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  1. pinz


    I’m sure I had the APP for my iPhone before but can’t find it anymore have I missed something? Or does anyone have a link?
  2. pinz

    Taking a nic from my Nela super flex

    Best way to get nic from my Nela?
  3. pinz

    Scrim tape gun

    Seen a guy couple of weeks ago with a gun to apply fibreglass scrim am I missing something here or has he just made it himself?
  4. pinz

    Xmas tree

    I got a spare bag of bonding and a bucket of hot water mix um both together and we know what happens I wanna know if the bonding will kill my tree?
  5. pinz

    Can I?

    Can I put Thompson top seal on plaster or will it damage the plaster?
  6. pinz

    First time

    First time on a sprayer today spraying sound coat bout hour in bloody compresser blew up happy days lol
  7. pinz

    Got a round window

    Hey guys got a round window to do and to be fair I've never done one is there a trowel or a best way to do this?
  8. pinz

    F***ed off with buying new stapler what to get?

    Really need new stapler which best suits you? Always on board on on soft backings?
  9. pinz

    Hard wall on therms

    Evening guys gotta a community stair way to do and it's half concrete block and half thermalite will the thermalite suck to much or can I go straight on it and it all dry together? using The Plasterers Forum app
  10. pinz

    Stilt straps

    Hy guys just brought some second hand m/t stilts but don't have any top straps any ideas? using The Plasterers Forum app
  11. pinz

    Trowel handle

    Hi guys I've recently got a new trowel but really don't like the feel of the handle is there by any chance somewhere I could buy a fancy handle or just a handle alone? using The Plasterers Forum app
  12. pinz

    Looking for work

    I'm down south in Lyme Regis am from bristol but don't wanna go home is there much work this neck of the woods? using The Plasterers Forum app
  13. pinz

    Hand care

    Hi guys So am I being a girl here? Hands are starting to hurt (going dry) Is there anything that is recommended for this? using The Plasterers Forum app
  14. pinz

    colouring plaster

    hi guys im very new here and really looking for an answer few years back I tried to change the colour of multi finish I did this by adding cement dye but as we all know multi finish is pink and changes colour as it drys i used a red as i thought it would be ok with the pink but didn't work is...