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  1. Saviola

    K-render indoors

    I’m doing up my house and having k render as a feature wall. Can I k render on to plasterboard if sbr’d Or does it have to be render board
  2. Saviola

    Help on cracking render

    Been Plastering 13 years done loads of sand and cement rendering. The way I have been taught is that some times render just cracks?? I’ve done loads of jobs and 80% of them have never cracked. Just done a small extension and it’s cracked even though I put all the right stuff in it put it at the...
  3. Saviola


    Been plastering 13 years. Been on my own the last 2 and a half just started doing k- rendering ( only done it before with my old boss so wasn’t leading spread). These aren’t silly questions just don’t like making misstakes A’s put pride in my work! When is the best time to use I section is it...
  4. Saviola