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  1. markla

    Sourcing Plaster....

    you seriously expect us to swallow that statement 100% more than lockdown and churning out more than last year there,s a nasty smell about the place.
  2. markla

    artex question ??

    break out the steamer job done
  3. markla

    Look at this smug

    you really are a pratt
  4. markla

    Look at this smug

    I don,t i got a half pallet of carlite finish from drywall tools direct, :coffe: And i,m not having to chase multi finish at the mo is a bonus i,ve even put in another order for carlite it makes a change using another product.
  5. markla

    Look at this smug

    He,s still profiteering tho and not so long ago he wanted £25 a bag, Yet you seem to think this is ok.
  6. markla

    Sourcing Plaster....

    Tried the carlite finish today for the first time, i was pleasantly surprised how good this product is. Cant wait to try the ultra i have on some small ceilings i have coming up. I,m not going to be chasing multi any time soon.
  7. markla

    Sourcing Plaster....

    Yes i know but i,m so p***ed off with trying to earn a living these pricks are hampering me its going to be a long time before i can just stroll in and load up seems a lifetime ago that happened. Cant get on with that make good skim, tried the polish stuff who wants to sand it down after not me.
  8. markla

    Sourcing Plaster....

    delivered today can start monday got 6 ultra for the small stuff and a quick getaway yeehaar giddy up there, Hoping this will stop me running around queuing up for a few bags of multi. @BritishGypsum you seriously shot yourself in the foot with the multifinish fiasco and we know you dont give a...
  9. markla


    nice pair of sponges (y)
  10. markla

    Sourcing Plaster....

    Lol who,s arshole you licking
  11. markla

    Sourcing Plaster....

    wickes have their kitchen fitters to have first dibs on the plaster, i,ll be ordering online for a while i think bulk buy supplies beads/skrim/pva/render/ all of it although selco/buildbase/ewi store/direct building supplies are quite helpful all the other merchants can do one
  12. markla

    Sourcing Plaster....

    Am so P***ed off with running around trying to get a regular supply i have bitten the bullet and put an order in for carlite finish and a few bags of ultra just to see how that performs, Wickes are the biggest arsholes of all its changed the way i shop for all materials from here on in.
  13. markla

    Carlite finish

    i received a txt last night these people are contacting plasterers from checkatrade either there is still a shortage of multi finish or they are starting to struggle getting rid of the stock they got, I sent a message back i will pay you £5 a bag have not had a reply yet.
  14. markla

    Out of date finish.

    sika good stuff
  15. markla

    Gold dust.

    Off Ebay (y)
  16. markla

    Garden wall render. help!!

    could do with starting again with a 3 in 1 ad-mix in a decent scratch coat as i cant see one in the pics then plain faced top coat forget the dash
  17. markla

    hmmm whats your thoughts

    It will never take off, Got to be a wind up.
  18. markla

    Christmas chunes

    Love this song
  19. markla

    Sick day

    same here on the couch under the duvet feel like s**t hope its a couple of days and not a couple of weeks
  20. markla duro

    on those blocks its going to suck right in i did some over old brick 12m2 i gave the wall a good drink and for the top coat.
  21. markla

    Mixing paddle

    my work trouser are the slazenger trackie bottoms 2 pairs £15.00 from jd sports very forgiving in the crutch cant go wrong.
  22. markla

    Mixing paddle

    Ok thanks for the input maybe i need to go buy a negative paddle and do some thorough testing, when you look at the chart on refina website the negative paddle is all singing and dancing i just hate spending unnecessarily i,ve hinted to my daughter to buy me a new 14x14 magnesium hawk for...
  23. markla

    Mixing paddle

    I just replaced my mixing paddle with a new refina one with a positive action, Looking through the catalog there is a paddle with a reverse action. What type of paddle do you use and is there a preference. your input much appreciated cheers.
  24. markla

    They should have wore a mask! Bastards!

    £6.74 at B&Q £6.50 at wicks
  25. markla

    Who’s the guy who found these night searchers

    where did you get them from have you got a link (y)
  26. markla

    Matching existing pebble dash

    You could just paint it
  27. markla

    Sand and cement over steel beam?

    The OP never came back to say how they got over it but raking up an old thread why would you do that
  28. markla

    Sand and cement over steel beam?

    This thread was 2017 its well out of date
  29. markla

    Render Repair

    love touprett (y)
  30. markla

    hello hello

    OMG its gary glitter
  31. markla

    Whats this finish

    probably done by a farang
  32. markla

    Flash dash

    LOL for when you go line dancing
  33. markla

    Bauwer Light and Finish

    Did you uncover a Well by any chance or is that a shallow grave.
  34. markla

    External insulation with render advice please..

    Give weber/k-rend a bell they will advise you, i much prefer rockwool slab over phenolic any day.
  35. markla

    Help me get a match

    Hi rigsby Andura are still going strong i,ve did some base coat work for a subbie who was working for them using GRC base think it was X71 on top almost float and set work done same day made a change from thin coat work. defo a spray coating not tyrolean.
  36. markla

    Help me get a match

    Give Andura coatings a call show the pics they will tell you what it is.
  37. markla

    Sticks like s**t

    Its a bit pricey if you need to put lots of beads on,
  38. markla

    Using Extra Time

    thanks vince i knew you have used it those extra minutes will help me no end. the builder is off the job at the moment there,s been a lot of arguing (money) i just want to get out of here got some nice thin coat work lined up soon as i,ve finished this job.
  39. markla

    Using Extra Time

    i have done this a few times its the woman she notices everything and i dont want her on my case as she do go on a bit.
  40. markla

    Using Extra Time

    Hi after some advice got a big ceiling coming up i,ve got another plasterer to help me but he,s not fast neither am i so i,m thinking of trying this extra time having never used it what do other spreads do, Do i put it in both coats total m2 is 65 approx and its going to be a lounge/dinner with...
  41. markla

    Tools left on unsecured site.

    If your on a site hire a strong box and chain it up in a container or the site agents office done it my self on a few sites make sure the chain is of good quality tho.
  42. markla

    Best Plastering Videos

    i,ve looked at this a couple of times and yes he buries the light switch with his first throw, a proper loon
  43. markla

    Lights i use these really good lights they do 240v as well.
  44. markla

    New boot recommendations

    nice shoe do they do those in a ankle boot
  45. markla

    New boot recommendations

    MENS S3 WATERPROOF NON-METAL SAFETY WORK HIKER BOOTS COMPOSITE TOE CAP SHOES SZ I purchased these couple days ago my dewalts were crap did,nt last a year these have a composit toe cap am hoping these will last more than a year and be lighter too.
  46. markla

    andyg opinions

    not sure they are fake posters you know how it is people come and go all the time some probably reinvent themselves for whatever reason only danny could answer that.
  47. markla

    Essex pargetting

    looks mint that,
  48. markla

    'My builder' thoughts

    what upsets me most is when they tell you how much they going to pay for plastering work