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  1. Ashleyscoob

    Shoulder op

    Well anyone else had rotator cuff repair just had one done this time on my trowel arm At least 6 months off and 2 months off driving 2 nd day and bored shitless
  2. Ashleyscoob

    some more oak effect beams created

    all made with mulifinsh
  3. Ashleyscoob


    been plastering 32 years and never used a sponge but this last week been trying different methods 2 coats splat it flat then sponge and then 2 trowels seems to go so much nicer and quicker and the finish seems better to
  4. Ashleyscoob

    best base coat

    whats the best base coat to go over existing tyolean thats never been painted and was done with sand and cement rendaid or hp 12 or hpx or even parinter
  5. Ashleyscoob

    peterborough to bourne

    after a full time spread to come and join us, full time work some price and some day work all around peterborough to bourne area not site work
  6. Ashleyscoob

    quickest drying basecoat

    got to go over a cement board only a small area so whats the best base coat to use that will dry the quickest as k rend hp12 is 14 days before top coat didn't know it weber lac can be topped quicker
  7. Ashleyscoob

    rimto or m tec 200

    think its time to invest in a machine not sure which to choose riot or the m tec 200 mainly just use weber any help which machine would be best
  8. Ashleyscoob

    What bead thickness for hp12

    Got a k rend thin coat to do on new block work not sure what bead thickness I can get away with would 6 mm be ok,I am going to mesh and render with hp12 then prime then thin coat Block work is pretty flat
  9. Ashleyscoob

    back to work after nearly 6 months off

    well had nearly 6 months off work after my shoulder op and lots of physio, got to be honest i feel raring to go, but going to break myself in gently and still wait a few months more till i tack any ceilings never thought i would miss plastering that much wouldn't reccommend a rotator cuff...
  10. Ashleyscoob

    thin coat render

    which thin coat render backing coats are the best and the acrylic top as a few to choose from i.e. are some harder to apply than others like some people say trend mono is shite compared to parex is it the same for acrylic
  11. Ashleyscoob


    got to do a refurb on a garage that has been done in k rend about 7 years ago .but it has lots of knocks on it and some cracks and marks would microgobetis work to key a re coat of mono was going to re bead micro mesh and mono or would i need to base coat
  12. Ashleyscoob

    Shoulder op

    any you lads on here had a torn rotator cuff sorted got a op on Thursday and been told don't go back to work till at least new year , 6 weeks in a sling and 2 months no driving Least it's not my troweling shoulder just hawk one , and through falling over playing roller hockey
  13. Ashleyscoob

    Plaster effect wooden beams

    after a bit of advice done a plaster effect false beam today just after some advice on what stain is best to use . Am going to paint it with a primer first but not sure if a artists oil paint thinned down would work or a decorators stain would be better any help would be great
  14. Ashleyscoob


    Well use'st to think my mt trowel was like a razor blade but fcuk me these nela's are worse took me knuckle straight off other day could shave with these as been using it for 8 months so worn in
  15. Ashleyscoob

    Wish I had done it myself

    Looked at a job for a Decorater I know , he had pulled the paper of some walls and the skim had come off as well leaving bare render , told him to give it 2 good coats of sbr then when dry use a pregrit on it gave him all the gear to do it Got there today got skim on and bang all dry and crazy...
  16. Ashleyscoob

    Work platforms for sale

    Got these platforms for sale different sizes available one in photo 150 L. 300 w. 520 h £129.00 all brand new got some 130 L 300w 520h £119.00 and 150 L 450 w 520h £139.00 and 130 L 300 w 300h £119.00 can sort courier out as well
  17. Ashleyscoob

    Dropped my Nela super flex

    Gutted dropped my Nela super flex yesterday bent the end up tried to straighten it up but no joy leaving a mark , really good trowel as well so ordered 2 more today
  18. Ashleyscoob

    A right bargain

    Just had a right bargain bought one of these of eBay brand new paid £67 just had to sort a courier to collect from Devon £50 been after one for a while to make stairwells easier
  19. Ashleyscoob

    Weber OCR

    Got a conservatory I what to render using weber OCR never used it before , dwarf walls are block and bricks is it best to hit it 2 passes same day or can you scratch coat and top another day
  20. Ashleyscoob

    Who else is working today

    Hate working Sundays but Got a k rend job to top out that's been hanging on as to busy only good thing is sun is shining so couple of hours getting it on then back late today to scrape
  21. Ashleyscoob

    Plaster needed peterborough area

    Got a lot of work for a good spread peterborough area new houses and refurb work can be price or day work only need top notch plasterers can message me at cheers
  22. Ashleyscoob

    Led interior van lights

    Just wired these led lights in back of my van make the back look like its daylight at night easy, to wire up cost £30 of eBay complete kit
  23. Ashleyscoob

    First day back tomorrow

    Well going back to work tomorrow after having 14 weeks off for my acl knee op never thought would say this but enjoyed the time off and not been bored , still got to take it easy and proberly be another6 months till fighting fit for rugby and football again. made me realise that's there is more...
  24. Ashleyscoob

    Going to be a long day

    Going to be a long day train from peterborough to glasgow 5 hours then drive new van back 320 miles back to peterborough good thing train is first class full English and wifi
  25. Ashleyscoob

