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  1. hstoke

    No bonding coat @mkm wtf

    Stop press no bond at mkm Crewe they only get a pallet in and it never sells so They’re not selling it anymore everybody uses multi b*ll***s strange one
  2. hstoke

    Bum fisted alright !!!

  3. hstoke

    Quotes welcome for external render refurb

    See pics anybody interested cover all sides shown with new render and colour message me Crewe /Newcastle under Lyme border area
  4. hstoke

    Work platforms

    Looking fir a hop etc too reach 2.8 ceilings in the house ,pissed off wth steps already any suggestions seen these
  5. hstoke

    Fa cup 3rd round whose yer team

    Stoke r struggling laughable at mo ,got a replay just about ,whose your supported team in the fa cup
  6. hstoke

    Anybody using unifinsh

    Eh up now ready for it , I’ve got some artexed stairs to do n passageways I don’t really want to be pissing about waiting fir pva to dry time factor etc i be at looking chucking a first coat on with uni n folllow with board or multi Any of u dabbling with it still
  7. hstoke

    Finished a set under 2 hours

    Just posting to say just finished a 1 1/2 bag skim in under 2 hours pleased as layed in with same mix majority on here do that everyday so nothing knew but 2 tight coats made so much difference n the woman at the house leaving heating on all night made me move quicker lol thanks to everyone...
  8. hstoke

    Is this load of boll.....

    On this job the guy who owns the place ,architect guy know it all When a old chimney Breast wall covered in soot etc had been boarded with adhesive they had been a few patches come thru via the soot he says u can aradicate that by putting waterproofer in the mix is this a load of .... I can’t...
  9. hstoke

    Today’s work pics

    Any Beatles fans On this in Bolton @blind tiger anybody know it massive Job loll
  10. hstoke

    Support for lintels ?

    ive got to remove a old wooden window and create smaller apperature fir a external wooden door what’s the typical size eithier side for a steel or concrete lintel to rest on is it 150mm ? to pass building regs Cheerz
  11. hstoke

    Plasterers scheme

    anybody on it going to the meeting at east leake office in Loughborough Tommorow morning it's a "focus " group discussing the scheme blah blah fees er etc
  12. hstoke

    Vibrating straight edge

    Just seen this come on @Plasterers1StopShop get yer bids in
  13. hstoke

    Angled hawk/handboard

    Anybody had first dibs on these or seen then advertised
  14. hstoke

    Great name
  15. hstoke

    Thanks unifinish For costing me

    Did the ceiling back in April customer phoned me n sent pics I know lot of lads on ere had no problems but this is a kick in the knackers lucky the little girl was in front bedroom
  16. hstoke

    How can this comply

    Went back to a refurb job the ground floor chimney Breast had been removed and these builders have put the steel in so the "floor boards " are now supporting the upstairs chimney breast and chimney as any else came across b4??
  17. hstoke

    Any good lads In the stoke area

    any good lads off here could do us a day in porthill Newcastle tommorow or Monday or Tuesday drop us a msg thanks
  18. hstoke

    Will speed skim pass as a bullfloat for a one off

    Mixing up sum concrete tomoz in a terrace I know I will get sum cyber bricks thrown at me ,but if I use my old grey speed skim as a bull float think it will get do reasonable job or is there owt else u could use like a Couple of pieces of 3x2
  19. hstoke

    Speed flex more plastic spats Anybody seen or tried the above I'm not sure if it's a Refina product what's it's going to do that speed-skim already does
  20. hstoke

    Ultimate MT

    we hear a lot about the other makes Nela n Refina trowels but getting the feeling everybody is swinging back to the Marshalltown trowel for skimming now ! I've got a 14" x 5 " stainless good allrounder its well worn in now buts it's still straight just is that common thoughts please as sick of...
  21. hstoke

    Bg saving the trade again

    can u believe the leeches of supplying plastering products ,sorry i dont particular care how it's wrap and supplied to trade depots they should saved money on the video And passed on the spare cash to the tradesman
  22. hstoke

    Unifinsh on sand/cement

    hi all refurbing a house it's having dp injected n then sand/cement render after I'm whacking uni on it after ,any different method applying coats or is a no no for s/c thanks
  23. hstoke

