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    Fireplaces and log burners

    Saw this thread recently Closed though. Made some recent discoveries on this subject. Not an expert though. This is what I've been told. Since April 2006 the fitting of a log burner hearth and finish of the...
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    Not drying at base of wall

    After 9 weeks the plaster at the base of walls still looks and feels damp/wet following dpc, thermotek outside and waterproof rendering onto bare brick inside. Could this have anything to do with the fact that the dpc is above floor level, which I only now realise is probably unavoidable...
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    Plaster finish is rough

    We have had a dpc done. Following dpc a special waterproofing rendering onto brick then regular plastering on that and the rest of the room skimmed to match as were told verbally paper after 12 months, paint after 6 weeks. However on some walls there are deposits appearing. Surveyor visited...
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    How to choose a dpc specialist

    We have had a dpc solution provided in the same places twice and damp is now reappearing for the third time in the space of 15 years. The previous two times the work was guaranteed but the guarantees are worthless. I have found 5 local damp specialists. I have managed to get 3 to visit and...