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    Boris in ICU

    I always thought he was a tosser . But I've grown to like him.
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    Wot do think of your medical officer.
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    Naughty media - Coronavirus Covid19

    People describe wot they see.and wot people are . A bloke in mates Rd was commonly known as the c_nt at number 30. You fat tosser.
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    Would you

    Seeded bread. Guinness . are we related .
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    Fock me me that's a great one. Them dodgy dashers. Use soft sand . One I used back in the day put pva in both coats . I never got a call back. I rest my case . Pva .pva .pva. you can't wack it .
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    Does that mean they like anal as well
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    Poor cow . your a sick fock .
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    Does articulate mean they like anal.
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    China are full of sh t . They say they have 80 000 in jail . But there's evidence of millions in huge gulags in the sticks. Dodgy nips.
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    Sandgate sand . Great stuff. You can use it for everything. Pointing . laying bricks . blocks. Jewsons. They don't use there old shite now just this .
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    Sandgate sand . Great stuff. You can use it for everything. Pointing . laying bricks . blocks. Jewsons. They don't use there old shite now just this .
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    I couldn't get anywhere with bandq. Didn't know they did lime. I spoke to my local merchant yesterday .they have a few large branches.he said after next week they are going to step up deliverys?
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    Just got a click and collect from wickes. 4hour slots. They texted when ready .it's only 5 minutes away. Sand and dust. So strange every day feels like Sunday.
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    Yeh we done it .wife put blue lights on window N.H.S. but you couldn't make it out. . Stay safe. .
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    How you doing mate. Are you keeping your self busy.
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    I've got some reclaimed block pavers .for edges and screed slab in center.
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    Getting on with patio . But I can't get sand and cement anywhere .
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    How long before we're in trouble with money?

    I've got a hall stairs and landing to do . A nice earner. For a couple who got back last week from a cruise that was cut short. They've said I can do it and they will stay out of the way in the anexe.
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    How long before we're in trouble with money?

    Wot about other bills . property tax . Gas lecy all insurances . I've got a list of direct debits as long as you're arm.
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    Struggling now!!!

    Zombie. Get some paint and do the bedrooms up . I know there a pain . But it'll keep you busy. And your get brownie points. Don't watch the News mate.
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    Glass under meat.?
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    I found where their coming in then they've dug under log cabin .I've got 3 in 24 traps . But I've got poison for tonight. Wife's cooking .
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    I've had it with rats under decking. I'm ripping it up . Some of the timbers have rotted after only 5years.
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    We all went out. it was good you could hear all the people in the streets . Great stuff.
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    Job blown.

    Wish I hadn't posted about your all sick.
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    Job blown.

    Anyone had a blow job off a customer. Sorry just thinking autloud .
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    Why is smoother 09 talking about sticky Vicky. Dirty b*****d.
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    Self employed .

    Just read that govement will pay us 80% of our proved wages. Do u think I could say I'm very sorry I may have told a few fibs on my accounts . And I really earn .£ bla bla .
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    I've heard the government may pay 80% of self employed wages .if they see last 3 years books. I'm fooked.
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    Tax returns

    Don't pay them .you won't get any hassle.when it's all over and they want it offer them a quarter they'll be glad to get anything.
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    Best adhesive for coving?

    Gyproc cornice adesive .nice and white .goes off quick for corners . Put some nails or screws in as there heavy. I'd say don't do it yourself .if the members don't line up it will look crap,
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    I'm a sole trader . Do we get any dosh.
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    Your a happy soul. Are you married with children. Can we see a picture of you.
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    Can we claim benefits. Because of virus. They are talking about helping people.
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    Lining paper

    Give her day rate to srip. It. Scratch it up. Soak one wall. Hot soapy water .if it don't come off . Use water proof Pva . Make sure it's hard before skiming. Or give it a miss if you've got other work.
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    Anti Virus

    Wife got me Homebrew kit must be 3years ago. Just sat there.
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    Who's still going to the pub. I haven't been since Saturday.
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    Waterproofer in Render Base Coat

    O.c.r .wickes 7quid
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    I can spend ages looking for bread.
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    Tesco is fine.
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    New tool.

    Made this on Sunday . Tested it Monday was impressed. Think it will be good on lids. It was a spat . You get a lot control and pressure with two hands
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    Wots that
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    Spent Paddy's night in my pub in the garden. Instead of the pub. Stocked up on beer put in sofabed all ready for self isolation.
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    Customer cancelled job today . supposed to start on Wednesday. They are old and scared.
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    What's your favourite hop-up, and why? (looking to buy a new one)

    Wickes. Got one last week very sterdy Werner. Covered in shite now.
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    Just had my house plastered...

    I think this is made get us going .
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    Just had my house plastered...

    Sorry about that. I Should have striped the woodchip off first.
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    Your sister wasn't at work today is she ok jess
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    New drill/driver.

    Bought a macalister impact drill last week.£59 two batteries 1.5 volt. screwfix . It's good.
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    Straight edge

    Look cool