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  1. worthwords


    Iceland are pretty much able to test and contain their population.
  2. worthwords

    Inside of DPM Soaking Wet (Condensation Problem? Fix Needed)

    You need to address the damp problems before sealing it up. Inner cavity wall should be dry so either penetrating or humidity but also early cavity walls had nasty things like rat trap bonds instead of wall ties and so need to treat them more like a solid wall.
  3. worthwords

    Inside of DPM Soaking Wet (Condensation Problem? Fix Needed)

    What was the purpose of the DPM? Existing damp problems? Seems like a bad idea to put a plastic bag around a room which of course will trap moisture. Do you have ventilation that room?
  4. worthwords

    Just had my house plastered...

    is this the reflection of the building in a ripping pool ?
  5. worthwords

    Unusual cause of damp

    now that is a practical idea for our times
  6. worthwords

    Unusual cause of damp

    We had this very odd square patch of damp with salts precipitating around it and through the thick textured wall paper. \ After stripping the wall paper i found it was a perfect square of damp gypsum - the rest of the wall is some sort of sand and cement render. I dug it out - about 10cm of...
  7. worthwords

    Cracking plaster on chimney breast above wood burner

    Yes, it was a concern but in practice the stove is awesome and makes the room very cosy.Certainly a lot better than the old open fire in which the heat was sucked out of the chimney. I put a 20mm vermiculite back to it so that most of the heat goes into the bricks or the room and thermal mass...
  8. worthwords

    Cracking plaster on chimney breast above wood burner

    Thanks. Air grill as of yesterday. Originally there was an open fire so the when cavity wall insulation brutes came they made a mess of a combustion vent - unsleved, non compliant hit and miss and installed it upside down (2009). The stupid thing is the draft coming from the vent was...
  9. worthwords

    Cracking plaster on chimney breast above wood burner

    I lime rendered our breast. Filled in the recessed mortar joints with horse haired lime then followed the spec from Mike Wye support team. I was advised not to use any beading around the aperture - metal will expand and crack the plaster and plastic will melt. So I made a temporary frame...
  10. worthwords

    Damp or condensation

    often they go hand in hand so a leaky gutter above makes parts of the wall cold and high internal humidity settled on the cold areas - it doesn't have to be dripping on the wall just humid and moist. Scarping mold is just a temporary solution. need more details. what kind of construction...
  11. worthwords

    Is this asbestos

    Sellers who say there's no asbestos are full of s**t or will play ignorant. I would get it tested before proceeding. It will pray on your mind otherwise
  12. worthwords

    Is this asbestos

    also . if this was asbestos it's most definitely one to take precautions. Not like artex which has 0.5-2% asbestos. The old asbestos loft insulation was 100% spun asbestos fibres. Lovely stuff
  13. worthwords

    Is this asbestos

    not expensive to test. I got one turned around in 4 days. It looks like glass wool insulation . it in the whole ceiling as i've seen this shite from cavity wall insulation overspilling into ceiling though holes around joists or uncapped cavity. what age is the building? what's on the otherside...
  14. worthwords

    Yankee here. Need some advice

    lime mortar is thixotropic. Knocking it up sufficiently makes it more workable. Adding too much water can lead to shrinkage and feeble plaster. Something like : Mix the mortar for 5 minutes (paddle or mixer), allow to rest for three minutes and re-mix for another three minutes. You can add a...
  15. worthwords

    Yankee here. Need some advice

    Casanova plasterer
  16. worthwords

    Lime or sand cement

    Lots of new , fast, waterpoof materials turn out to be very damaging. Waterproof paints on wood have destroyed many a window frame. Yeah, i know a harl coat as just a thinned down render mix which is splatted with harling towel at cob, or masonry wall in order to control suction for the scratch...
  17. worthwords

    Lime or sand cement

    I'm using lime putty plaster for some parts of my internal DIY work. It is great to work with but takes weeks to finish a wall properly this time of year. In fact you don't want it to dry too quickly as it can become feeble and powdery. Cement traps moisture within a solid wall structure and...
  18. worthwords

    Artex sealer equivalent

    I've used Cementone Green goo to good effect on artex ceiling help stabilise some more powdery areas as well. You have to put the first coat on reasonably thick to avoid scratching the grit is all.
  19. worthwords

    To pee,or not to pee

    When you get older . You will dream of a bladder like this ! your kidneys will produce urine constantly at around 1ml per kg per hour (or more if hyper hydrated) if you produce less than 0.5ml per kg per hour then it’s low and can indicate dehydration /acute kidney injury if persistent. If you...
  20. worthwords

    Overboarding ceiling that isn't going well need advice

    assume you will be doing those walls as well? those swirls!
  21. worthwords

    Overboarding ceiling that isn't going well need advice

    have you only put screws in the edge of the board?
  22. worthwords

    afraid to ask advice - cold conditions

    In my opinion a stupid move as they have invalidated any guarantee by the manufacturer.
  23. worthwords

    Breathing in shite!!!

