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  1. hstoke

    Naughty media - Coronavirus Covid19

    The staff must be absolutely drained 12/15?hour days aswell no wonder the virus got better of them
  2. hstoke

    Come on Post up your jobs at home during lockdown

    Drilled door out for another hinge ,friggin door weighs a ton ,top hinge gave up this morning
  3. hstoke


    Wickes Trade pro mate
  4. hstoke

    Use your best photos..

    @TonyM f**k ,that it is sweet !!!
  5. hstoke

    Everyone back to work ...

    Mind u most stores have ran out of multi so.... bg @The Apprentice any change there
  6. hstoke

    Everyone back to work ...

    Wickes get yer gear from there click n collect no problem
  7. hstoke

    plastering on site

    I think we need a pic again, u know the drunken new year one lol 2 confirm @Andy g
  8. hstoke

    Idiotic people

  9. hstoke


    Best reaction for a long time amazing ,even my dogs were clapping
  10. hstoke

    And now Screwfix

    Mkm still carrying on I assume bnq aswell
  11. hstoke


    Let’s hope they sort out something quick snap n not some bullshit loan
  12. hstoke

  13. hstoke

    Self Employed

    Yeh the sound of that cough aswell still hear it now ,even though my kids are older
  14. hstoke

    happy birthday

    Happy birthday hope u had good day
  15. hstoke

    working from home

    I’m doing much as I can cus I reckon in two weeks time the roads will be shut n guarded by the police
  16. hstoke


    I do like the medi though wider blade 5” plenty of flex fir more pressure to especially when your using on the shitter walls for last 2 trowels - polishing up ,Any easier or any difference with a narrow blade though ??
  17. hstoke


    Yoooo mannnnnnnn
  18. hstoke

    Snap snappy

    Ain’t done much fishing still got the s**t at My old Mans ,but a mate mine is going roosterfishing near Costa Rica , nice rod action on the vid
  19. hstoke

    Deleted youtube channel

    I’m surprised he’s took it all down must still have been making Money out if it May be he’s working for refina in the fuckin sponge department
  20. hstoke

    Ever heard of this plaster?

    Yeh seen the make at MKM you got the renovating plaster as the background n that shite on top lol
  21. hstoke

    My skimming

    It’s where we live mate
  22. hstoke

    Anyone use this PVA?

    What’s the ratio on that 1:1:3 water or Sumat lol
  23. hstoke

    NELA Black Edition

    Fuckin ell laughing my knackers off at that
  24. hstoke

    Too far!

    Not quite in your league getting closer A bit of cross I hope
  25. hstoke

    Terrible skimming competition

    From the same house
  26. hstoke

    Terrible skimming competition

    Nice bit of artex skim
  27. hstoke

    Universal One Coat

    It’s old sweaty again he was mess In the unifinsh vid poor fella
  28. hstoke

    New here, please see pictures.

    Is it a partial eclipse
  29. hstoke

    Patch skim king

    Brings a tear to my eye In frustration every time I go back @lurpak
  30. hstoke

    Patch skim king

    You got look after yer regulars ,u know The stingy f**k**s who expect it for f**k all lol
  31. hstoke

    Low point scraping barrel

    Never surprises me had a few days spare next week, job not from me About go thus morning and get this wtf should no better
  32. hstoke

    Devon m2 rates ??

    Ask @Andy g hes the main man round that area
  33. hstoke

    The grey area

    U on about public liability ?
  34. hstoke

    Sub contracting

    Get on site lol ,Moneys tight there more money in that area surely
  35. hstoke

    110v leads getting stiff

    Get yer f EEen pencils for the lads
  36. hstoke

    Drying a damp cellar

    Its worth watching him give birmgham city council a good Roasting aswell
  37. hstoke

    Bathroom Fitting Courses

    I’ve fitted bathrooms on all various systems with plumbers and on my own If u can solder half the battle ,waste fittings easy to fit etc Fitting a bathroom on a combi system easy ,turn main ,it’s all off But a tank fed system whole diffent ball game turn off in the airing cupboard f**k me...
  38. hstoke

    Love good boarding to skim

    God knows How long that takes cutting bits f**k**g around some lads r murder
  39. hstoke

    Lets get ready to rubmble

    Ok Del Boy lets have it ,im hoping be a bit more like boycie this year don’t do lot and make loads of money
  40. hstoke

    how you all feeling

    Bit late in thread now ,now it’s tap out time lol I been back in since thursday/Friday and today cus of office wallers who don’t want work going on around in the week ,wsnkers back on the football run tomoz 2 matches 2 lads u wait @algeeman when your tribe say can I join a team your need a minibus
  41. hstoke

    Who’s back in business tomorrow

    I had similar scenario a filling had popped out slowly more n more pain as eating etc devephed a infection but my gum blew up but I was lucky my body put a hole in my gum and ending up a releasing the infection every time it built up too much, remarkable ,hope it went well fir you
  42. hstoke

    Evening all, weird one!

    How thick r the walls ?they look like same construction as mine For fixing u could sink some wood strips in the wall fir rads etc
  43. hstoke

    Merry Christmas All

    Have a happy Xmas n stay awake today
  44. hstoke


    Never is mate unless u can find a rwf special lol