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  1. martinemj

    Multi for sale

    No shame...
  2. martinemj

    M200 for sale on ebay

    Just seen this m200 for sale on eBay Good price !
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    I know Newport is a bit of a dump but ffs
  4. martinemj

    Just saw this
  5. martinemj

    Weep vent

    Hi all We are applying an NHL baslime basecoat to an older property which has a new 2 storey addition (extension) blockwork cavity Looking for help with weep Vents... Do I go around them (looks s**t) Or knock em off (render breathes ?) Only above a patio door and a window Appreciate any...
  6. martinemj

    Scaffold fell over

    Lucky there were no casualties...apart from a car
  7. martinemj

    Hopper solution

    Never seen one of these before ... Looks the business..
  8. martinemj

    Limelite lime putty

    Used couple tubs of this today to make a lime finish with some Silver sand Not made my own finish for years but was easier than a 3 hr round trip to nearest lime supplier.... Found the putty quite thin ...although did mix in well when mixed
  9. martinemj

    Cornerstone insulating render

    Called in to tradlime in Cheltenham earlier today and was given a sack of Cornerstone insulating render to try.... Material is very light apparently using a preportion of glass and nhl 2 Can apply up to 25mm You can use a lime finish as top coat.. Just wonder if anyone else used it yet?
  10. martinemj

    Pizza oven

    Done something bit different to end this week 2 coats render over chicken wire and block walls Tiled tops for pizza /barbecue food preparation Pics show job not completely finished .....some tidying and finishing off to do...
  11. martinemj

    Vertical dpm behind platerboard wall

    Too hot for outside rendering today so made a start on a damp bedroom in a small flat This is the second job ive had recently where the previous muppet has used dpm behind a plasterboard wall in am attempt of tanking/damp proofing ... We've now removed and hacked off plaster behind which was...
  12. martinemj

    Ox mixer attachment

    Bought one of these last fri to try... Really does mix multi well....easier to clean than the metal spiral too Didn't leave it messy by the way
  13. martinemj

    vintage or knackered

    i know youll all be tempted to buy this
  14. martinemj

    new cottage floor

    pics of a job finished before christmas 2012...just called back and took couple of photos before being let.. we removed the old screed/concrete floor and found the flags below removed flags to garage outside(numbered) cleaned .... floor dug out to approx 19" new floor to labc spec ...with flags...
  15. martinemj

    wallcrete job

    some pics from first wallcrete job some stone effect lintels ....scaffolding in the way so best pic i could get
  16. martinemj


    started outside work mid feb...hacking off ..hoped by end feb early march worst of winter would be over... so far we have 2 jobs hacked off and scratched awaiting this cold snap to pass :RpS_cursing: third job having prep work (needle gun over stone to remove loose surface) now done.. ready to...
  17. martinemj

    ebay scrim

    is it really worth the trouble ,collection only !! ffs???!!!" 2 PART ROLLS 2" SKRIM TAPE | eBay
  18. martinemj

    where's the lintel

    hacked off the cement render ,the wooden lintel had rotted replaced with concrete window, the worst thing was finding exp metal with render 6" thick in places where it was already rotten 25 years ago...(last time it was rendered )
  19. martinemj

    mtec 100 for sale

    mtec 100 sc first one iv'e seen on ebay second hand Plastering Machine MTEC-100 | eBay
  20. martinemj

    new samsung galaxy 2 mobile

    after 3 blackberry mobiles (last 6 yrs) email was the main reason for me to have the first blackberry,direct contact from customers and website enquiries but they all do that now ! the blackberry phones seems to be lagging behind other smart phones im'e not someone who changes his phone...
  21. martinemj

    Utiform Quattro Plastering Machine on ebay

    utiform quattro QUOTTRO Plastering Machine | eBay
  22. martinemj

    pft wales

    pft wales review thanks to blones for his help and support with my recent machine and genny purchase plenty of training given so that i was confident in running and repairing the machine :RpS_thumbsup:
  23. martinemj

    anyone using this co

    found this website with buildbase promotional leaflet mobile chip and pin for trades
  24. martinemj

    todays rendering job

    pics are of the job i started today render looks a bit sorry for itself !!! http:// "]
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    for you joddy fans found this on ebay Plastering Machine, Joddymix | eBay UK
  26. martinemj

    home made stilts

    now iv'e seen it all plastering stilts home made | eBay UK
  27. martinemj

    nice trowels

    could do with a couple of new trowels !!! ffs!!!!!!!! 2 plastering trowels | eBay UK
  28. martinemj

    machines for sale on ebay

    since my post earlier this morning two others listed on ebay for sale may be of help to someone.... m tec 100 Plastering Machine MTEC-100 on eBay (end time 19-Mar-11 09:01:18 GMT) pft minijet plastering machine on eBay (end time 22-Mar-11 09:30:49 GMT) utiform quattro plastering...
  29. martinemj

    utiform quattro

    not bad price at 1500.00 plastering machine on eBay (end time 18-Mar-11 20:19:40 GMT) e&m jenkins plasterers & builders,plastering,gloucestershire
  30. martinemj

    its all frozen

    anyone else left pva / water proofer/gripfill in the van mines been frozen last 10 days or so prob fit to skip now....:RpS_mad::RpS_mad: :RpS_cursing::RpS_cursing::RpS_cursing:
  31. martinemj

    new forum

    danny don't know what you did last week or so but forum now loading super quick without the google analytics thing before loading the page.... brilliant.......!!!!!!!!!
  32. martinemj

    reveal square

    found this tool the other day iv'e managed quite well without it so far..... Reveal Square :: Reveal Square Video B video by rambootools - Photobucket
  33. martinemj

    PFT G5 Render Machine, with Generator

    just spotted on ebay link PFT G5 Render Machine, with Generator, Not M-tec, on eBay (end time 20-Nov-10 21:31:18 GMT)
  34. martinemj

    putzmeister sp11

    looks clean and tidy
  35. martinemj


    anyone used this product???----
  36. martinemj

    pat testing

    having been getting calls regularly from companies pressure selling pat testing they ask you if you are near an appliance and ask for the date on the sticker there is no requirement to have this test done although some sites or insurance companies may...
  37. martinemj

    customer street

    you may have already been contacted by this company(i have many times usually when im'e up a scaffold) they are owned by bt and tend to trade on that to seal the deal ---beware!!! they run multiple web sites such as .. ufindus more uk smile local various trade sites also build web sites...