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    Lucidato job completed

    Currently been isolated doing this little project.Off white lucidato polished plaster.
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    Microcement to pool

    Just completed this for interior designer who posted on forum.
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    St Tropez all the way!

    Just second coated micro to upstairs of villa.
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    Micro fireplace

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    Little microjob

    Just completed this little Micro job.Bar top to a nice bar/club.Going to be an industrial looking room so will post pics when fully complete as will do it more justice.
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    Interesting micro job

    just completed this one today,open plan shower room/bedroom .will post better pics when clients finished and furnished but a nice easy few days.
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    Silca Calcium insulation board

    Hi lads, Had an enquire about applying microcement on boards mentioned above.Just wondered if anyone has every gone over these or if it's possible? Thanks in advance
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    plasterer needed

    Hi all,I've got some work available should you be interested.tacking and skimming in Newbury Berkshire.hope to hear from you.kind regards.
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    plasterers needed

    Hi lads, ive got some skimming coming up near stoke area and after a couple of lads.The work is skimming on board and will all be price work.if interested please call rich on 07719330726.if ypu struggle to get through its due to bad reception at times so please txt or leave a message and I'll...
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    hi,can anyone tell me the cost of sand and cement prices to a private client?cheers