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  1. Gevo

    Mega mixer

    Does anyone know if you can change mega mixer handle around from left handed to right handed? Just got a second hand one from a mate but appears to be left handed would prefer to have it on other side Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Gevo

    Nella premium trowels are the new premium trowels more flexible

    Hi everyone are the new premium trowels more flexible have an old one it's very rigid well made but not as flexible as mt
  3. Gevo

    Tyzack trowels

    Hi guys anyone used the new tyzacks ?
  4. Gevo

    Tyzack trowels

    Hi everyone any of you guys used the tyzacks I just wondered what they are like haven't had one for about 30yrs they used to be ok not sure about nowadays