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  1. TonyM

    Looking for a start in the Merseyside area

    Think he shagged Amy Turtle
  2. TonyM

    Looking for a start in the Merseyside area

    Funniest comment I’ve read here for ages.
  3. TonyM

    No swearing on this job

    The large unit is 4 bed. Only problem for me would be that you can’t see out of any windows as they are so high. I would’ve had a mezzanine in the bedrooms to see out of the velux windows. That one is about £400k. The upstairs apartment (2 bed is the only one with a view. That one is about...
  4. TonyM

    No swearing on this job

    Nearly finished the second.
  5. TonyM

    No swearing on this job

    First unit ready for the market.
  6. TonyM

    Quality Persimmon homes

    Quality Persimmon Homes! An oxymoron if ever there was one
  7. TonyM

    Splayed angles

    just watched the Habito corner video. It’s the same stuff. Used to be caller Gyproc No-Coat. Was hellish expensive £30-40 a box. Looks like Gyproc have rebranded it. Level line is slightly narrower. Still dear enough.
  8. TonyM

    Splayed angles

    I’ve used tape on beads on Habito
  9. TonyM

    Splayed angles

    Not seen the Habito beads/tape. Level line would do it though
  10. TonyM

    virus, change of mind yet

    Still all b*ll***s as far as I’m concerned
  11. TonyM

    Looking for work

    Includes van, fuel card, pension and 40 weeks paid holiday a year.
  12. TonyM

    FFP3 masks

    The local shipyard have donated a number of these FFP3 masks to the care home that my partner manages. They aren’t suitable for the staff to use as they aren’t surgical. If any of you would like a couple, pm me your details and I’ll post them to you. Ideal when sanding and mixing.
  13. TonyM

    LED Coving

    It will highlights every slight discrepancy in the plaster . Finish needs to be blemish free or it’ll look shite
  14. TonyM

    Won’t get another

    Mix up on the green, without a sheet down, and fill the hole with plaster
  15. TonyM

    Tool quality

    My dad who is 86, has tools that my grandad made in the 50sand 60s. Verniers, micrometers etc. They are like new. Wrapped in oily paper.
  16. TonyM

    Anyone use taupret filler ??

    Their products are pretty good.
  17. TonyM

    dry lining corner tape

    Yes, and tape on beads as discussed in the other thread.
  18. TonyM

    Plasterboarding for first time

    Yes, that’s all I use. It doesn’t flare much on the external. When you ask for G-Tec tape on beads, you get Beadex branded beads. They are about £97 a box. 50x 2.4
  19. TonyM

    Plasterboarding for first time

    You could just use the finish jointing compound. Bed the tape with it, fill out the taper, then give two more coats, going wider each time. Thin coat beads will need to be filled out with joint filler. Tape on beads can be coated up with the finish. Minsters keep the tape on beads. Called G -tec...
  20. TonyM

    Plasterboarding for first time

    The jointing system is the same as normal, but using their own finish. Fibafuse tape is foolproof. Get a roll of that from Belmore supplies. Flex tape is utter s**t. Use thin coat beads or tape on beads. Suggest a minimum 180 grit paper for sanding too.
  21. TonyM

    Competition Time!!!

    Exactly! Stupid prize.
  22. TonyM

    Plasterboarding for first time

    I suggest you form a box behind the ceiling speaker if you’re concerned an out sound transfer. The ceiling board could be 100mm soundbloc but if there’s a hole in it for a speaker, kind of defeats the object.
  23. TonyM

    Put em under pressure.

    Bet he never raped a young bird in a hotel room like modern players do.
  24. TonyM

    mould on dry lining, any advise please.

    Don’t they'd be air testing an old property.
  25. TonyM

    New Member keen to build business relationships

    We are only interested in soft engineering here. You know, making models out of poo. You should see the model of Tower Bridge I made from dog turds. It’s accurate, apart from the white castellations at the top.,
  26. TonyM

    Rude not to

    This gun is the dogs bollox. Puts in long screws like they’re 35s
  27. TonyM

    Rude not to

    It’s what they are made for
  28. TonyM

    Rude not to

    1st play tomorrow
  29. TonyM

    Rude not to

    The new SD 5000 A22
  30. TonyM

    Columbia tools

    I had Columbia Fat Boy boxes. Great kit and fairly priced. You don’t really need boxes for airless though
  31. TonyM

    Small budget, big plans...

    Yeah. Just clean the bricks up and varnish them. Any really bad areas can be enhanced with flying ducks and large ‘Love Life Laugh’ words. I’d be inclined to get some ‘f**k This s**t’ words made up.
  32. TonyM

    Bubble on joints of boards. Airless plaster

    Just started a site of 20 timber frames. Builder has his own builders merchants and supplies Siniat 15mm board. It’s a dream to cut and fix.
  33. TonyM

    Bubble on joints of boards. Airless plaster

    Knauf boards have been horrendous of late. Some have been 10mm out of square along the butt edge. Also lots of paper delaminating on both the front and back of the boards, and to top it off, crumbly gypsum. Absolute shite.
  34. TonyM

    Dewalt Carbon stapler

    I bought the yellow metal one recently. £35 from Screwfix. Get a few misses but generally pretty good.
  35. TonyM

    Sign writing

    I don’t like the idea of people knowing where I am either. Rather be anonymous
  36. TonyM

    Sign writing

    Nighty noodles
  37. TonyM

    Sign writing

    Never bothered. Never needed to advertise. Don’t want any more work.
  38. TonyM

    Coving T-joint

    Cut a mitre and cut the protruding edge back. Voila! A scribe. Did a tread on this yonks ago
  39. TonyM

    Ceiling fell down...

    Not enough screws. Should be 7 across the board width. Also, maybe the screws you did put in were put on too far so they didn’t hold.
  40. TonyM

    Help! Blue spots coming through white paint?!

    Pretty sure it’s a case of this.
  41. TonyM

    Tacking/Dabbing Mid to west Cornwall

    He’s been in contact
  42. TonyM

    Tacking/Dabbing Mid to west Cornwall

    Come on. The view is lovely.
  43. TonyM

    Tacking/Dabbing Mid to west Cornwall

    Need a hand. Any recommendations or are you available?
  44. TonyM

    Airlessco sl1250??

    It’s the size of the spray tip in thousandths of an inch. Typically, you’d use a 517 for emulsion as it’s finer. The 5 is the fan size, and the 17 the size of the opening.
  45. TonyM

    Airlessco sl1250??

    Spec says it will spray up to 43 thou. Should do it easily. Usually use a 35thou too for airless plaster
  46. TonyM

    Cordless, impact driver, collated, screw gun

    Collated up to 55mm screws, then impact
  47. TonyM

    Self builder saying hello

    Look ok from here.
  48. TonyM

    Government grants

    You won’t get your collar felt, you’ll just get taxed on the bonus payments.
  49. TonyM

    Government grants

    Nice one!!!