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    Multi Finish ad on facebook

    Just seen this ad on facebook looks genuine and says in date, £7 a bag & only available to genuine Plasterers !!
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    Domestic Query

    Just been sent some photos of a room where customer wants Estimate to skim the lot,straight forward but they want to supply the plaster. This is a first for me and happy for them to do so but feel there should be a way of me stating politely 'that's fine with me as long as......? Advice please...
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    Help needed for this techno div

    How do I get a picture as my profile on here,it was a Guinness picture before but it disappeared? Cheers chaps
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    Render over painted brickwork

    Been sent a pic as an enquiry to render this wall but as I've not done many domestics would be grateful for any help on carrying this out from those of you with more experience,
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    Render over painted brickwork

    I've been asked to quote to render this wall but not been doing domestics long enough to have done one before. I would appreciate advice from those with experience of this,thanks guys
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    Domestic dilemma

    This is shortened version of events of my dilemma. Not been doing domestics for long so any advice would be appreciated. Customer's bedroom had 1 outside wall that been left floated & then painted by previous owners. He had a "handyman" from FB skim this wall,he let it dry,mist coated it with...
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    Is the customer always right?

    Customer wants me to skim this ceiling,3.5 x 2.2m,and leave a blemish free smooth ceiling! I said would be best to overboard it he doesn't want to lose any height on the room!! Help,aargh....
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    Domestic Bliss

    Don't get this on site
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    Skim over Artex query

    Just been to price a job up pretty straightforward. Stipple Artex to skim over but noticed on area above shower cubicle damp marks(see picture) Customer says was a leak in roof but cured now and he'll just paint over this area with a damp sealing paint before I come!! Two things,shouldn't this...
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    Fireboard sealing

    Afternoon All, I'm going to pva 2 coats the fireboard then skim with mf in this picture unless you guys know of a better sealant on the market. Open for suggestions (clean ones please) Cheers
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    DIY SOS Children in Need Plasterers wanted

    Please any spreads local to Blackburn or willing to travel read this link
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    Friday refreshments

    Tonight's dinner with wotsits
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    Hi All, Recently moved to a new county and want to build up a domestic customer base. I have made up business cards & started putting them up on shop notice boards & merchants,well toolstation.I have also contacted local trades,sparkies,plumbers,builders & spreads for referrals if they get...
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    Bathroom ceiling

    Ceiling to pva & skim,normally do before walls are tiled but this one has just been tiled floor to ceiling.I'm going to use masking tape on grouting edge between top tile & ceiling if it won't pull off grouting when finished skimming! Any advice welcome,thanks
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    Friday night special

    This is a combo that works but you can't knock back too many but I'll give it a go as only got a small ceiling to do tomorrow.Anybody else tried it? Guinness & Tia Maria is another good one if you want to sweeten it up.
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    Bonding 60

    Arrived today my winning prize from BG been wanting to try this for a while as not available in local merch. Anything to watch out for? I love bg, well today I do
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    1st Time Sponge Float trial

    Hi All,never used a sponge float and have read mixed opinions on them.So I'm going to use one on skimming at home first but would love advice as to which make and gauge please,:)
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    Merry Christmas

    Good Afternoon Chaps Knocked off for the day now and want to wish you all a relaxing festive season and a prosperous 2019 for you all:)
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    Meet & Greet

    Afternoon Chaps Just introducing myself & wishing you all a Merry Christmas