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  1. imago

    Damp proofing, EWI and other unicorn pubes. ...

    ...... proven to be a load of old bollox. Won't come as a surprise to most the damage done to buildings with non permeable materials, but an interesting read none the less.
  2. imago

    Windows and doors.

    Apparently now a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks lead time. Another supply chain issue that will have a knock on for other trades too.
  3. imago


    Anyone heard of or used Sival? It was mentioned to me as an alternative to Multi and it's available by the pallet (or single bags in London) from Building Shop Just thought I'd mention it in case it's of use to anyone on here.
  4. imago

    Death and taxes.

    For those wondering how the Gov't will get their money back. HMRC have said that anyone who's having regular Covid 19 tests for their job supplied by their employer or main contractor will be taxed on it as it's a 'benefit in kind'. :oops: :LOL: If they're going that far now, just imagine...
  5. imago

    Paddle mixer on offer.

    No idea if they're good or not, I'm sure someone on here can say one way or the other.The deal seems good though Makita Paddle Mixer.
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    Government financial assistance.

    By all means comment, but it's probably best to just tick the choices rather than make public what you've had.
  7. imago

    Redrow announce a return .....

    ... to work on the 18th with "Covid-19 supervisors" on all sites. I bet those H&S meeting will be a riot. :rolleyes: Back to work.
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    Business impact.

    The ONS have released a new report on the impact to business. Full report here.
  9. imago

    Who's working? (poll not argument)

    Just to gauge numbers out of curiosity. I'd suggest not commenting on of you are or not, just on the numbers to avoid rows over stuff we can't do anything about. (Bus stop rendezvous optional.)
  10. imago

    Birmingham leading the country.

    Nice to see my adopted home is leading the country during these tough times. :oops: :ROFLMAO:
  11. imago

    It's not very often I'm stuck for words ........

    ...... but what the ever loving fcuk is this all about???? I put "steam cleaning overalls" into Google because I need a waterproof set. A fairly innocuous search I'd have thought, apparently not. The site is coveralls . co . uk
  12. imago

    This will make interesting ....

    .... if depressing reading. The OBR will publish expected economic effects of a 3 month lock down.
  13. imago

    Deferring VAT payment.

    Amongst all the other stuff going on I've been checking with my accountant for his thoughts on the VAT deferment option. On the one hand, pay it and have done. On the other no one knows what's coming or how long before things are straight. It's only £10k this quarter, but hanging onto it is an...
  14. imago

    Lottery win ....

    .... or the next best thing. I've only managed to book an online shopping delivery!
  15. imago

    Everyone back to work ...

    ... starting with the merchants. Government tells merchants to get back to work.
  16. imago

    You're all doing very well.

    Business secretary pays tribute to the construction industry.
  17. imago

    How long before we're in trouble with money?

    It's not about poking into your finances or an opportunity to play Billy Big Balls, just to get some numbers.
  18. imago

    That's that then Ladies and Gents.

    Sturgeon's meeting specifically said she wants building sites closed, so Boris will be saying the same later. Obviously there will be some that keep going, do domestics etc. but they won't be covered by insurance so if anything goes wrong it'll be a huge fine at best, jail time at worst. Strap...
  19. imago

    A Plastering tool ....

    ... blog which might amuse one or two of you. The Best Tools For The Job.
  20. imago

    Big fcuker.

    8.2 metres long, 370 mm deep, just over half a tonne. @Nisus has gone to the chippy for some recovery carbs.
  21. imago

    Float and set old school style.

    Laing collection
  22. imago

    Board lifters?

    I'll need to get a board lifter for the job we're on, 2.8 m ceiling height and it's all going to be fire board. Given the amount to do I think it'd be worth buying rather than hiring. So which makes are recommended or to be avoided?
  23. imago

    Transit tipper for sale.

    It's not mine, but looks like an absolute bargain! eBay
  24. imago

    Scaffold towers?

    For those that use a tower as opposed to scaffolding one elevation or a full house.
  25. imago

    Every now and then you get a bit of kit ........

    ....... that you think "why didn't I get one ages ago?" Well this is one such bit of kit, and it might be handy for those of you that do bigger jobs and/or have a load of gear to shift. Carries 365 kilos, so three trips empties a bulk bag, fits through a doorway, and you can get a flat platform...
  26. imago

    I have some micro cement questions.

    I have a job where the wall coverings need to be fairly hard wearing in terms of light knocks and things rubbing against them, and also water proof and wipe clean. Tiles are out because of the grout lines, so there are the usual perspex sheets over the wall, or there's a resin which gets rolled...
  27. imago

    Some of the adverts are.....

    ... a bit near the knuckle @Danny The PVA mix seems to show a new product applied to the woman's face. :ROFLMAO:
  28. imago

    Is it just my imagination ......

    .... or are there more adverts on the forum now? Top, bottom, sides, in between replies, I know you have to fund the forum @Danny but it's getting a bit daft.
  29. imago

    Reverse charge VAT for construction industry .....

