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  1. Roofer2plasterer

    Moisture Board

    Can you dot and dab Green Moisture boards like Knauf Moistureshield, Gyproc Moisture Resistant? its on a pissed stone wall so if i can avoid framing i'll be a happy man.
  2. Roofer2plasterer

    New plasprime X for external priming!

    Used this stuff on a gable end on Tuesday and it's quality gear! It's new version of plasprime that can be used externally as a key! It's £40 + vat but worth it as Eliminates sbr slurry! Put it on day before u hit and away u go! PLASPRIME X
  3. Roofer2plasterer

    How to build a roman villa

    Dunno how many of u remember a tv producer posted in the jobs section of the forum for plasterers to appear on a tv show, I had the telephone interview but bottled the next interview because I couldn't leave my job for the six month required. I know a few others like rendersystems went even...
  4. Roofer2plasterer


    Re-plastering a flood damaged property for an Elderly bloke who recently had his leg removed surgically! We were discussing his house insurance and I said 'they havn't got a leg to stand on'!!!!! .....OOPs
  5. Roofer2plasterer

    Starting up weekends?

    I work full time for the council and to be honest I don't earn enough! Since the cutbacks they've stopped all overtime so money's tight! Have any of you ever worked full time and set up a legitimate business working weekends only and can it work? Obviously if things got really busy I'd **** the...
  6. Roofer2plasterer

    Council scum!

    Went to board and Skim a 25m2 ceiling for a tennant! got there and the fat sow had not moved a feckin thing! Moved most of the tat and sheeted the sofas! worked like a dog to do the job and not offered one cup of tea cause lard arse was to busy watchin tv! tidied up and left the place spotless...
  7. Roofer2plasterer

    New Primer

    Used Sovereign Plasprime today and seems just as good as Thistle Bond it if not better! It's still green but a little thicker than TBI so dosn't throw grit all over whilst rolling on...... £24 at Travis Perkins. Skimming it tommorrow!!
  8. Roofer2plasterer

    How do u solve this one?

    sent to put an airbrick and internal vent into a understairs cupboard today as it was damp. Ko'd the plaster internally and knocked a hole in walls for airbrick. AS usual with these problems the cavity was being bridged by that horrible blown isulation. i put my arm into the cavity and beneath...
  9. Roofer2plasterer


    Any one used 'em? Any good or crap? Got hall, stairs and landing to Knock off and don't want to pay £160 for a skip. The 1.5 tonne Hippo bag would do for the waste and i can keep it of the road so not every FUKA can dump their crud in it. Think its £75 in total.
  10. Roofer2plasterer

    Worst Backing coat ever!!!

    Had to go to a job today, Boss said one of the other builders had done a backing coat and all i have to do is skim it!!! When i got there i though WTF? I've never seen anything like it!! He'd used multi finish as a backing coat :o and used a render scratcher to produce what can ony be described...
  11. Roofer2plasterer

    Gable end.

    On August the 1st I've got a pretty big job to do. Have to remove external gable end wall leaving inner skin as the house hasn't got wall ties ???. Rebuild and tie in with dence Blocks and then scratch and dash! No problem with the block work but when it comes to dashing it there is only two of...
  12. Roofer2plasterer

    Monocouche and K-Rend

    I know in theory how to do these renders but how hard is it? I can flat render sand and cement to a decent finish and have done large dashing jobs to a good standard. Does it help if you can s&c render?
  13. Roofer2plasterer

    Water proofer

    What waterproofer do u lot use in your scratch coat? been using freeflow lately but topcoat seems to set alot faster than other products ontop of this!
  14. Roofer2plasterer

    anyone used this or is it another gimmick?
  15. Roofer2plasterer

    Am I going mad?

