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    Wickes and doser

    Anyone know the setting for wickes accelerator and the doser or know if it needs diluted first?
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    Parex t50

    Next week 15c will I get away with next day scrapes with parex or stick to same days. Over mongris 12mm? Cheers
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    Ritmo grill

    Anyone got any tips on cleaning the grill on the ritmo l dont fancy going round with a wire brush. I was thinking of soaking it in a barrel and then jetwash off. I've seen people cleaning ritmo and it looks mint
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    Accelerator through ritmo

    Has anyone used wickes accelerator through the ritmo? Heard mixed things that it damages the machine?
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    Ocr crack city

    Anyone got any tips on stopping ocr from cracking. I got shrinkage cracks when matching into existing render with parmurex. Background was brickwork, monogris e with mesh and then parmurex top. It was in direct sunlight while doing it. Would it be better to mist the wall down or wait for a none...
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    Powerfloat info

    Has anyone got a eibenstock powefloat and give any info on how it handles? I've got that cheap powerfloat for £100 or so and its mint buts very heavy on the arms? Anyone know if eibenstock is nicer to use and doesn't tear your arm off?
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    Thin coat removal

    Does anyone know what will get thin coat off. There is over spray on the driveway. Very tiny bits. Dont want to used acid or anything
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    Dashing gun

    Anyone used one of these for spraying dash? Are they any good
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    Government grant

    Does anyone have much info on this grant from the government. If we carry on working do we still get help or is it if your out of work? Doesn't make sense if we dont get help going to work then everyone will just not work and get the grant killing the economy more?? Does anyone know the facts?
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    Desperate for advice

    I've had a sticky solenoid on my ritmo l so took it all apart and tried cleaning it out I put it all back together after I'd finished there was a little black rubber on the floor. Does anyone know if this is out the solenoid and if so where does it go. I'm spraying in the morning so dont want to...
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    Ehi spraying wet

    Anyone know why ehi sprays fine then all of a sudden sprays really wet. Thought it was my stator but put a brand new soft one on and doing he same. Seems to be if you leave it in the pipes for 2 mins. Machine is a ritmo l
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    Hp12 through the ritmo

    Anyone had experience spraying hp12 through the ritmo scared of leaving it sat too long in the pipes. I'll be falling back laying it out for the mesh then spraying so I'll be stop starting a lot. Anyone know how long you can leave it sat
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    Patch mono

    Ha anyone got any pics of patches in mono that looks mint? As in colour aswel?
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    Ms20 setting

    Anyone know the water setting for ms20 on the ritmo l. Thinking about 250?
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    Anyone got any tips to bead this out. I'm thinking drop bead upside down unless anyone has better ideas?
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    Pipes, cables and satellite dishes

    What does everyone do when pricing rendering jobs in regards to soil pipes, lights, thick cables or satellite dishes. Do you tell the customer it's up to them to sort all the obstacles or do you so it yourself? I've got a sky dish to render round but customer wants access to the bracket and its...
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    Maite alternative

    Does anyone know a nicer product for cement board instead of parex maite. Tears like mad with a sponge and something that's a fast setter. Thanks
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    Ehi setting

    Does anyone know the water setting for ehi on the ritmo l and can I spray in one pass 12mm over maite? I've heard you have to spray it wet Thanks
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    Ki7 or ms20

    Doing some retaining walls that have been tanked. Anyone know what's the better product out of ki7 and ms20 will add waterproofer to ms20. Just thinking ms20 quick setter so can float same day. Does ki7 float next day?
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    Parex g10 paint match

    Does anyone know a paint match for parex g10 white light. Customer is trying to match there house to the render thanks
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    Wet dash or pebble dash

    Anyone help me out I'm doing a job for a mate just patching up this render but unsure if its wetdash or pebble dash painted any lads have an input cheers
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    Ki7 fassa

    Anyone used fassa ki7 and know if its nice for ruling. I've used ms20 which is lovely but heard ki7 tears a lot
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    Hearing loads of bad things about silica. Does anyone know if everyone who breathes it in will get silicoses or is it certain people and how much is breathed in. I've breathed in probably 8 years worth without a mask from plaster and drywall. Anyone have any Info on it. I've never heard of a...
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    What pattern is this

    What pattern is this. I'm getting a closer pic soon
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    Mixing thin coat

    I'm going to be spraying thin coat through a hopper gun. Is it best to water it down if so how much water to mix with it? Thanks
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    Internal corner render

    Hi what do you lads use to protect an Internal angle on mono to stop any render hitting an already rendered wall. Finding it difficult to make the orange tape stick and to keep it really straight. Leaves a slight mark also when taking it off. Just wondered if anyone has got any other tips
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    Changing water setting

