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    Don’t care...I’m taking him on!!

    Got this message this morning,for a job advert I’m running...this bloke sounds class.. He had me at the pub!!....whole lot going on in there cocaine and keyboards get my vote im still dipping my feet in with the homosexual bit.....anything more than your fingernail and your gay??....
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    Renderers needed kent

    Looking for a renderer/renderers in Kent ongoing work,mainly thincoat and occasional mono.full time position. Areas will be sidcup/Orpington,Bexleyheath Thanks
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    Bit close lol!!!

    f**k knows why I ended up in alibaba,I went from Chinese midget porn,to kappa machine to alibaba...all in 30 mins....less fornication times!! Stumbled across this...surely that’s got copywriter infringement all over it??... Where’s my white paint at
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    Old thread..jet black tc ??

    Hello ppl, ive a client who want a jet black acrylic finish??,...sure I see here a while back someone who had done it??,..if,so poss help us out...can’t find it anywhere?? cheers
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    Prb classic tal,ocr...

    I’m prob late to the party etc,..been pumping it today,.. I found it quality gear,and has an edge over other ocr I’ve used,horses for courses I guess people may not agree,but was good to spray for me,I’d guess it has a high lime content,might be wrong,..very white when dry opposed to other in...
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    Airlessco sl1250??

    Think time has come to think about airless plastering,arthritis in my elbows constantly giving me gyp after years on the trowel,and occasional rubbing.. Been increasingly more interested and going to give it a whirl,it suits my work situation too that we are getting in at mo. I really don’t want...
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    Renderer/plasterer Moving to Kent!!!

    Thought I’d pop in and say hello... Always browsed over forum and never registered?? I’m moving to kent,Chislehurst... Sort of done it arse upwards lol,got the property and not the work ...not normal I know ha ha.. I’m a renderer with a machine,scilicone/acrylic renderer..plasterer also...