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  1. Ashleyscoob

    multi finish is shite

    my cock would tell you different
  2. Ashleyscoob

    multi finish is shite

    so just because you use a sponge it makes you chancer ?
  3. Ashleyscoob

    multi finish is shite

    everybody has there own way you can argue plastering methods all day long and at the end of the day it will all look the same when painted unless your s**t
  4. Ashleyscoob

    multi finish is shite

    lay it on 2 coats i run the speed skim over let it pick up mist it with water then sponge it let that pick up then trowel with my mediflex
  5. Ashleyscoob

    multi finish is shite

    each to there own mate but when worked right it makes the set go piece of piss which you need when the multi is so s**t why go slagging it off of you have not tried it
  6. Ashleyscoob

    multi finish is shite

    we find if you sponge it it goes nice seems to sort the shite out
  7. Ashleyscoob

    Shoulder op

    I have them self employed had 2 lads for 15 years now it can be hassle at times but is worth it
  8. Ashleyscoob

    Shoulder op

    Yes have insurance but have 2 lads working for me As well so that helps
  9. Ashleyscoob

    Shoulder op

    Well anyone else had rotator cuff repair just had one done this time on my trowel arm At least 6 months off and 2 months off driving 2 nd day and bored shitless
  10. Ashleyscoob

    some more oak effect beams created

    You need to seal them first with Artexi sealer then build up the deeper areas first then 2 coats of a water based stain
  11. Ashleyscoob

    some more oak effect beams created

    all made with mulifinsh
  12. Ashleyscoob


    who put 50p in you, you knob
  13. Ashleyscoob

    Orange duct tape

    how much a roll if i order 3 boxes of brick tape
  14. Ashleyscoob


    been plastering 32 years and never used a sponge but this last week been trying different methods 2 coats splat it flat then sponge and then 2 trowels seems to go so much nicer and quicker and the finish seems better to
  15. Ashleyscoob

    Need a new work light

    one was for my mate get the vat back so not so bad, wanted 2 spare ones to keep in the garage as got a couple already so should last me for the rest of my plastering days
  16. Ashleyscoob

    Need a new work light

    i bought 3 from them paid by paypal received them the next day 2 had cracks similar to yours but easy fix i got some bonding mastic and glued it back this is a weak spot on the lights even at £200 was worth me fixing it as there the best lights ever and no longer made shame
  17. Ashleyscoob

    best base coat

    whats the best base coat to go over existing tyolean thats never been painted and was done with sand and cement rendaid or hp 12 or hpx or even parinter
  18. Ashleyscoob

    peterborough to bourne

    after a full time spread to come and join us, full time work some price and some day work all around peterborough to bourne area not site work
  19. Ashleyscoob


    depends how big the wall is but i polish it straight away on most walls
  20. Ashleyscoob


    you will have a long wait mate lol
  21. Ashleyscoob


    pop down to alston site i will show you how to sort it lol
  22. Ashleyscoob

    The Half Time Bucket Test

    i used it on a ceiling yesterday 2 coats took 1 hour 10 from start to finish just remixed second coat a bit wetter as it was going in bucket was nice to trowel ideal for me as we do lots of bathroom ceilings for a company and fed up of waiting around for stuff to go off
  23. Ashleyscoob

    quickest drying basecoat

    got to go over a cement board only a small area so whats the best base coat to use that will dry the quickest as k rend hp12 is 14 days before top coat didn't know it weber lac can be topped quicker
  24. Ashleyscoob

    Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

    Used both started 30 years ago with carbon then went to ss now just gone back to carbon as prefer it and end of day just spray with wd40 easy
  25. Ashleyscoob

    rimto or m tec 200

    think its time to invest in a machine not sure which to choose riot or the m tec 200 mainly just use weber any help which machine would be best
  26. Ashleyscoob

    Plantar fectittus

    I had it for a year right b*****d had a steroid injection in it painful and went to wearing a stretch sock in bed to keep the tendon stretched at night which helped and changed my foot wear to salomon running shoes and it cured it
  27. Ashleyscoob

