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  1. Ritch

    Cheap-ish mixers

    Lol your such a liar
  2. Ritch

    Columbia tools

    They’ve just bought out the Peruvian sniff flex, they make some good gear the Colombians, don’t know much on there airless tho
  3. Ritch

    Big investment today.

    Well sad u jock cunnt
  4. Ritch

    New parex mpr

    So how would u finish it with out cracking ?
  5. Ritch

    New parex mpr

    On the data sheet spec/etc
  6. Ritch

    New parex mpr

    Liked the sound of it till it mentioned micro cracking ,
  7. Ritch

    Sourcing Plaster....

    Especially on your work u ruff cunnt
  8. Ritch

    Hi follow brothers of the trowel!

    Try google. pump in plastering contractors Liverpool I’m sure that will point u in the right direction
  9. Ritch

    Starting the trade

    Don’t bother mate shocking trade to get into, trying plumbing or sparks much easier and loads of money
  10. Ritch

    Are we too CHEAP

    The trades soo looked down on its a joke. i priced a job for a builder the other day he told me it was a bungalow, turned up and it was a massive 5bed house. I said funny bungalow he’s said it use to be one. Then he told me he was building it for himself, And the first thing he said to me was...
  11. Ritch

    Garden Wall Rendering

    That’s a cracking bit of craftsman ship what u on about
  12. Ritch

    Look at this smug

    1 bag 1 coat 1trowell per plot loads of money lol
  13. Ritch

    Are we too CHEAP

    U sound like my dad u tight cunnt
  14. Ritch

    K Render Specialist Required

    What loads of hands laying on coloured render, yeah well ridiculous lol
  15. Ritch

    Look at this smug

    Order some, go meet him at his lock up then rob the cunnt
  16. Ritch

    K Render Specialist Required

    Hand ballings easy just need plenty of hands smacking it on and not try and be a hero doing it on your own, s**t product anyway
  17. Ritch

    Not dg27

    Apply a lime wall finish on top of the dg27 that might solve your problem pal, horrible stuff to use mind
  18. Ritch

    Driveway fix-

    Fairly strong dense mix plus a cement sbr slurry painted on the back of slab/paver. no lifters then
  19. Ritch

    Stupid questions

    Yeah bum hole filler
  20. Ritch

    That’s how yours should look

    Get a room lover boys
  21. Ritch

    That’s how yours should look

    U liar your a jar head
  22. Ritch


    It’s his own bike to ride for fun not to Sell and he’s shite at riding it too lol ,
  23. Ritch


    Yeah he does some lovely motors, and got some banging motor x bikes as well,he’s got a 450 Honda that’s spent over 10g’s on it easily lol
  24. Ritch


    My mate sprays/fully kits out transporters and he hates the t5 has over 20k on call back repairs every year and on the t4 f**k all repairs to the point he don’t sell t5’s anymore, check his website out . he’s had some stunning looking ones
  25. Ritch

    Chancers paradise

    Name the bus stop, let’s get it on lol
  26. Ritch


    No contest, I findMarshall towns are well hit and miss. ragni straight out the packet works perfect
  27. Ritch

    Different setup

    Strange looking machine to all the others, looks good tho
  28. Ritch

    Help - is my rendering that bad - (Johnstone's Silicone)?

    1.5mm ain’t gonna sort that shower of s**t out no chance
  29. Ritch

    Help - is my rendering that bad - (Johnstone's Silicone)?

    Did Edward scissor hands scrape that back, Jeez
  30. Ritch

    crappy rendering sand

    Are u sure u didn’t make your render look shite and not tp
  31. Ritch

    Sourcing Plaster....

    Many tried many died, lol you’d have a heart attack if u tried to hit me u old dosser
  32. Ritch

    Sourcing Plaster....

    With that pissy little drill and sand castle bucket u got, that will see u till u kick it u old sweaty sock
  33. Ritch

    Tacking/Dabbing Mid to west Cornwall

    U cry but some of the boarders smash it on that rate and are earning a couple grand a week, rough as tho
  34. Ritch

    Carlite finish

    Happens lol
  35. Ritch

    Carlite finish

    Try it see what hapoens
  36. Ritch

    Sourcing Plaster....

    My mates a Jewson manager and told me next batch 4-6 weeks, he was told there running flat out , just where they load the trucks they haven’t got space to load them any quicker and apparently loading 120-140 trucks a day
  37. Ritch

    Tacking/Dabbing Mid to west Cornwall

    Same down here mate there a few good ones tho but more bad then good, but don’t blame them there on shocking rates 2.20 screw 2.50 dab lol
  38. Ritch

    Tacking/Dabbing Mid to west Cornwall

    Good luck with that, not many boarders out there board to your standard pal, most of them are board butchers
  39. Ritch

    new build

    U sound like your gonna be a pain in the ass to train, I bet once you’ve troweled you’re first wall your be wanting 2er’s a day,
  40. Ritch

    New baby

    Don’t u sweaty’s drink Buckie
  41. Ritch

    Sharp internals

    U won’t be disappointed If u buy one I bet u sling your old one unless your a tight git/hoarder lol
  42. Ritch

    Sharp internals

    I’m a corner trowel whore, I’ve had a over 10 different trowels and the ragni pisses over all the ones I tried previously not even close
  43. Ritch

    First paid job with ritmo

    U lazy git
  44. Ritch

    Battery mixers!!!

    Is that flex tools
  45. Ritch

    Dot & Dab Gap

    U obviously don’t know the spec of dabbing lol 5mm
  46. Ritch

    constucton lives matter

    It’s a line from a welsh rap group
  47. Ritch

    constucton lives matter

    And the f**k**g rest, I see Anthony Joshua didn’t do himself any favours either being racist himself lol
  48. Ritch

    So anyone had any new deliveries of plaster yet?????

    Because I got a 5 bed new build to do in 3-4weeks u f**k**g chancer and that won’t touch it floor space 460m2