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  1. Stewie03

    So how are you keeping fit?

    I'm just choking my chicken everyday got a right arm like Popeye,been at it that much my foreskin has slid off
  2. Stewie03

    Snack time

    I'll be selling his games and computers once my cash flow has run out anyway
  3. Stewie03

    Snack time

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: you b*****d
  4. Stewie03

    Snack time

    Is it me or does everybody else's kids snack like f**k**g crazy through out the day couldn't believe how much s**t my 7 year old had to snack on it's only since I've been off work I've noticed what he's eating the little f**k*r that will change I'm gunna do the food shop this week instead of the...
  5. Stewie03

    Skimming hall and stairs and small bedroom results

    Seriously I would look at trying to reclaim some of your money back,that's a s**t job
  6. Stewie03

    Whos currently working???

    He's better now thanks mate (y) ,he's eating us out of house and home after not eating for nearly 2 weeks ,it was just before Boris started to take this virus seriously so I was lucky enough to visit Every day,while I was there the doctors said this virus is going to explode at one point or...
  7. Stewie03

    Whos currently working???

    I downed tools on Thursday I got in touch with my other jobs and postponed them mainly domestics unless they wanna get somebody else into do it,it's up to them,I've got a son who's not long came out the childrens hospital after having a bad bout of pneumonia,I was like what the f**k am I doing...
  8. Stewie03

    my fellow s**t spreaders

    Since I've downed tools I don't know what day I'm on,I've ordered a load of masonry paint anyway the missus wants me to paint the roughcast render a new colour,I don't mind need something to do plus I'll clear the guttering out while I'm up there, then I'll get back on the trampoline with my mad...
  9. Stewie03

    Domestic dilemma

    I agree with bof things like that I always give 2 tight coats of bonding it also reduces crazing if your just going to pva and skim over a fry floated wall
  10. Stewie03

    Genuinley confused?????

    I finished plastering an extension today,I've got 2 artex ceilings to board and skim tomorrow, and 3 bedrooms to reskim over Thursday and Friday and that's me done I've cancelled all my future appointment now until it's safe to go back luckily enough the missus is a key worker so she will have...
  11. Stewie03

    That's that then Ladies and Gents.

    I'm the same mate undecided on what to do I've had 2 customers cancel on me last week,I'm fortunate to have some money put away but so far I've had no cancellations this week
  12. Stewie03

    Calm before the storm

    I remember a spread telling me years ago,always put 10% of your weekly wage away if your self employed but I was 19 years old at the time and my 10% was being spent on booze and slags at the time how right he was tho
  13. Stewie03

    Estimate on Cost to Plaster a 3 Bed-Semi

    Just get a new build next time your welcome (y)
  14. Stewie03


    I've been a site monkey for 16 years,went domestic last year been doing domestics for a year now I've already had 2 people cancel on me,1 of them said he wants nobody in the house which is fair enough,but my other customer a nice lady has been laid off now and as had to cut back and stuff she...
  15. Stewie03

    Lining paper

    Skim over it mate if it fails and wants you to put it right just tell him your currently in isolation,and to get himself checked too
  16. Stewie03

    Curved ceilings

    When i finished my plastering apprenticeship,my money went up and treated my mum to a dishwasher only after a year I realised she never used it cost me 300 quid at the time she told me the dishwasher tablets cost to much, f**k**g cow bag
  17. Stewie03

    Skrim tape existing joins?

    Yes scrim tape internals where the walls meets if doing the ceiling aswell then scrim tape the complete ceiling line and also scrim tape your bead,but this is schoolboy stuff you should know this anyway
  18. Stewie03

    Paint on new plaster

    @Stevieo could mixing up the wrong ratio of a mist coat make it look like that
  19. Stewie03

    Paint on new plaster

    The decorater will sort it
  20. Stewie03

    Any spreads in Birmingham

    When I went to the baggies game against the blues earlier in the season a few blues fans was giving it the big one over the other side of the road in digbeth to the Albion fans cause the police was knocking about, Leeds will deffo bottle it they always do
  21. Stewie03

    Artex ceiling, Zombie mix, strategy advice please,

    I find if you add more finish plaster it sets quicker plus your putting your second coat on to soon artex ceilings hang with just skimming over them aswell
  22. Stewie03

    Patching Missing Areas from Alginate

    There's something quite odd about this thread I just can't quite put a finger on it
  23. Stewie03

    Happy monday again

    It seems he has done ok cutting out the back boxes other than that the walls have got more joints than bob marley
  24. Stewie03

    Happy monday again

    Finished over skimming the box room and just hacked off all the extension for boarding this week now I'm f**k**g off home
  25. Stewie03

    Trying get into plastering trade at 31 :)

    Agree with you mate the 2 spreads I worked with for 12 years were old school no qualifications no plastering nvq to there name and they were excellent spreads I was very lucky to be there apprentice and learn everything the know you don't get many old school spreads these days
  26. Stewie03

    How straight and flat can you get it?

