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  1. bobspread

    f**k the plasterer

    Asked the plumber and the builder to put the soil stack on the face brick to make it easier for me, didn't take any notice of me Sent from my F3111 using Tapatalk
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    Women boarders

    Don't worry it'll all be boarded when you get there she said,lazy cow
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    Weber pral m v Krend ft

    Its been said on here before but i can't believe the difference between these two renders,Pral m is so much easier to use when hand balling,easier to mix ,to spread and to rule and much quicker setting to time but i do like the finish on the ft better or can't some lads see the difference on the...
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    Alright lads its been a while got a rendering job to do for builder 28m2 of weber pral m on new block work only ever used krend but he's supplying materials and the place he got the gear from has said you will need to paint pr310 on the block prior to application of weber pral m is this the norm?
  5. bobspread

    Small Job

    Phone call today...."It's only a small job we've took a cupboard out in the bedroom it just needs patching it'll only take an hour.
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    2 Plasterers needed for monday pricework or daywork in Liverpool, 07816859246
  7. bobspread

    Tanking Basement

    Builder who i do work for rang me today asking do i i know anyone that does tanking ,the proper system for basements with the membrane,the job is in Liverpool,might be someone on here who can help ,cheers
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    Things you don't see on site anymore

    What ever happened to joiners putting noggins in the ceiling joists to catch the edge of plasterboards!
  9. bobspread

    krend on timber frame

    The job i'm working on has 70m of timber frame to be rendered,the agent called me outside and said its to be done in krend or an alternative render ,never done krend on to cement board i think it would crack, does krend have a spec for it? i'd rather thin coat it or could i fix say 50mm...
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    Plasterer wanted to start monday /tuesday

    Its all boarded 5 days max ,all materials are there ,the job is North Liverpool mobile 07816859246
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    Plasterers wanted for New year

    I reckon they're going to need a few plasterers in Carlisle in the new year when the floods die down
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    External work

    f**k working outside this time of year , i'd be distraught it has stopped raining and next week is the same!
  13. bobspread

    skimming over builders boarding

    Priced a job 3 weeks ago , good size extension builder said give us a price to board and skim and a price just to skim,i said i'd sooner you board because i'm busy at the moment but i make sure you're its tidy ,he said dabbing is a piece of piss it'll be nice and straight.....what's this then
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    Metal stud

    Builder i'm working for said he may have a big job starting in December , ware house getting converted into apartments ,asked me if i do the metal stud or do i know anyone who does, could be a decent job for some lads and will take them into the new year,he didn't say where but it will be in...
  15. bobspread

    full system

    Does anybody know of anyone who is selling an ewi system of 60mm grey eps approx 100m2 ,all materials dont have to be the same manufacturer, base coat and top coat included
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    done a job last week using mp75,living room ,dining room,kitchen and hall over artex,the customer rang me saying the painter is moaning that the paint is not sucking in and running down the wall..does it need a special sealer
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    Working on a referb 3 storey house ,ground floor ,first floor spec double board ceiling with 2.4x1.2 12.5mm glasroc boards,builder says they need pva,i've skimmed over 6mm glasroc didn't pva them,any one skimmed over them and he's saying you skim the rough side
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  19. bobspread


    46 bags of renovating plaster £6 a bag bargain Sheffield ,Gumtree
  20. bobspread

    krend hpx

    Anyone used this,opened a bag today and its a creamy colour,always thought it would be grey like hp12
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    Speaking to the brother in law today about work ,hes a good painter, he showed me photos of the plastering on his job after its been painted with the sun hitting the walls and its a disgrace, its durafinish over hardwall, ive heard of it put never used it, its for high impact areas i think ,he...
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    How is it my mate who's a plumber has nvq3 in plastering been doing it 10 years ,not full time has more qualifications than me :RpS_scared: been at it nearly 28 years ffs
  23. bobspread

    profile beads

    Doing a small EWI job today ,fixed the base rail on then put the profile beads on ,what a ballache to get on ,you have to slide them along the base rail,normally use weatherbys that clip on nice and easy ,got these of a mate who got them from alumasc
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    A mate of mine has a sister who is seeing a Dutch plasterer,he's coming to Liverpool to do some work on her house,she needs. 10 bags of mp75 ,where's the best place to get it delivered
  25. bobspread

    Recessions over

    Its official the recession over I can't get anyone to start a job for me Monday
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    Got an extension due start on the 8th December struggling to get there ,its pricework 4/5 days work liking for a good lad to jump in ,no chancers 07505914451
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    Just been to price a job for a girl in her 30's she's just bought a house,l knocked on the door and her and mother answered the door,monsters the pair of them ,they show me what wants doing but the mother's a know it all,I said I'll walk round again and work out what I need ,the mother's...
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    plasterboard hoist gumtree

    Theres one for sale in Ayrshire £50 bargain also someones selling 3/4 of a bag of dab ******* bargain at £2 !
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    Doing a rendering job for a roofer told him i needed plastic arch beads, he comes back with 6mm stop beads i struggled all morning to get them on but i won in the end
  30. bobspread

    Lathe and plaster ceiling

    Quick note to myself never take down a lathe and plaster ceiling no matter how much they wanna pay you... me missus had to hose me down before she'd let me in the house!:RpS_scared:
  31. bobspread

    cpi high bond

    Doing small external job for a builder who has got 10 bags of cpi high bond off a mate he plays football with , he reckons you can use this gear on EPS ,Im not convinced meself , it says on the bags ... for low suction backgrounds and friable backgrounds , anyone used it on EPS
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    Ewi installers wanted in north west

    Ewi installers wanted in northwest must have cscs and utr numbers call Wayne 07794811028
  33. bobspread

    Acrylic top coat for sale

    6 tubs of Italian settef acrylic top coat for sale light grey colour , 15 quid a tub
  34. bobspread

    landscape gardener

    Anyone recommend any landscape gardeners in the northwest area, cheers
  35. bobspread

    Other spreads working methods

    Started a job today with another plasterer and his lacky , I hadn't even got me overalls on and he told him to get mixing ,it wasn't scrimmed or beaded ,it was ******* hectic, his lacky said its always like this and most spreads don't last long working with him, I said Im not surprised you'll...
  36. bobspread

    Floor screeder

    Floor screeder needed in Liverpool 11m x 11m 75 mm thick its a first floor so a pump would be ideal mobile 07816859246
  37. bobspread

    cpi render

    used cpi for the first time today on a party wall extension about 15m2 **** me it when in quick but rubbed up lovely a few stones in it but a nice finish i'll be using it again
  38. bobspread


    where's the best place to buy knauf Mp75 ? I know plasterers one stop do it , bought some last year on line but I can't remember where
  39. bobspread

    fighting a losing battle

    working outside this week rendering a 3 bedroom semi , new the weather was gunna be awful , so I was just tidying up today ,anyway I was speaking to lad working next door he's fitting a new kitchen ,he's ripped the old one out and knocked all the plaster off the wall,i asked who's doing the...
  40. bobspread

    How much!

    Doing some damp proofing after the floods we've had in north wales, we're using thistle dri- coat ,its nice gear to use. I remember you could get in b&q a couple of years ago for under a tenner, ive been looking on line for prices and an outfit in Walsall are charging £32 abag otherones £23...