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  1. Z

    So anyone had any new deliveries of plaster yet?????

    As per title?????
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    Plaster situation/goverment support!

    I will bet my house on our trade being left in a situation where by there is still not sufficient stock of materials to work before the goverment funding finishes end of June. Theres absolutely no way on this planet this stock situation will be resolved in 4 weeks time as demand and peoples...
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    Who said im not down wiv kids!!!!

    Only gone and found this button! ☺☹☠❣❤
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    Dust sheets!!!

    Any links to dust sheets that dont let dust or liquid through though arent those with plastic backing as there crap. Zombie
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    Whos using what scrim tape at moment?

    I like a deal but also got no hair to begin with so cant be arsed with shite!!!!
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    @British Gypsum!!!

    So it would seem the mandate from the goverment in England is allowing construction to work all be it would seem a grey area. As a trade we are at your mercy with regards to stock from merchants. Appreciate you cannot be to specific but as many small limited companies & sole traders we will...
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    Material situation???

    Out of curiosity what is the current situation with merchants & plastering materials? Am I right in thinking we are down to just wickes & bq.??? Also as BG is shutdown am I correct to think places have now pretty much run out of gear? Starting to get selfish nobheads phoning now and I just...
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    Struggling now!!!

    No guna lie after a good start heads really starting to wobble. This is 2nd morning I've woke up with no purpose, all family are ok and dont need owt, wifes working from home, kids got bits of homework and then play with there mates on computers. I honestly dont know what to do with myself...
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    Whos currently working???

    Out of curiosity who's now currently working and who is sitting it out? P.s I'm not judging anyone we will all have different financial situations and financial health. Il go 1st I'm not back until after lockdown! Zombie
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    Thats why i voted tory & backed boris!!!

    Stay at home lads & do the right thing! Thread closed!!!
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    Genuinley confused?????

    I'm a big boris fan so I'm not out to dig him. But I cant believe that nobody proofed that speech with ref to work " if absolutely nesacerry if unable to work from home" That was so unclear and open to interpretation. On the other hand nichola sturgeon was crystal clear "only essential work"...
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    Algeeman yer freak!!!!

    I get what you was on about now other week with that early wetup with splash brush and trowel when you 1 coat! Seems soooooo wrong but works a fuckin treat dont it with them gay flex bollox blue handle things! Down with kids me!!!
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    Breathing in shite!!!

    I know it's silly & not clever but I've never been able to wear a mask when needed. It's never bothered me before and strangely still doesn't bother me at work but last few months seem to cough alot in the evening. Is anyone else like this?
  14. Z


    Love you all my internet friends!!!! 10+ years of talking shite!!!! Especially @ John j my south yorkshire brother! Cringe in morning! GAY THREAD!!!!!!!
  15. Z

    G.A.Y THEAD 2!!!

    So whats the foookin difference between these plastic things and these ss flexi things? Just a preference or used differently?
  16. Z

    G.A.Y P.L.A.Z.I.F.L.E.X!!!

    I have absoloutley no idea why ive just done it but just walked out of merchants with 1 of them stupid 16" refina plaziflex thing! Think I has an out of body experience or summet...... Sooooooo...... What the f**k do I do with it bar skip!!!! ZOMBIE G.A.Y T.H.R.E.A.D
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    Awkward gyprock coving angles!

    Got loads of silly internal & external angles to do on a job. Normally offer cove around the angles & pencil line ceiling & walls where they intersect then offer cove up and transfer pencil lines onto cove. Then hold cove in a mitre block and cut free hand though bit hit & miss. What do you...
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    Plastic trowels!!!!!

    Phhhh piss & wind!!! Ok serious question am i missing a trick???? Had a lad on an extension this week that we couldnt get to for a builder. Called in yesterday expecting the usual disappointment. Flawless, best work ive see in a long time tbh, noticed on the wibdow sill 2 very worn in plastic...
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    Mo - Breath of fresh air!!!

    Good lad!!!
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    Opinions on thin coat render technique!

    Bit miffed today had a very experienced couple of renders cover a job for us base coating out a small single story extension. All gear on job no scaffold all straight forward work admittedly the odd bad bit of dodgy blockwork to get over but nothing major a nice stress free easy job really...
  21. Z

    Piece of piss with these flexi malarkys!!!

    Don't know what you lot have been f**k**g about at with them stupid Marshall town rigid trowel bollox @algeeman! Phhhhhh rigid trowels are so last year!!!! Piss & wind!!!
  22. Z

    Cordless mixers 12 months on?????

    Has anyone got 12months of constant site use rendering & house bashing with adhesive skim etc to give a balanced review??? Would mainly want it for dot & skim & thin coat renders! If so which one? How have batteries held up? Any flaws? The guy on you tube reviews seems like a right bellend...
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    Algeeman yer weirdo!!!

    Wetting up a wall on 2nd trowel!!! I'm f**k*d if I know how to make that work yer freak!!!!
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    Multifinish when dry!!!!

