fun .

    Don't mind things like this on a Saturday
  28. Djr

    Rushing plots

    This is what bellends are on new builds.painter sprayed the plot and our patched had just laid on a window wall .ha ha I love site work
  29. Djr


    Used this for the 1st time today and I must say it's excellent gear to use
  30. Djr

    Horrible stuff

    Got asked to sound coat the party walls on new builds in this gear Fuk me it like floating with drywall
  31. Djr

    What is this ??

    Been asked to patch up a cottage . Ain't sure what this finish is looks like textured paint .any ideas ??
  32. Djr

    Siniat coving 120mm

    I've got 3 boxes of this for sale £10.00 a box I'm in Salford Manchester. There's 5 x3mtr lenghts in a pack
  33. Djr

    Something different

    Been asked to skim inside of this
  34. Djr

    Health and safety madness

    600 x 600 hop ups are not allowed on this site I'm on instead we have to use this pile of shite ??
  35. Djr

    Apprentice plasterer

    Any young lads out there fancy a start with with us mainly site work .occasional domestics. Damo 07766755152 .Must be able to get to m60 Manchester. You will learn all aspects of the trade from experienced men
  36. Djr


    Any young lads out there fancy a start with us ?? Mainly site work occasional weekend domestics. Must live near or can get to m60 Manchester. Salford .damo 07766755152 .great opportunity to learn this trade from 1st hand experience men
  37. Djr

    Hp12 over limestone

    Can this be used ??
  38. Djr

    Slates used as laths

    Never seen this before has anyone else ?
  39. Djr

    Darby handles??

    Does anyone know where I can get new handles for a 6ft Darby.jusy been given one off a builder brand new without handles though
  40. Djr

    Radius wall

    Can anyone recommend which beads to use on a radius wall that's getting done in Weber pral m 15mm?
  41. Djr

    Radius wall

    I have a radius wall that's getting done in Weber pral m.which beads would you recommend for forming the curve .it's 15mm
  42. Djr

    Alumasc render system

    We have got a gable to do in this . never used it before done various similar systems but this is a newonderful one on me ??
  43. Djr

    Knauf spray plaster

    Been having a go at this today in Manchester . extremely fast
  44. Djr

    Alpine finish

    Where did that stuff disappear to ??
  45. Djr

    Wet dash 2 mixers ??

    Let's talk about this
  46. Djr

    Bath and rake old school stick and plunger

    Does anyone body remember those days