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  1. markla

    Mixing paddle

    I just replaced my mixing paddle with a new refina one with a positive action, Looking through the catalog there is a paddle with a reverse action. What type of paddle do you use and is there a preference. your input much appreciated cheers.
  2. markla

    Using Extra Time

    Hi after some advice got a big ceiling coming up i,ve got another plasterer to help me but he,s not fast neither am i so i,m thinking of trying this extra time having never used it what do other spreads do, Do i put it in both coats total m2 is 65 approx and its going to be a lounge/dinner with...
  3. markla

    k-rend tc15

    Your thoughts please am doing a thin coat job at the mo and the customer chose light bronze TC15 primed the wall today with the same colour as the top coat and now she is not sure about the colour now. wants it darker or in terracotta so before i ring k-rend in the morning who are very good...
  4. markla

    Duropolymer coving

    H i all priced a room for plastering and coving which the customer has already got, thing is i,m not keen on using the adhesive which is in a tube and looks like clear glue. Can i get away with using normal coving adhesive the coving is quite ridgid but its not paperfaced feels like polystyrene...
  5. markla

    Low prices not

  6. markla

    Advice please

    Hi all need some advice on a repair job on a travel lodge I have been asked to quote, to me I would say its a thin coat render on phenolic insulation which is 270mm deep only I cant see any sign of a base coat if you look at the pics all I can see is what looks like a top coat over mesh. the...
  7. markla

    need your help

    Hello to all I need help can anyone tell me type of coving this is and where I might be able to source a small length or anybody on here could help me I,ve got the measurments I have a pic on my phone which would explain why I,m asking for help,