    Got an old stone wall to do with a large bay window. I'm going to s&c and return to dot n dab at a later date. i remember using a plastic thin coat bead that was adjustible to the angle required a few years ago . Where do u get 'em or is there something better out there? ??? ???
  16. Roofer2plasterer

    Cement in bonding

    Been doing this for years for screeds and patching jobs but does it have any adverse effect on the floating coat in the long term?
  17. Roofer2plasterer

    Site work

    Where's the best place to find site work as i'm sick off this council shite!!! There's nothing in cumbria apart from temp work on flood damaged houses around Cockermouth!
  18. Roofer2plasterer

    forum logo

    After all the years this forum has been running as the leading forum for plasterers why have we still got a brickies trowel on our logo? ??? ??? ??? ;D ;D ;D
  19. Roofer2plasterer


    I know your meant to mix with cement to make a slurry to give a good stipple key but does applying Sbr mixed 4:1 with water to brick work have any effect to help render stick to wall or would it by no more use than just wetting the wall? I also put sbr in my mix. I ask because i'm doing alot of...
  20. Roofer2plasterer

    Contract Extension

    I've been working temp contract for the Council six months now and was expecting to be taken on full time contract after I've had excellent reports for my standard of work but the Bar Stewards have only offered me a six month extension!!! Do i take this personally and look for something else or...
  21. Roofer2plasterer

    NVQ 3

    Got an Nvq 2 but thinking about doing the NVQ 3, Is it worth doing and what does it involve?
  22. Roofer2plasterer

    Tennis (plasterers) Elbow.

    Any known cure for this condition? It's o.k. when i'm skimming or Floating but when i get home it's a constant nagging pain! Bit like the Mrs!
  23. Roofer2plasterer


    Where I work now I've got an apprentice and he's SHITE! He's got no common sence or skill even though he's been doing the job eighteen months! The other day i asked him to get me my sds drill and he passed me my 18v cordless from the van (shagwit). They put him with me to try and bring him on...
  24. Roofer2plasterer

    New site
  25. Roofer2plasterer

    floating stone wall

    Right u fackin know alls. How would u go about floating a stone wall with loose stone and some voids are 4 inch deep! I was told to do it in sand and cement and do it in one! Know i know I'm not the most experienced plasterer in the world but wouldn't it be better to fill voids with stone point...
  26. Roofer2plasterer


    Got a damp problem to solve for a mates rates job. Any advice on damp proofing and replastering welcome. I am gonna inject dryzone cream externaly and hack of internal wall a meter above the damp and then use a waterproof render with salt inhibitors like kingfisher or soverign ready render and...
  27. Roofer2plasterer

    1 coat b*ll***s!

    I been working for the council for a few months now and believe me it's taken some gettin used to! The standard of work that they leave in homes is comical and they don't give u enough time to do the job properly! At 1st it did my head in until something snapped in my head and I thought '' Feck...
  28. Roofer2plasterer

  29. Roofer2plasterer

    Dryzone & Renderguard

    Got a mate who has a damp wall to the rear of his terraced house, mouldy, wallpaper coming off ect. I was thinking off using this new dampproofing product dryzone as he's a mate and it'll save him money rather than using a traditional dp...
  30. Roofer2plasterer

    how Much?

    2 x 2 artex Bathroom ceiling overboard and skim, 2 x 1 small wall glue and skim on landing, Landing ceiling 3 x 2 remove coving overboard and skim, 4 x 3 bedroom remove coving, overboard and skim.?
  31. Roofer2plasterer

    Good mixer?

    Got a Freud mixer and it's class but the whisk is pants and leaves bits in the plaster no matter how long i mix! Any ideas on a good one? and prices if u know em.
  32. Roofer2plasterer

    New Job

    After all the crap I've had this year self employed and 2 months with no work I have just landed a job as a General Builder with the council. 8-4 and 20k PA, That'll do me nicely!!!!
  33. Roofer2plasterer

    anyone got a brain?

    Got small room to screed at 2.2m x 1.8m x 60mm. How much sand and cement do i need to order? ratio at 4:1. ???
  34. Roofer2plasterer

    This has got to be worst ever.

