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    Plaster over old painted plaster board

    Good evening. I’ve come up against a first, I’m plastering an office that has previously been plaster boarded and painted, the joints of the boards were covered in 6” timber cladding to give it an old traditional look. . We have removed the timbers, I plan to screw all the boards to make...
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    Dot & Dab 9" solid wall (no cavity insulation)

    People have so many different ways of doing things now, it becomes very confusing on what is actually the best way!!. So i thought id see what different ways you would all deal with the following situation. So the render/plaster in a bathroom is blown and comes away back to the brick. How...
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    135mm Cornice

    Evening, Ive put up loads of gyproc 100mm and 127mm coving. And done the odd jobs with the 135mm cornice (84mm x 92mm). Was fitting it today and packing out my mitre block total the ceiling edge at 92mm to get my mitres 'close enough'. I was just wondering if anyone has any other ways they...
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    Plaster Mixer what size??

    My old faithful mixing drill has died on me. So its time for a new one. Now i know the Refina Mega Mixer has been discussed lots on here, and seems to be the brand to go with. But what size would people recommend?, MM21 or MM30? I'm a bathroom fitter, and do all my own plastering, but i'm not...