    Peugeot boxer vans

    Just seeing if anyone on here has a peugeot boxer van 07 onwards and if so how much do you rate the, as seen a mwb high roof on a 12 plate for sale and thinking of going for it as due new van
  26. Ashleyscoob

    Hung me trowels up till march

    Trowels all hung up till march as knee op on Monday wonder if I will miss plastering
  27. Ashleyscoob

    Anyone used k rend k1

    Has anyone used this k1 as Had k rend ring me asking what I thought of there k rend product and which one I used , told them I used ft but have switched to weber as fed up with hand applying k rend ft as it's shite , so they say there is a new render called k1 which can be sprayed or hand...
  28. Ashleyscoob

    Any spreads had this op before

    Got to have a actual crucial ligament reconstruction op done on 25 th this month ,anyone else had the op as got to have at least 3 months off work want to know if they have how they got on when going back to work , would have to be mega busy as well lucky have two lads that work for me so least...
  29. Ashleyscoob

    Plasterer needed peterborough

    Could do with another spread to help out jut skimming board peterborough area around 2 weeks work call ash on. 07703573847 if interested or e mail amcspreader@
  30. Ashleyscoob

    Weber krend

    Having been hand applying k Rend ft for last 6 years just finished a house today using weber pral and rend aid well will not use k rend again shite stuff weber is so much easier to apply and does not sag wish had used it years ago and found it sets quicker for scraping
  31. Ashleyscoob

    First attempt at venetian plaster

    First attempt at a venetian wall thought would try in my own house first
  32. Ashleyscoob

    Helping on DIY SOS big build

    Going to help out on DIY SOS big build on the 19th of this month me and the the 2 lads that work for me are going to give them 4 days plastering , its a children's nursery so its worth giving the time to help and might even get on the tv
  33. Ashleyscoob

    Rendering water feature walls

    Been to look at a job were they have had some water feature pits built in the ground 5m long by 2m wide only 250 high,he want the walls rendering but is on about fixing tile cement boards to walls and floor then using a wet room tanking system to cover joins then wants me to render walls with a...
  34. Ashleyscoob


    Do any of you know how long this gear lasts for got chance of buy 28 tubs dated 11/12
  35. Ashleyscoob

    Anyone used this company

    Have any of you used this hardware company zedfix hardware got some good prices on blue grit 13.50 and bondit pregrit 11.50 cheapist price I have seen
  36. Ashleyscoob

    B&q plaster

    Was in b&q this week board finish 10p a bag use by 29/5/13 bought the pallet bargain and the stuff goes off sweet ,will be back next week as will be a pallet with date 18/6/13 up at 10p 56 bags for £ 5.60 result
  37. Ashleyscoob

    Weber on k rend base

    Just wondering if you can put weber pral on a k rend hp12 base and a k rend ft onto a weber rend aid not that I want to its just a question see no reason why it would not work apart from the guarantee
  38. Ashleyscoob

    Rimto powercoat

    Interested in getting a machine seen a rimto powercoat for sale on eBay nothing else just the machine unit price 1995.00 are these machine ok to spray k rend and what components would I need to go with the machine getting a lot of render jobs coming in and fed up with putting on by hand
  39. Ashleyscoob

    Refina spray hopper

    Just wondering if anyone has used one of these ac50 hopper spray guns with a compressor for tyroleaning as got a big garage to render and tyrolean was thinking of getting one as refina sell them,hopper and compressor for about 270, was also thinking of using s&c to get the tyrolean finish as its...
  40. Ashleyscoob

    Not a good start to the week

    Turned up today to overboard 3 bedroom ceilings and prep walls with pregrit for skimming , ceiling up lets scrape bits of paper they did not remove properly , and ended up removing all the old skimming from 3rooms nightmare put me back 3/4 of a day already only good bit is rang client and got...
  41. Ashleyscoob


    We're would the best place to buy there products from
  42. Ashleyscoob

    Which k rend base

    Got to k rend over dashing would uf fibre base do or would hp12 be better dashing is not painted . It is solid so chopping off is a no no as it's a semi and don't want to disturb next doors or should I sbr then Eml
  43. Ashleyscoob

    Render problem

    Had a conservatory to outside render dwarf walls and a apex above windows that was ply dwarf walls block. Eml on ply mixed fibres in scratch with waterproofer on block work bedded mesh in scratch as well topped it and it all started to crack Just as we had cleaned up so put it down to being...
  44. Ashleyscoob

    K-rend on concrete

    Got a small k-rend job it's on 30 years old concrete which is round a window is it best to prime firstbefore applying base coat was going to use hp12 base With mesh or is there a better base coat to use
  45. Ashleyscoob

    Best mono render for hand apply

    After some advice which mono render is best for hand apply as always use k rend but find it hard work laying it on seems lifeless seen likes of parex and weber but never used and if you needed to render over a existing k rend wall what base would be best
  46. Ashleyscoob

    Refina plastic trowel

    Just got a refina plastic trowel and must say was not sure how it would perform , was totally surprised how good laid set on and first troweled with ss then did all the rest with plastic and got a mega finish background was sand&cement and a plasterboard wall any one used it on hard wall were it...
  47. Ashleyscoob

    New to forum

    Just joined forum today so hi to all