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    Hi iam a self employed plaster renderer and just need advice on certain things

    He's a plasterer, just because he does not no the mothod does not mean he does not have the skill to do it......
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    Approx wages

    In notts me and my mate charge 120 per day each. 8am till 2. Busy every day.
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    I often think

    I'm with you. It dives me mad. People always say ' oh I'll have a go at anything, electrical, plumbing, bricks, wood work etc, but plastering is a real skill, I wouldn't try that' but then when you give them the price there like 'what'??!!! I graft every day. Always give my skim an extra trowel...
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    artex problem

    Strip it back totally, or when you pva it will and skim it will fall off anyway, or put a new board/ surface on it.
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    Thanks for the support guys, @ notintoon naaaa pally, absolute 80's all the way! ;)
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    True pal. No body is scared of the law because punishments are to soft...
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    I know, it's like why bother, it would be worth them doing it just for me to catch them, but alas. I'm not that lucky! Sent from my iPhone using The Plasterers Forum
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    I'm so ducking miffed! First my van breaks down, so I have to waste my Sunday sorting it out with the AA, get it to the garage and have to leave it there, some scummy pricks have stole my tranny, makita radio and makita cordless! But left my makita mixing drill, there's me grafting every day...
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    Who one coats on site ?

    Armatures one coat In my op, no if's no but's Sent from my iPhone using The Plasterers Forum
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    I hate plasterboard!

    I can do both, in my own house I would always float & set, but fit and dab is, less messy, quicker and cheaper - what the client wants most of the time, in my op. Sent from my iPhone using The Plasterers Forum
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    Hi guys just wandering what the general day rate is that people charge. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using The Plasterers Forum
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    hello everyone.

    Thanks guys! Hello too you all!! Spoil you? Ha you think your all thst lucky ;)!
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    hello everyone.

    The link with the explanations don't work
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    hello everyone.

    How do you start a new topic?!