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    Vimark thin coat 1mm grain

    Project nearing completion and happy with the end result. Picked up a lot along the way on our first thin coat application. Would appreciate your thoughts....
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    Vimark polyfix base coats

    Hi all, We have applied 4mm base coat of vimark polyfix over render carrier boards, with mesh embedded, went on a treat and simple. We are now applying the top coat of the polyfix base coat 2mm, but its taking an age to go off and to try and flatten off then sponge prior to the top coat...
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    Rough guide for awkward rendering project

    Hi all, Im looking for some advice on a building, extension over bricks and blocks with existing parts of building rendered and sections of render removed. I am quoting for: 100sqm. Old render to be pressure washed, rasolite base coat 6mm with mesh to new 8mm beads. 100sqm. Of...