    I know we've been over this before but would be nice to hear if possible from BRITISH GYPSUM. Not so long ago if when troweling up your work you DIDNT use any additional water you couldn't fail to ensure the finish dried all 1 consistent colour. I've just skimmed a living/dining room and not...
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    Sooooo the phone calls begin !!!!!!

    Well though we'd done well, 3 calls/emails this morning nagging for there january start dates!!!! The 2019 treadmill has started here we fuckin go again!!!!!!
  26. Z

    Calling out all the queens!!!

    Come on you all know who you are that clean yer tools yer weirdos !!! @Vincey @lurpak at others! Think I've got to admit defeat even I don't want to start the new year with my trowels and shite in this state! What's this voodoo powder you all use? Where from & how much? What ratios to use...
  27. Z

    Van organisation!!!

    It's that time of year again when we all kid ourselves we're going to be more organised and clean out vans whilst off etc. So with that in mind new year, new van. Let's have some photos and ideas my pet hate is having to unload everything to load up boards etc. Thanks zombie
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    Bored already!!!!!

    Only 1hr in!!!
  29. Z

    Morning saturday workers!!!

    Wakey wakey! Slackers need not reply!!!
  30. Z

    Breath of fresh air!!!

    Had a proper G.A.Y week this week. Thought fook it totaly exhausted both mentally & physically. Monday thought i was going to faint with stress/anxiaty somehow finished work for day. Thought right rest of week im guna start late and get a proper cafe breakfast and take it easy and only do 1...
  31. Z

    Aching legs!!!

    Any tips! At day end/ through day f**k me my legs ache granted i take no breaks and will graft for 10-12 hrs if job has to be completed some days. Wear standard dewalt work boots and work off hopup for ceilings etc Suggestions?
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    Sausage fingers help!!!

    Somehow just managed to press ignore button on @JessThePlasterer post and now camt see it/her post. How do i sort it? Sorry jess x
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    Busier than before the financial crash???

    As title says? Dont think ive ever known it be so busy, my theroy is that it has gone back to pre recession level but there is now less plastereres/trades. Aging workforce imo building game at the moment? Thoughts?
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    Grrrrrr working saturdays!

    When you agree on a Monday to work coz diarys gone to shite! Seems a good idea until friday afternoon! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
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    Orangery ceilings

    What's your preferences curve all the internal angle/creases or try and leave them all straight! Thoughts?
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    New generation of spreads!!!

    Do you think that now more and more spreads are getting involved in modern render systems and in turn investing in machines etc that plasterers overall credibility is on the increase? With that are people now raising there rates to reflect these investments even when just pricing internal...
  37. Z


    Phhhh piss & wind!!!! Recommendation for 600mm with pole for ceilings!!!! NOT SPEEDSKIM !!!
  38. Z


    God...can't believe I'm guna say this but been using a spat here and there last couple of weeks just for a quick 1st pass before using a trowel. Quite liked it, made a change/broke the boredom up! Yer fuckin faggot ffs zombie what a load of piss & wind!!! Lol There you go @Vincey I've f**k*d...
  39. Z

    Bad day in the office!!!

    f**k me what a mare of a day!!! Simple job and proper made a feck of it decent room all pb bar ceiling Matt paint to skim... Well f**k me dunno what happened to the lid the skim just wouldn't go off I'm sure it was nearly 3hr and that was after laying in with same gear as Well.... Banged 3...
  40. Z


    Fuckin working Saturday!!!! Bastards! Bastards! Bastards!
  41. Z

    Cleaning malarky!!!

    Always try to leave jobs nice and cleaned down... Smears on Windows after wiping down with a sponge and again on wood colour doors etc always spoils a job when it dries white.. Think gay boy Vince started a thread other day about some house wife shite he recommends what was it again? Zombie
  42. Z

    Working combinations for domestic work!

    So following on from previous thread.... What works for you lot? Tried labourers/apprentices - didnt't work Casual arrangements with other self employed spreads. - works until they get better offers or there own worj don't try/care Only 1 thing left to try is take on a spread full time but...
  43. Z

    Sign of times!

    Just can't get lads on jobs for right moment either I'm to cheap or lads are getting gready! Fair play I must be to cheap! Though it was the exact same blokes calling me with there begging bowls when I was always steady in recession when others were slack! Funny old game at times!
  44. Z

    Standard 5" Coving

    Eyup Chaps, Can anyone confirm the drop from ceiling to bottom of coving is on standard 5" coving? Got a job to try and conceal some cables around perimeter of a room and was hoping it will cover by coving. Thanks Zombie
  45. Z

    Beginning of the end! ???

    So without sounding big headed I've always held my own regarding plastering. Most spreads that have worked with me tbf have always considered me a grafter and if I'm honest have always been a little intimidated. Presently at 41+ after 20 years + seem to be struggling massively with... 1)...
  46. Z

    Rendering weather dilemmas!!!

    So can anyone explain this to me??? As like everyone else I've also got little render jobs to try and fit in asap... Been saying 5+ last few days even getting up to 9/10 etc also no rain on given days etc blabla.... However!!!!... 1) Why then am I having to scrape my Windows in a morning...