    Can't believe I have had to resort to this but times is 'ard. Got a job next week to do a mini concrete driveway 1m x 1.5m for a bloody mobility scooter ;D
  35. Roofer2plasterer


    Got a extension to float and set and went today to look at it before i do it at weekend. The spark has sunk backboxes with about 10mm pretruding from blockwork....good, but the clown hasnt chased in the trunking just nailied it to the wall >:( so it's pretruding the same amount as the back box i...
  36. Roofer2plasterer


    Got a 6 ' block wall to float and set, problem is that the window frame is flush with the block and theres no sill. I was gonna use stop bead but not sure if it will look right, either that or fit a sill...any ideas?
  37. Roofer2plasterer

    Jackos dead Wayhay!

    He can't be cremated due to environmetal issues. cause he's 80% plastic. ;D He could be reincarnated as some Road cones!
  38. Roofer2plasterer

    How deep?

    Got to float a wall next week and I'm gonna use hardwall. Spark has asked how far I want him to sink the back boxes for leccy cause he says most plasterers dot and dab after he's been. I dont know depth of a back box but if he leave 15mm pretruding that will be ok won't it?
  39. Roofer2plasterer

    floor screed

    Got a floor screed to do for my old man. It's only gonna be 2.5 x 2.5m and about 10mm(ish) deep in a small utility rooms so I was gonna use a self leveling compound like sika or something. Never used self levelling compounds before only done sand and cement screeds. Is it as easy as it looks and...
  40. Roofer2plasterer

    Should I accept?

    Right, Main contractor who layed me of February has contacted me about working for him again as he's won loads of work that should keep me in business til Dec at least. Sound good ::) Heres my quandry......He said I'd like to offer you the work if u can sort your attitude and temper? >:( Thing...
  41. Roofer2plasterer


    Going on my cpcs telescopic handler course on monday, got my test on 29th. Things have got that bad with no building work (in my area) i thought I'd ad another string to my bow. Looking on jobsites tele drivers don't get less than £10 ph which will do me for now.
  42. Roofer2plasterer

    remedial plastering ?

    Been offered abit of work on a new build. The bloke says it Remedial work, What does that mean? Improvments? ??? ???
  43. Roofer2plasterer

    Paying a Labourer

    How do u go about paying for a labourer? Do u just pay him outta job price and put it down in tax return at the end of the year? or is there easier way of doing it (not Cash in Hand).
  44. Roofer2plasterer

    polished plaster?

    any of you do any polished plastering and if u do, what's demand like? what i've seen of it is a bit hit n miss. it's either stunning or wank! depends on product and who's doing it i suppose! i guess it's more commercial, restaurants, hotels n that.
  45. Roofer2plasterer


    Skimmed chimney breast today after I WBA'd it yesterday. Put on 1st coat and it had these lumps everywhere! I know they usually go after second coat but They were a fu**ing nightmare to get rid off >:( What causes these to be so bad? Is it something to do with the WBA? Anyway, as u can see I...
  46. Roofer2plasterer

    new mixer.

    Got a new mixer. Freud FM1600. Toolstation price £220 quid. Got it brand new with warranty on ebay For £110 ;) Used it couple of times and it seems the mutts nuts. The shop is FFX-TOOLS if anyone wants one.
  47. Roofer2plasterer

    Start up grants.

    I was talking to my mate when i took my kid to rugby yesterday and telling him If i could get a couple of grand together i'd start up in business. He's got his own business and said when he started 4 years ago he had a total of 6K in start up grants from local enterprise company. If this money...
  48. Roofer2plasterer

    Taking the P*ss

    Applied for job with local builder and he asked me to do a days trial to see if I was any good. I got there for 7 skimmed two ceilings and two walls did all my own mixes (and his) and cleaned all my gear myself as he never had a labourer. At the end of the day he told my I could obviously work...
  49. Roofer2plasterer


    Allright fellas? Any of you completed an NVQ 2 folder recently? Can u give me some advice as I need to have it rapped up by early august. I know I should include as many pics as possible of me doing different units but is there anything else i should include? How many pics do u...
  50. Roofer2plasterer


    Allright fellas? Found this online material and labour calculator that some of you might find usefull for estimates. I used it for an extension I built and found it pretty acurate with materials. Tell me what u think?