    .... due to come in on the first of October this year has been booted back to first of October 2020. More b*ll***s from HMRC
  30. imago

    Well that's a new one.

    Chatting to the customer and architect to iron out some changes before plans go to BC and an engineer for the steel specs etc. Minor tweaks like ripping out the staircase and fitting a new one on the opposite side of the building :rolleyes: At the end I asked if she'd decided between facing...
  31. imago

    Motorbike in the loft.

    Some of you will remember my example load on loft joists of a motorbike. Well apparently it's no longer hypothetical. I stumbled across this when I was looking at bikes on eBay. XT250 "Been in the loft for years." :fuckyou:
  32. imago

    It's OK ladies and gentlemen .....

    .... we'll soon be able to use 8' x 4' again instead off 2440mm X 1220mm and buy 1/2 cwt bags instead of 25kg :ROFLMAO: The return of Imperial measurements. (y)
  33. imago

    Is everyone having the day off?

    Apparently the government says "Employers must stick to health and safety at work law, including: keeping the temperature at a comfortable level providing clean and fresh air" Quite how you can achieve that is another matter. :rolleyes:
  34. imago

    New in plastering?

    Was chatting to a mate about the building game and what has/hasn't changed over the years for a few trades. The answer for most is not much. Thought I'd ask on here because as far as I can think the only truly 'new' thing in plastering in the last 100 years has been the introduction of boards...
  35. imago

    Out of date skim.

    I was chatting to Lee about how much Multi we needed and moaning about the four bags at the unit which were now out of date when a notion/question occurred to me. Given that the main issue seems to be that out of date stuff goes off quickly/suddenly could you not just add a retarder. So it's...
  36. imago

    Present idea.

    What do you get the person who has everything? A custom moulded chocolate ring piece apparently.
  37. imago

    Patching and skimming for kitchen refurbs.

    I presume a few of you work for/with kitchen fitters (refits not extensions). I guess it'd be mostly filling chases, skimming and boarding ceilings. What's an average time for the plastering work on those sort of jobs? I'm working on two or three days in an empty room with all the first fix...
  38. imago

    Looking for work ....

    .... but I'm not sure he's looking for the sort of work I'd be offering. Maybe of interest to someone one on here though? Craigslist Birmingham
  39. imago


    "Yow'm rushing me!" :frenetico: "Lee, using two bags to skim 15 square metres of board in a day doesn't count as rushing." :rolleyes: "I ay even ad me cuppa soup yet!" :llorando:
  40. imago

    Stabilising solution?

    There is an exposed section of wattle and daub (I'll get a pic tomorrow) that shows good detail of its construction. It's in between two room so it doesn't need to breathe, and it's going to be lit and left exposed behind glass. A 'feature' I suppose. Anyway, the cottage will have central...
  41. imago

    Just noticed ....

    ... that my membership status is now apparently a messed up Pythagoras' theorem? WTF?
  42. imago

    Just over a grand?

    TPF members need to get their act together and their hands in their pockets and donate to Oli and Jess' charity fundraiser. The total sitting at just over a grand is poor when you consider the number of forum members IMHO. Even a small donation will make a difference, just put in a couple of...
  43. imago

    Great magazine article on chemical damp proofing ...........

    ..... and what an utter load of bollox it is. It won't make happy reading for the chancers, crooks and not very bright who work in the industry, but it may inform a few potential customers. (y) Construction Index Magazine.
  44. imago

    Ceiling to walls.

    What's the best way to straighten the joints? Stop beads? A little bonding and form a curve? I asked @Nisus but he just sits in the corner rocking and sobbing.
  45. imago

    Diverging and compound angles.

    It's like working in one of those funfair crazy houses. I'll be glad when I've finished the stud work, I'm starting to feel dizzy.
  46. imago

    Just stud the ceiling down .....

    .... to get it level and for the insulation. Umm, @Nisus I've got a bit of stud work for you. :inocente:
  47. imago

    White skim.

    I need some white finish plaster for the job in Berkswell. I think we need about 15 bags? Knauf MP has been mentioned but I don't need a full pallet. So I need to find a local stockist, one that will deliver less than a pallet, someone to share a pallet with etc. Alternatively, another...
  48. imago

    Licensing builders.

    I see we're a step closer to getting a licensing scheme for builders. From the 17th of October Trustmark have had their role expanded to become the government endorsed quality scheme for building work. Given their tie in with the FMB, and the amount of lobbying work which they do, along with...
  49. imago

    Makita 18v Charger and batteries.

    I bought the battery circular saw on offer at Smiths, but as it was bare needed a charger and batteries. The best deal I could find was two 4 aH batteries, charger and case from Power Tool World at £137. The chargers are usually seventy odd on their own. If you just want the charger it's £32...
  50. imago

    Nice, but not essential.

    Been umming and ahing about getting a small battery circular saw. It'd be handy not having to use the mains one on occaisions, but not really essential. Yesterday I spotted that they have the 18v Makita on offer at Smiths for £88:00 bare. So I did a bit more umming and ahing at the thought of...