    Only mix up what you can handle in a hit quality over quantity mate
  27. Stewie03

    Trying get into plastering trade at 31 :)

    Bless ya cotton socks 7 years experience and your the dogs b*ll***s,I take my hat off to you
  28. Stewie03


    I've got a 6 year old lad I've asked if he would like to work with me and be a plasterer one day,but he said no dad I think your a w**k*r
  29. Stewie03

    Trying get into plastering trade at 31 :)

    I did a 5 year apprentiship a long time ago working with 2 old school spreads I spent the first year just labouring,knocking up bags of Browning in a mixing bath,mixing skim up with that bodger or whatever the f**k it's called,carrying plasterboards,washing buckets cleaning the crap off coving...
  30. Stewie03

    How straight and flat can you get it?

    We're talking about float and set here you just stick to being a skimmer
  31. Stewie03

    How straight and flat can you get it?

    I agree with @malc skim the walls the same day with float and set,I still do box screeds to this day it was the way I was taught by an old school spread , I know most people free rule now as the years have gone on,your just over thinking things mate
  32. Stewie03

    How straight and flat can you get it?

    Check your featheredge could be bent as Graham norton
  33. Stewie03


    I don't usually brag about how much I make on a job but I did find 3 quid down the back of the sofa last night so that's going towards my beer money
  34. Stewie03


    Had one this week a woman wanted her lounge walls skimming but told her there's way to many hairline cracks over the walls to just skim,told her best way is to hack off and either have it dot&dabbed,or float and set obviously both those decisions was to messy and expensive for her,so i suggested...
  35. Stewie03

    Sorryi its late but

    Some customers are right bastards when you give them the price they ask how long it will take,you can see the cogs in there brain ticking away trying to working out how much a day your being paid how much is profit how many sugars does he like in his brew,it's only a select few you get but none...
  36. Stewie03

    PVA onto dark/half-dry ceiling

    Fair play to ya mate health before wealth
  37. Stewie03

    Advice needed please. Plastering on artex ceilings.

    Your right there john I was abit slow off the mark with that one :ROFLMAO: could of saved me a small fortune but I've told the missus as I'm giving her the dream wedding she wants I'm slinging one up her arse on the honeymoon
  38. Stewie03

    Priced up

    Gotta agree with @Robbo123 there things like beads and scrimtape and dustsheets etc you should have in bulk anyway
  39. Stewie03

    Advice needed please. Plastering on artex ceilings.

    I'm getting married this year and my sister wants her dining room doing I've told her no freebies this year I've got a wedding to pay for so she grassed me up to my mum, I just wanna know if you got that spreads number lying around at all so I can send him round to my sister's house to f**k her...
  40. Stewie03

    Priced up

    When I quote a job I always say the price is gunna be so and so all in so they know it's for labor and materials, so there's no confusion I also tell them I bring my own mug with me in case they pop the kettle on
  41. Stewie03

    Advice needed please. Plastering on artex ceilings.

    Mate those walls and ceilings have got more wrinkles than my ball sack how much did he charge you for the job
  42. Stewie03

    New Member

    Can you just shut the f**k up now you haven't revealed any of the b*ll***s you've been spouting about putting 50% more skim on keep giving riddles what do you work on where do you work how many bags do you lay on etc,how about you save your breath on here and use it for your blow up doll
  43. Stewie03

    New Member

    Your wrong there cockney pal I'll f**k the bitch aswell
  44. Stewie03

    Fury vs Wilder

    I would say fury on points but the ref and all 3 judges are American so that's a no
  45. Stewie03

    24" refina ergo grip skimming spatula with the 1-2m extension pole

    I'm looking more along the lines of 4 Bobby Moore's pp included
  46. Stewie03

    New member, new method

    I think he's an improver mate he's gone from cleaning buckets to flattening the 1st and 2nd coat
  47. Stewie03

    24" refina ergo grip skimming spatula with the 1-2m extension pole

    I've got a 24" refina ergo grip skimming spatula with the 1-2m extension pole for sale in excellent condtion it's pretty much brand new I've only used it once as I prefer the ox speedskim and the plastic blades
  48. Stewie03

    New member, new method

    To plasterers that can actually bang out big gauges and do a good finish fair play to ya I learnt from a young age trying to compete with somebody faster than you will not end well always mix up what you can handle and do a good job it's quality over quantity everyday for me