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    Wot do think of your medical officer.
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    Just got a click and collect from wickes. 4hour slots. They texted when ready .it's only 5 minutes away. Sand and dust. So strange every day feels like Sunday.
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    How you doing mate. Are you keeping your self busy.
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    Getting on with patio . But I can't get sand and cement anywhere .
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    I've had it with rats under decking. I'm ripping it up . Some of the timbers have rotted after only 5years.
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    Job blown.

    Anyone had a blow job off a customer. Sorry just thinking autloud .
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    Self employed .

    Just read that govement will pay us 80% of our proved wages. Do u think I could say I'm very sorry I may have told a few fibs on my accounts . And I really earn .£ bla bla .
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    Can we claim benefits. Because of virus. They are talking about helping people.
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    I can spend ages looking for bread.
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    Tesco is fine.
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    New tool.

    Made this on Sunday . Tested it Monday was impressed. Think it will be good on lids. It was a spat . You get a lot control and pressure with two hands
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    Spent Paddy's night in my pub in the garden. Instead of the pub. Stocked up on beer put in sofabed all ready for self isolation.
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    Your sister wasn't at work today is she ok jess
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    Anyone used this .bit weird.
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    Anyone use hi tac scrim
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    Straight edge

    I won't one with serrated edge .who sells them. Cheers
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    Got a bungalow to price for render. Thinking of scratching in normal s and c . And top coat in ocr. To get even finish. Wot do you think. Never used it.
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    I've got a stinking cold .hope it's not c.v. bloke at work is gonna cancel his holiday next week to canaries in case he gets stuck there.
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    Paper tape

    Got a job to look at. Paper tape coming away. Question is would border adesive stick it back. Rather than pulling it off and wrecking the whole house.
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    Anyone know about rat poison that's safe for pets
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    Any of you brumie boys been to the crooked pub in Dudley .
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    Door bell

    Any one got a ring video door bell
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    Did a small render job yesterday about 4 metres nice day but there's Frost and ice this morning. It had some waterproofer in it .I'm a bit worried . Thinking about poping. Round and sealing it .but wot to use. I normally use pva .on everything. Cheers.
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    Just picked up a £7000 job he said knock £500 off and he will pay it all in cash. Wot would you do.
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    Got a job to price. It's a big flat occupied.landlord is selling it but it has failed some heat test .it's got a flat roof .no insulation. I think it's to messey to take down ceilings. I thought counter Barton over existing boards. Then put 37mm insulated PBS. Questions are do u think it's...
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    House prices.

    Been reading .a record number of londoners are moving up north because of house prices. The cockneys are coming. Not a lot of people know that.
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    Went to look at a job other day . Was there half hour customer asked me a million questions about how I would tackle the job . It's his hallway lots of fidily bits. Dryline half a wall . Patch in the lid. Bit of covering . skirting ect. He was nice guy.lived in one of the most expensive roads...
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    Tradewise trowel. Anyone.
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    Sorry forgot pic
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    Got any good Christmas pictures. (No knob photos).
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    Pub tomorrow before Christmas dinner. Anyone else. Only 4 pints I take the father in law. Silly old duffer.
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    Nela black edition trowel anyone tried it.
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    Anyone still do it the old way.
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    The Irishman.

    I love mafia films Goodfellas ect. So was looking forward to seeing the Irishman .it's out on Netflix. It was watchable but that's about it for me. All the actors are to old. They looked silly 76 year olds made to look 30 . And 3hours. Oh yeah it's a Plastering forum. Happy Friday.
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    The knuckle on my index finger is starting to cause me some pain. Is it due to plastering or to much fingering when I was a teenager.
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    Van conked out on way home .engine just cut out . lights on dash came on got it home in the end .rang 4 garages all booked to middle of next week . Wot to do.
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    Danny .do u know the lottery winner.hes in your neck of the woods.
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    Wots the trick with bicarb to stop carbon steel trowel rusting
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    Flood light.

    Got this yesterday. It's very bright. 50w.4000 lumens . you have to put a cable and plug on .its good.
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    Work light

    Wots wrong with buying exterior flood lights and using them inside there cheap on Amazon .£20 4000 lumins 50 wots .day light white. Opinions please.
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    Work flood lights

    Best light .wot shop to buy from . thanks
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    I've got wood.

    Received handle for Mt 13"carbon. Had it years .it's got rubber handle. I'm changing it to wood to replace the one I lost. Thought I'd give it the shoe polish treatment.
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    Need help wot height should tv go on chimney breast wall.its 3metres from wall. 50" tv at the moment it's 1500mm to the top .wife says it's too low.possible divorce on the cards. Help
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    Flp flops

    I new these sliders would come in handy
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    Pure finish

    New manager in jewsons said he's gonna try to get some in for us to try.
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    Anyone on chechatrade. They want to charge extra £300 this year. My mate complained they said take it or leave it.
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    Second day in benelmadina Spain. Ireland must be deserted . there all here. Handy for a pint of Guinness thou . Wots the craic. Busy last week had to scim walls in two bedrooms . And full redec. I had a electric blower in both rooms .touch and go but done in end. 7days and they paid on Monday...
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    Looks shite.

    Why is everyone so obsessed with how the finish looks when dry ect . It's about wot it looks like when paiñted . Flat no shine .
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    Trowel sluts

    As you know I lost my tool chest a while back . Been chucking it on with old Mt 13"carbon I used for bonding ect . Bit Rusty but it cleaned nice . And really straight. And sharp . And got a ox ultraflex to finish. Nice trowel. But this morning I dug out my old 14" Mt carbon from garage and used...
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    Why did bg.stop making carlite finish. Any of you old codgers know.