    What bead thickness for hp12

    Got a k rend thin coat to do on new block work not sure what bead thickness I can get away with would 6 mm be ok,I am going to mesh and render with hp12 then prime then thin coat Block work is pretty flat
  28. Ashleyscoob

    Plasterer in lincoln looking for work

    do you travel to market deeping
  29. Ashleyscoob


    Here'sa couple I did last year on insurance jobs
  30. Ashleyscoob


    Still do Artex if asked proberly 5 ceilings a year but a lot of patch ups but have found I can charge a premium for it now especially comb patterns as nobody does it
  31. Ashleyscoob

    back to work after nearly 6 months off

    no mates I fell over playing roller hockey and tore it Worst part was it was my good shoulder and not my trowel arm which that one will need a op at some point
  32. Ashleyscoob

    back to work after nearly 6 months off

    well had nearly 6 months off work after my shoulder op and lots of physio, got to be honest i feel raring to go, but going to break myself in gently and still wait a few months more till i tack any ceilings never thought i would miss plastering that much wouldn't reccommend a rotator cuff...
  33. Ashleyscoob

    Thistle gypprime

    have you tried using a stabilizer on the wall first then pva or grit coat as the stabilizer really does hold the suction back and you can get it from tool&fix for around £8.00 for 5 litres
  34. Ashleyscoob

    Check out our testimonial video

    Steam cleaning might be better got a mate who does graffiti removal and cleaning patios ,car parks etc he has a big steam cleaning unit that tows on his van but costs 45k new but he earns loads so pays for its self
  35. Ashleyscoob

    god im sooooooooo borrrrrrred already!!!!!

    i am ready to hang myself had 4months of a 6 month off work spell
  36. Ashleyscoob

    Longest time off the tools?

    got 2 lads that work for me so still earn ok
  37. Ashleyscoob

    Longest time off the tools?

    would have loved to have only 12 weeks off with mine but 6 months min
  38. Ashleyscoob

    Best purchase of the year

    these lights are mega normally use 144w jet lights which are good but these just light up everything with little shadow bought 2 was going to buy 2 more but tool net have put them up to £192 each have found another place doing them for £119
  39. Ashleyscoob

    Best purchase of the year

    great lights got my tw0 now do yours take a while for the bulbs to get any light when you turn them on when its cold i know they take a few minutes to get to full brightness but mine don't light up for a while when first switched on didn't know if its common
  40. Ashleyscoob

    Site lights.

    just ordered 2 from that site you saved me £130 as the i was getting were £350 for a pair:bananahappy:
  41. Ashleyscoob

    Plasterer mate/labourer/improver Cambridgeshire Norfolk Lincolnshire

    h hi mate i am market deeping /bourne area always looking for someone
  42. Ashleyscoob

    NeLa Trowels - New Products

    your going to cost me fortune all these new trowels when will the plastic flex arrive i ordered 5 of them 4 weeks ago and are these new superflexs going to be pre order like the plastic cheers
  43. Ashleyscoob

    Unifinish users

    if you have to pva high suction parts first might as well just pva itall and just use multi and keep the money you save
  44. Ashleyscoob

    thin coat render

    which thin coat render backing coats are the best and the acrylic top as a few to choose from i.e. are some harder to apply than others like some people say trend mono is shite compared to parex is it the same for acrylic
  45. Ashleyscoob

    L.E.D. Site lights

    these are good lights
  46. Ashleyscoob


    got to do a refurb on a garage that has been done in k rend about 7 years ago .but it has lots of knocks on it and some cracks and marks would microgobetis work to key a re coat of mono was going to re bead micro mesh and mono or would i need to base coat
  47. Ashleyscoob

    Shoulder op

    Just over 3 1/2 weeks since op and been in this sling physio sessions are hard trying to get it moving again never thought I would miss plastering so much hopefully back in spring
  48. Ashleyscoob

    Tennis elbow advice

    My wife had tennis elbow through hairdressing tried the strap and injections and rest but went with a op sorted it a treat
  49. Ashleyscoob

    hop up, steps or stilts?

    Refina hop ups are the best