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    The grey area

    You can plaster on every single site I've ever been on with a green card (labourers) card. This is pretty much common knowledge to any one. So what is the point in being qualified and holding the blue card?
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    How long do you give it

    Done a full room after work, customer was begging for it to be done, finished about half 7, he come round said all was good and he would bank transfer me the money that night. Nothing comes across that night. Text on Thursday asking what happened to the bank transfer, got told yes, only to be...
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    Wages vs house prices

    Speaking to a old timer today and was telling me what he bought a house for in 1970. Bought a new build back then for £4999 and he was on £32 a week. Average house now is £220,000 with most lads picking up £475 a week. House prices are 44x what they were Wages are only 14x what they were...
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    Quick question

    @vfr12 are you ok, just logged in to see you've been having a bit of a bad time on here as of late
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    Superflexs and their problems

    Has anyone on here looked into why or how the superflexs draw alot of water in plaster to the surface of the plaster? A steel trowel doesn't do this and I've always wondered why
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    Site monkeys/Skimmers vs "proper plasterers"

    I'm a site monkey/skimmer only ever done the other useless stuff at college during apprenticeship. This is for all the self proclaimed - "proper plasterers" "I'm a old school plasterer" "no mixes past 2 o'clock types" Why are u lot so slow on sites? Us younger lads will 90 percent of the time...
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    Skimming straight onto wallpaper

    Anybody heard of this method? My mate told me it can be done and does it regularly when house bashing, he said the key is to triple pva the walls then put scrim down any wallpaper seams using a 50/50 mix of board adhesive and multi finish Thoughts?
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    The Marshalltown Town blue range

    Won't see many like this