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  1. plasjack

    Customer watching

    Evening lads Started a job today to board and skim a living room and kitchen I've got good money on it and there's about a weeks worth of work there... 1 problem tho! I've had the customers breathing over me and the lad all day slowing U.S. Down as I want to get every thing perfect What's...
  2. plasjack


    Oh s**t it's snowing! So how many are going to work today!?
  3. plasjack

    Spread wanted - Birmingham West Midlands

    Got 2 days patch work - £120 day rate must have own tools and drive either post your number or private mail me
  4. plasjack

    Does this seem like a right mission

    Is it just me or does cleaning your paddle off like this seem like a right mission? I bang. Mine off with a hammer all the time and never had a problem?
  5. plasjack

    Thanks Mr gas man - should he repair!?

    Had my boiler changed today and came home to this! Should he repair it? What do you reckon lads?
  6. plasjack

    Tool storage

    So in January I'm going to buy some new bags and boxes to keep my tools in Any suggestions? Upload your pictures?
  7. plasjack

    Work in the Birmingham area

    Right so ive fallen abit short of work and wondered if anyone had anything going in the Birmingham area? Good rates plasterer and a lab appreciate any work offered Cheers
  8. plasjack

    Money on the side

    Just a quick question I was wondering if anyone does anything on the side of plastering to bring in more money? Been thinking a lot recently about how to earn more money on the side of work without hardly doing much?
  9. plasjack

    Blue grit- what can it be used on?

    I've never used blue grit well I've never put it inn anyway... Can it be applied to any background? E.g plywood. Plastic etc ? This might be a silly question
  10. plasjack

    eBay.. K rend... Good price

    I don't use k rend and don't no much about it but just spotted this.... If the price is good and someone can use it? Thought I'd share it on here
  11. plasjack

    Paddles... The biggest paddle you can buy

    Evening Just wondering if anyone can tell me what size the biggest paddle you can buy is? Or any names? Or company's that sell? Cheers?
  12. plasjack

    Team Marshalltown...

    Joined team Marshalltown the other week. Postmans just been got a free t shirt number sticker anyone else joined up with them Don't no what the advantages are?
  13. plasjack

    Share your logo

    Just wondering what your logos are like? I'm getting my van done tommorow and new jumpers n t shirts made
  14. plasjack

    Judged by age

    Alright lads I think I might be the youngest on here and want your view on things To start I'm a plasterer of course! Started learning when I was 14 as I got booted outa school [emoji52][emoji52] at 16 I had my 1st child with my crazy missus [emoji38] I'm now 20 got 2 brilliant kids and run my...
  15. plasjack

    Corner work, neat square tidy corners

    Can anyone give me any tips on how to get neat and tidy square corners? Thanks jack
  16. plasjack

    Heraklith render boards

    I've started building my workshop now and I am thinking about the exterior was considering feather edge or maybe ship lap but then I was looking at heraklith render boards online Has anyone ever used them before? And if you have what was it like to use? Or render? Thanks
  17. plasjack

    Scratches on Refina

    Just got a Refina used it the last 2 days and noticed its scratched like mad all over is this what happens? Cheers
  18. plasjack

    Your best/favourite job you have done

    Was thinking this morning about all the jobs I've done over the years Best one I done was at a shop a good 6 7 years back wicked people great money and a good laugh Turned the upstairs of the shop into a flat 4 bed room 2 bathrooms Huge kitchen Removed walls etc Any of your lot had a...
  19. plasjack

    Me.. Just me

    Alright lads Just would like to say I'm not an arse! Once you get to no me I'm alright just like to no where I stand haha If you think I've came across arsey with you I'm sorry It's just me [emoji109][emoji379][emoji123][emoji6][emoji6]
  20. plasjack

    Work shop

    Starting my workshop next week and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I should do it e.g shape/door position etc And if anyone has pictures of there own or maybe ones done for other people?
  21. plasjack

    No your doors?

    Can anyone tell me what this door is called? Or something like that??
  22. plasjack

    Baby..... Tomorrow?

    Alright lads Just a quick one Missus is getting induced at the hospital tomorrow going to have our second! Just wondering how long do people normally have off? If you have kids? Cheers
  23. plasjack


    Right Don't wanna sound thick boys But can you paint straight over varnish with gloss paint? And anyone got any tips on a real good finish? Cheers J
  24. plasjack

    What everybody doing today

    Anyone else doing a horrible over skim today lmao
  25. plasjack

    s*p*r*lex..... What does a super flex actually do?

    Don't want to sound thick hahaha but I've never used one
  26. plasjack do u store ur plastering tools?

    Alright all Where do u all store your tools or how? Post pictures let me no? Any ideas
  27. plasjack

    Catnic skrim tape (Orange)

    Just a quick one Has anyone used the Catnic skrim tape? If u haven't get on it stick a lot better! Costs abit more but worth it or go online like I do
  28. plasjack

    How to get onto site work - West Midlands

    Hi guys I'm from West Midlands Birmingham Can any tell me how I can get onto site skimming I'm self employed and my work top notch?