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  1. ChrispyUK

    I cant plaster anymore!

    unfortunately that’s a myth. You just need a holiday.
  2. ChrispyUK


    Tbh, never heard of him, just giving him the benefit of the doubt!
  3. ChrispyUK

    Does this Render Job look right to you!

    The joys of new builds.
  4. ChrispyUK

    Does this Render Job look right to you!

    it will settle.
  5. ChrispyUK

    Small job pricing

    All depends on what you do. Fine when theres loads of work about, but when the s**t hits the fan, people will soon deviate from their 'principles'. I agree that you shouldn't be charging peanuts for little jobs, but there are genuine customers who want a few smaller jobs doing and no-one will...
  6. ChrispyUK

    Wrong size plasterboard for stud frames - unsupported edges

    just run them perpendicular like every other house in the world. Stop over thinking it. Thread closed. Do I win a pot noodle?!
  7. ChrispyUK

    Line up, line up. The greatest Ritmo sale in the world.

    just what I need for mrs Jones bathroom ceiling:numberone:
  8. ChrispyUK

    Dewalt at it

    Theres good cream these days...if you cant handle it.
  9. ChrispyUK

    Self employment, is it really worth it?

    Bream basher Algee. Hit em where it hurts! xx
  10. ChrispyUK

    Best base coats

    @themucky1 @ChrispyUK
  11. ChrispyUK

    Now here's a question for you!!

    Make or break. Tell him, that its not working out and leave him alone on a job.
  12. ChrispyUK

    first fish

    Lovely family pic Norm (y)
  13. ChrispyUK

    Artex spotting?

    Cant really tell which is before and after!
  14. ChrispyUK

    Boat fishing

    Nice one mate, best pictures I've seen on here in ages (y)
  15. ChrispyUK


    You probably don't remember splogger122 mate. Famous on TPF and hilarious thread he started on his bungalow renovation.
  16. ChrispyUK

    Sourcing Plaster....

    What is?
  17. ChrispyUK

    Advice on rendering

    May help if you put your location and some photos up
  18. ChrispyUK

    Sourcing Plaster....

    Had to send my mate to pick up plaster from Selco today. Half way down the queue and it was sold out. He's ordered some carlite now.
  19. ChrispyUK

    Small budget, big plans...

    If in doubt, rip it out. Wouldn't want to be living in that though. Once you've done any 'heavy stuff' like knock throughs an all that, and you're 1st fixed, Id concentrate on getting a room done at a time otherwise you'll be in a bare brick hell hole. If not living in it, gut the lot in one...
  20. ChrispyUK

    artex question ??

    6mm expensive though mate.
  21. ChrispyUK

    Woodland steps

    You may end up living with them for awhile then. Laws of attraction and all that.
  22. ChrispyUK

    artex question ??

    Looks good from my house. You can probably see it too.
  23. ChrispyUK

    artex question ??

    its been 9 weeks since my last confession. Left the lid up on the toilet. May have trod on an ant. Called Cockney a lank. Thats better.
  24. ChrispyUK

    artex question ??

    Just could you could have skimmed it sat down on the floor. Lank.
  25. ChrispyUK

    artex question ??

    I know I know Pauly. Not my first choice, would have preferred to drop the lot, but this time, couldn't go the extra mile mate. :endesacuerdo:
  26. ChrispyUK


    Sounds like a bit of a fudge then. I wouldn't want the hassle tbh. Cant you get away with some thin batten? Wont make much difference once its levelled up compared to dab/foam.
  27. ChrispyUK

    artex question ??

    Ok. What was your excuse?!
  28. ChrispyUK

    Hi follow brothers of the trowel!

    Having a bit of wine. nice but last couple of weeks been relentless, just wanna sleep.
  29. ChrispyUK

    artex question ??

    Still a few mm of coving left and had to get it done in a day. 9 foot ceiling, couldn't move sofas out. Nightmare job.
  30. ChrispyUK

    artex question ??

    Agreed. If we come to sell, then I'll gut the house anyway. Tenants happy.
  31. ChrispyUK

    Hi follow brothers of the trowel!

    Its only Tuesday Norm...don't want to peak too soon.
  32. ChrispyUK

    Woodland steps

    Sub it out to @bobski Bof.
  33. ChrispyUK

    Hi follow brothers of the trowel!

    Don't answer that Jim!
  34. ChrispyUK

    artex question ??

    Did one earlier in the year in a renter.Just boarded up to coving though :numberone:
  35. ChrispyUK


    put wrong one up
  36. ChrispyUK

  37. ChrispyUK


    If plastering, just dab on insulated PB.
  38. ChrispyUK

    artex question ??

    Fook skimming over that.
  39. ChrispyUK

    Are we too CHEAP

    I do everything for free, but charge 5k just for my presence.
  40. ChrispyUK

    Newbie in the house !

    What tiles!
  41. ChrispyUK

    Hey @thehobo!!

    Could do with a bit of easifill on that hooter.
  42. ChrispyUK

    Left handed trowels

    julia Robers aside, most on that list are c**ts!
  43. ChrispyUK

    Are we too CHEAP

    cool, I’ve got a load of graft that needs doing and in return, I’ll give you a guided tour of the fence post people And give you an introduction.