    Hi need some advice in water settings if I want to adjust water and see the float to adjust it to say 220 can I turn gun of mid spray then press manual water feed to see where water pressure is and adjust or will this put water in the machine and mess the mixing up? Do I have to get someone to...
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    9 inch wall

    Can you still use sand and cement with w/p on a 9 inch solid wall bit unsure as when used with rising damp you stop the damp with new dpc. When its a 9 inch solid wall it will always be wet. I wanted to use insulation board but they want to keep all skirts on so havent got the space for board...
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    K rend gp mortar

    What's everyone's thoughts on gp mortar compared to ocr. Merchants are saying it's cheaper but love ocr
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    Ritmo l

    Hi im after a second hand ritmo l. If anyone has one or knows someone let me know Thanks
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    Help me get a match

    Can anyone help me with what mix to use in a tyrolean gun to get a best possible match
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    Using lw1 first time today over grey insulation boards. Got to be the worst gear to use. 1st pass with mesh leave it to get some body second coated serrated edge ruled flat. Turned back to spat and the stuff had skinned over the top but was really wet behind causing it to tear all over. Anyone...
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    6mm beads yes or no?

    Having to go over someone else's work with 6mm beads. I was going to use 10mm beads but k rend spec 6mm beads and the builder wants to do it in 6mm. Bit nervous about this. Anyone done it before?
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    What do you think lads?

    Builder wants this topping tomo so they can put gas meter on the long wall. Got to wait a couple of weeks for the sprayer so handballing it on my own tomo. Do you think its doable? About 20-25 meters. No facia so got to get in between rafters. I'm just worried about the edges skinning over when...
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    Help on this issue

    A couple of weeks ago I did a fireplace for a customer as they had a report saying there was damp in one place. It said in the report to use the plastic tanking membrane so i did and now the customer is saying there is damp coming through on the joints. Is this the Dabs and havent dried out yet...
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    What finish is this?

    Can anyone tell me what finish this is or is it in the paint? Thanks
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    Garden walls

    Doing a job for a builder. He is building some garden walls 2 blocks high and wants them rendering in mono. Hes not sure to put a course of bricks then dpc or if he can just use 2 blocks with no dpc. Hes concerned about the strength of the wall if it has a dpc? Any help will be appreciated
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    What to use

    Got a little job to do for a joiner. He has studded up a door and wants it rendering just wanted to know what the best system to use. Can i ply it, building paper, mesh then coat? Thanks
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    Monocouche help

    Is it possible to apply one pass after applying a base coat to k rend. We base coat out then apply a tight pass the a heavier top pass? We got a slight halo on a panel the other day and thinking its because it scratched back to first pass. But thinking if we put a thick one pass over it will...
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    Tanking help

    Is it possible to dab onto a tanking membrane or can you only sand and cement or fix battens? Also for rising damp is it possible to render coat 1.5m up the wall with a waterproofer in and then dot and dab. The walls have been injected Thanks in advance
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    Monocouche coating

    When hand applying monocouche do you coat the whole panel with the first pass and then put thw second pass on or would you put a section on and then put the second pass straight on? Been getting a lot of air pockets in webber and the serrated edge isn't getting them. Im thinking its sagging...
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    Cleaning screwgun

    Anyone know how to clean dewalt screwgun when it gets clogged. A plasterer i know said you need to maintain them but not to use oil or anything like that
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    Problems with k rend

    Does anyone know how to avoid this or what i doing wrong. Doing a krend job hp12 basecoated everywhere. Tight coated first pass top coat then second pass. Ruled of with a serrated edge and spatted down and then there is air pockets forming in a lot of places and wont come out. Left it overnight...
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    Waterproofer in scratch or top

    Who puts waterproofer in scratch i never have but working with another spread swears by it to control suction. I did it and all the bottom just falls off the wall surely this is because theres waterproofer in the scratch and its just sliding
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    Where to get parex natural white

    Does anyone know where to get natural white render from. K rends white is a slightly off white im after a sharp white no off colour. Northwest area
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    Render sliding

    Need some advice please i was ruling render off with a scratch coat that was done the same day no problems then i come next day to top coat rest i watered down the scratch coat started to rule top coat and it all just slid down the wall anyone know why this is happening and how to avoid it
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    Out of date k rend

    Can k rend still be used if its out of date got 10 bags couple of months out of date?
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    K rend scratchback

    If i layed k rend on at 11 in this weather could it be a next day scratch or is it too risky Thanks
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    Anyone know what the best senco gun to get is? And best place to get it from
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    Refina plazi or nela s*p*r*lex

    I have the plaziflex but is it worth getting the s*p*r*lex. I think the plazi glides nicely never used a s*p*r*lex?