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    Getting the apprentice tools

    I've given a few plastering kits to my apprentices over the years, they start off doing weekend obbles on thier own till confident then either want to much money or to try thier luck on thier own. They either want to come back after a few months or I sub them in as needed, never show them you...
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    Thanks stoke :love:
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    plastering future

    Don't panic Vincey boy it's awhile off yet :coffe:
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    plastering future

    Imo, it's just a matter of time where internal and external labour intensive plastering will be replaced by hi tech innovation. E.g.. external surfaces completely covered in waterproof solar panel skin, internal using some sort of led display panels that can change colour using a smart phone app ?
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    Dad dancing !

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    Government grant. Act quick

    Do you have to apply again to get the second grant. Or is it paid automatically ?
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    Nice to see you, to see you nice !
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    Self employment, is it really worth it?

    Dunnotar is in a good spot Dunrobbins a good one too.
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    Self employment, is it really worth it?

    One of the best castles in UK that and I've visited loads . The poison garden there's good too.
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    Self employment, is it really worth it?

    Imo, Self employed is well worth the hassle to get the freedom to choose where when and for how much ! Saying NO ! And if you can wait for me good if not don't! Took time to get to that point but helps for less stress when working to live.
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    mike tyson

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    Woodland steps

    Log risers, half log sides, fill with slate gravel chunks.
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    Pebbledash cock up

    Paint it or you'll just be flushing the money spent downt drain Wayne.
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    Rember your first wage packet

    1982 first time paid in a pay packet. Yts £25 £10 Keep money pissed the rest up £5 covered a good night out back then but a bit of ducking n diving topped up enough for skint Monday to Friday.
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    On this day

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    Cant decide whether to brick or not?

    I prefer stacked, not long finished this one.
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    Pebble dashing

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    Alright everyone

    Welcome chippy :coffe:
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    Micro job in South wales

    No thanks m8 I'm flat out with work here cheers anyway.