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  1. Renov8j

    Decorator said could you have a look!

    He's got filler what's up with the guy! :ROFLMAO:
  2. Renov8j

    Job won't do itself!

    C'mon get to work ya faggot's. :bananas:
  3. Renov8j

    Canna be fooked!

    That's it really! It is Friday though so IL make a effort...maybe!
  4. Renov8j

    Plumbers paying top dollar

    Makes you laugh don't it iPad and free gym is it £1000 or £2000 make your mind up lol, just browsing on indeed plastering wages are so varied working for companies :ROFLMAO: glad I work for myself it's either £80 a day or 200 at the other scale joke really whose applying for these jobs.
  5. Renov8j

    Better than grinder!!

    I never knew there were so many homo's in one place!! Luv u guys :love: anyone wants to come polish my trowel inbox me:bananas:
  6. Renov8j

    Bero expert?

    Was just browsing the net for tools as you do and came across this brand they do trowels flexis ect. There on ramboo tools website, just wondered if anyone has heard of um or used. There fairly cheap?
  7. Renov8j

    Best collated screwgun?

    Opinions? Hilti, festool ect or the cheaper options? Makita, DeWalt. I had a corded Makita back in the day which got robbed so never bothered replacing and just been managing the old fashioned way so opinions would be appreciated as I feel like a spending spree :LOL:
  8. Renov8j

    Inguinale hernia

    Loving the job at the moment got a lovely hernia that has got so big it now drops into my b*ll***s, go to work every day come home in agony when it's inflamed with grafting all day,I have to get home lay on my back and push it back into my body every night, can't get in hospital for 2 months...