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  1. TonyM

    FFP3 masks

    The local shipyard have donated a number of these FFP3 masks to the care home that my partner manages. They aren’t suitable for the staff to use as they aren’t surgical. If any of you would like a couple, pm me your details and I’ll post them to you. Ideal when sanding and mixing.
  2. TonyM

    Rude not to

    The new SD 5000 A22
  3. TonyM

    Tacking/Dabbing Mid to west Cornwall

    Need a hand. Any recommendations or are you available?
  4. TonyM

    Recommendation needed.

    I need a good boarder. Ideally someone who can dab as well, for work in mid to west Cornwall. Must be tidy, own kit and transport. Anyone?
  5. TonyM

    New tool Thursday

    60cm sliding bevel.
  6. TonyM

    And now Screwfix

    Them too
  7. TonyM

    New tool Wednesday

    Wanted one for ages.
  8. TonyM

    No swearing on this job

  9. TonyM

    Credit checks on customers.

    You boys that sub contract. Do you credit check contractors beforehand? Had my doubts about a company that want me to do about £8k a month business with them. Paid £30 to Experian today for a credit report on them. It was f**k**g shocking!
  10. TonyM

    The big one’s coming

    Ready in a couple of weeks. Board, tape, and airless plaster. Shadow gaps and weird details everywhere.
  11. TonyM

    Another day, another easy one.

  12. TonyM

    Here we go again

    My customers love angles
  13. TonyM

    Little job for next week.

    Some place.
  14. TonyM

    New tool Tuesday

    No more up and down
  15. TonyM


    Every time I log on, a f**k**g pop up comes up saying I’ve won an iPhone, and I can’t go back to the forums. What’s that all about?
  16. TonyM

    Saturday job.

    Another s**t view.
  17. TonyM

    New job today

    3 storey new build. Here’s the top floor. 35mm thermal board to all dormers and slopes. It’s angle central.
  18. TonyM

    Probably the biggest house I’ll ever do.

    8 dormers in the studio above the 5 car garage alone. 2500-3000 m2 of boarding. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. TonyM

    Start as you mean to go on.

    Making my presence known on s new job. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. TonyM

    Another s**t job, another s**t view.

    Life is hard here in Cornwall. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. TonyM

    Anyone got an Amarok?

    I fancy one. If so, what ja reckon to it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. TonyM

    Worth its weight in gold.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. TonyM

    Selling my Graco Airless

    Graco G-Max 5900 Pro Connect, Honda powered spray plant. 6 months old. Only use for one job. Like new! Cost me £3100 + Vat. Will take £2500 + Vat Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. TonyM


    Thought I'd give Makita the benefit of the doubt and yesterday I ordered a framing nail gun. It turned up at lunchtime and guess what? doesn't f**k**g work.
  25. TonyM

    Happy Birthday Herbie.

    My best mate is 4 today. He's being spoilt rotten. Rubi 1200
  26. TonyM

    Laminate flooring that looks like tiles

    Herbie pinched a whole gammon joint off the kitchen side this morning and ate half of it on the laminate flooring that looks like tiles. @irish_spread
  27. TonyM

    Most Hated Tool

    Do you have a tool that you use that you really hate? I've had a T-square that I use when boarding. I've had it for years, and it does its job, but it is forever getting in the way, falling over when I rest it against things, and then it gets snagged on my hi vis or tool belt on occasion. Today...
  28. TonyM

    Chalk lines

    Does any company actually make one that lasts?
  29. TonyM

    Start the year as I mean to go on.

    Dabbing 2.7m Soundbloc boards...........on a ******* Sunday.
  30. TonyM

    For Those Of You Using Hilti 22v kit.

    Hilti have reduced all of their bare drills, impact drivers and the drywall gun to £129 down from £185 until Dec 19th. Treat yourself. You're worth it.
  31. TonyM

    Labourer for Dryliner required. Mid Cornwall area.

    I'm looking for a labourer who would also be willing to learn plasterboarding and Taping/jointing. Someone that isn't afraid of hard work and that can turn up on a daily basis preferred. Must have own transport. Please PM me or email me at if you are interested in a trial...
  32. TonyM

    Started This Today

    Probably the largest house i've ever had to dry line.
  33. TonyM

    Siniat/G-Tec/Lafarge Cove Adhesive

    What utter dogshit that stuff is. Goes lumpy after less than half an hour and is coarse as f@ck. I think I'd rather use dogshit to put coving up with than that rubbish. Had five rooms of Sculptured cove to do today, customer supplying the gear. Gave up after 2 rooms. ******* wound me up.
  34. TonyM

    Savolit Wood Wall Boards.

    Have any of you had any experience with this wall lining system, or had any issues with it? An architect client of mine used this system on a project. The boards were fixed to the internal framework in a timber framed house, 50 mm boards on the inside of the external walls and 15 mm (I think)...
  35. TonyM


    I have been working as a self employed dryliner for longer now than I care to remember and make a fair living doing so. Could someone please tell me how much to charge and maybe even go and look at my jobs and price them for me as I am stupid as fcuk. Thankyou please. I have some flats to price...
  36. TonyM

    This Is More Like it.

    Started a nice job today. A green oak barn conversion plus new build extension with swimming pool. 1st phase is the barn itself, then the pool and bedroom wing.
  37. TonyM

    Charging cordless batteries from a generator.

    Anybody had any problems with this? I did hear that it fucks your batteries, but don't know if this is an old electricians tale.
  38. TonyM

    Job Tomorrow. 25/12/11

    Can anybody help me out tomorrow? I need some plastering doing on the window reveals in my lounge. I fed up with looking at the hacked off plaster from when the new window was fitted. We are out to lunch on Xmas day for a few hours so would appreciate it doing then. Anyone available? Can pay you...
  39. TonyM

    How F****** Hard Is It.......

    To use a tape, knife and rasp? The best bit was where the boarders filled in above a doorway with an offcut of 15mm plank expecting it to finish at the same level as the 12.5mm either side. re***ds!
  40. TonyM

    Some nice big walls for a change.

    Me and a mate have a couple of thousand metres to keep us occupied with for a few weekends.
  41. TonyM

    Truly Shocking.

    There are a team of Polish builders building a terrace of 6 or 7 houses in my village, on and off for the past 6 months. When I went to work this morning, the gable end was in block. I passed through at lunchtime and it looked like they had scratched it, but there weren't any scratches visible...
  42. TonyM

    Nice Coving!

    Got about 130 metres of cornice to put up over the next few days. Shame they stacked it on top of each other and ruined a couple hundred quids worth.
  43. TonyM


    Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of cnuts. I just feel sorry for the hundreds of small businesses it will affect. Complete and utter bastards.
  44. TonyM


    Mmmmm, this is good. £80 a day and they want you to skim their house in a week. That's a cheap job! Feel free to email them abuse.
  45. TonyM

    More Dabbers

    Just been posted on Gumtree if it's of any use to you Laaandon boys.
  46. TonyM

    Dabbers wanted.
  47. TonyM

    Found this earlier
  48. TonyM

    Possible bargain if you're considering going over to the dark side.