    Repeated exposure to Gypsum is probably not without risk but evidence suggest good clearance for healthy lungs both in a acute and some effects on chest X-rays in the longer term but not much in the way of symptoms. Probably because gypsum is weakly water soluble. Sanding appears to be the...
  24. worthwords

    Bathroom Fitting Courses

    Yes saved my bacon in my old house the old connect the hose pipe trick. Lesson for me was schedule anything on a gravity fed system for the summer.
  25. worthwords

    Spores appearing after newly plastered wall

    what temp in the room and any ventilation? Drying plaster produces a lot of humidity while the colour changes to pink and it will tend to condense on the coldest surface - which will be the slowest drying (probably external) wall which is still evaporating. If you take out the radiators in a...
  26. worthwords

    Insulation on internal walls , would you do bathroom the same ?

    Have you looked into single room heat recovery for the bathroom? rather than extractor fan - can help reduce condensation and preserve heat. I've not had first hand experience but was thinking of it myself
  27. worthwords

    Are imperfections acceptable

    I can understand why someone who didn't know better would be anxious about the quality of the work but they may just need a a bit of calibration. Unless they have a specific final light fitting which really does show up some nastiness then they probably need to take their torch to existing...
  28. worthwords

    Basement tanking gone wrong

    Is that how you cook your turkey?
  29. worthwords

    Cancer cures !!!!..??

    They are offered when your 10 year risk for heart attack or stroke is >= 10% regardless of your cholesterol. Statins have a stabilising effect on coronary arteries as well as cholesterol lowering.
  30. worthwords

    Is this asbestos?

    Yes treat it as an asbestos insulating board until proven otherwise. Nasty stuff - looks frayed at the edges.
  31. worthwords

    Damp + condensation + cold room fitted wardrobes 1930s Bubgalow

    Get some actual temp + humidity measurements. Cheap loggers available. What you are interested in is the dew point and the temperature of the walls. If the inner surface of the walls are colder than the dew point then condensation will form on the surface and produce mould. You can have...
  32. worthwords

    Is this the cause of my damp?

    not so much evaporating from the internal wall but a saturated outside wall will be colder and corners are already vulnerable to condensation of any moisture in the room. Need a lot more information to establish the cause but that defect certainly needs fixing ideally before the frosts come.
  33. worthwords

    Plasterboarding a hip ceiling

    doesn't it turn to yellow powder after 3 years though.
  34. worthwords

    Is this the cause of my damp?

    They can go hand in hand. If the water hasn't penetrated all the way the wet external walls dry by evaporation taking the heat with them which results in a cold spot which attracts condensation internally. The answer is if this isn't the source it soon will be. The lip causes rain to work its...
  35. worthwords

    Artex Ceilings/ Possible Asbestos

    Technically there is no safe exposure to asbestos and the official guidance would be never to scrape or sand artex unless tested. But in reality we know that the body is better at clearing white asbestos than blue or brown.If you have damaged lungs e/g smoking paralyses the hairs that work like...
  36. worthwords

    Energy Saving Trust Renews Safeguard’s Stormdry ‘Verified’ Status

    it probably means someone in chain has shares in storm dry. let's see the test rig(which often bears little resemblance to the real world) and results
  37. worthwords

    Damaged plaster, advice please.

    isn't this basically what they do in the US? but they call it 'mud'
  38. worthwords

    Removing paint off bricks

    These guys look like they had fun...
  39. worthwords


    What does he want you to plaster onto? Is is bare brick or existing lime/ gypsum plaster?
  40. worthwords


    I got a guy
  41. worthwords

    Reskim around doors

    Not the frame but the artex was used extensively for patching up things around the house it has a habit of doing this... less disturbance the better.
  42. worthwords

    Reskim around doors

    Ah great. Crystal clear. The standard and delux method.
  43. worthwords

    Reskim around doors

    cheers I thought of that but it's a can of worms with the asbestos. All sorts of horrors.
  44. worthwords

    Reskim around doors

    Thanks, that's reassuring. Though i'm being a bit thick ... don't quite understand the 6mm margin.
  45. worthwords


    Just to introduce myself. 1st time buyer 1930s house which needs a lot of love.Trying to do a large chunk of the renevation myself. Enjoying learning basic plastering but will leave most of the reskimming to pros.
  46. worthwords

    Reskim around doors

    I wonder if you can help. Utter notive but getting better.... I've done some DIY skimming, corner beading, reveals etc but not had to deal with wooden door frames. This door in the picture is small downstairs toilet. I think previous artex was reskimmed and went over the wood of the old door...
  47. worthwords

    External render disintegrated at bottom of wall

    Does the house have a DPC?. if it's burried under that tarmac then that's not going to help either. Not uncommon for local authorites to trample over DPC and block airbricks when they redo the pavements.
  48. worthwords

    Surrey Looking for someone to chip off and re-render(?lime) 1930s house

    C'mon If someone accuses you of being a talker, fair game to show some work! >> Most of the lads and girls on here are professional plasterers hence why you have choose to post your problems on this site??do you agree?? Yup I agree. I think I made it clear that I have no idea about render...
  49. worthwords

    Surrey Looking for someone to chip off and re-render(?lime) 1930s house

    We have a decent budget alloacted to render so serious about job. But not sure about the type of render which is more imporant at this point - it's imporant to me that the history and materials of the building is taken into account. Like I said, if someone wanted to come and view the house and...