    Getting the best out of the speedskim

    When using the above when applying multi etc 1st n 2nd coats the speed of banging the gear on with the trowel normally back n forth to flatten on background, to move quicker round the room just using one motion when applying with trowel, the speedskim should still flatten back n save time or r u...
  24. hstoke

    Using stilts for ceilings

    as I had a bit of a mare today with a ceiling friggin around with ladders and benches thinking about getting some good quality stilts just wanted know who using them on the forum and opinions cheerz
  25. hstoke

    Renovation plaster

    alright lads what's the price of that at Travis for trade at mo :birra:
  26. hstoke

    Tanking then boarding

    im going to do sum hacking off on a mid terraced house next week ready for damp proofing As I'm doing myself I read about different remedys I was going for Spray on a the sbr so the slurry doesn't dry straight away Apply the slurry Drying time N then board the walls instead of snc Is this...
  27. hstoke

    Unifinish cost

    As we have been posting comments on unifinish lately what as tradesman would we pay to kick start the market for unifinish
  28. hstoke

    Unifinish anybody using

    Got a skimming job starting Monday reasonable ceiling and various doorways to other rooms for the walls for a few days should I use unifinish instead of splashing pva around I know of the cost difference but ...,is anybody using uni at the mo ??
  29. hstoke

    Laying into the nela Ella

    sorry to say I used the nela flex to lay in with I understand if I have to pay for my act of defiance n not using the premium or mt ,apologies to the people of nela Danny , Ryan etc, but I enjoyed it seem It bit easier I was up against this afternoon had a power cut when I was just about to...
  30. hstoke

    Styrofoam boards

    does anybody know if these styrofoam blue boards will pass building regs so they can be used domestically inside and out looking at using 75mm thick cheers ??
  31. hstoke

    Best render over pir board

    Just bit of advice what render type to use on a single brick outhouse we be using a pir board I'm new to the external renderering I've read about weber ocr to put on top or what's the best to use they aren't bother about colours on top after
  32. hstoke

    quote for digging out laying slab stoke

    Alright there anybody in stoke area give me a QUOTE on house I'm refurbing for Digging out Stone in Insulation in Slab It's around 13 square metres been told need to dig down 300mm only can supply all materials
  33. hstoke

    Mr hillside on YouTube

    Anybody ever watched his vids on YouTube what a riot good laugh his one coat plastering , Plastering fireplace is a must And he has discovered the speedskim brilliant all worth watch
  34. hstoke

    Size of yer mixer

    Purchased another mixer 1800 watt eibenstock phoned plasterers one stop shop yesterday at 9 payed for it received it by 10 today that's top service used it today on a pig of ceiling which is lath n bodge Clients I'm refurbing the house for wouldn't pay for new plasterboards no profit in that so...
  35. hstoke

    Refina mm29 on eBay

    Can anyone explain this b4 my head falls off there is guy selling the said mixer online he says its brand new he brought in the last two months he doesn't need it starting bid £180 which ain't bad but got no receipt or guarantee all he keeps saying its brand new anything u friggin buy with in...
  36. hstoke

    Which mixer

    Hi there at the moment I'm using a flex 11o2 1250 w which has two speeds -slow and dead slow ,But now I'm doing a lot more refurb work skimming etc I've read a lot on here the 1800 watt mixers mix a bag/2 bags pretty quick or would most of you recommend a mm19/21 model ??
  37. hstoke

    quote for internal rendering?

    Alright folks can any of u give us average cost for hacking off plaster ready for injecting( I'm not doing that part) and then render up its a mid terrace house I've got put a price in with materials I know its a stab in the dark average price would help
  38. hstoke


    Had a bit of nightmare yesterday I'm refurbing a house up at mo I'd skimmed the kitchen ceiling the day b4 so just preparing the kitchen walls to be skimmed with bit bonding had a little left over so I thought oh few bits upstairs need doing in the bathroom above the kitchen ceiling so trowel n...
  39. hstoke

    Insulating internal walls

    I've got sum internal walls to skim but these walls are the outer walls of the building ,which is best to insulate them ,buy plasterboard with insulation attached? or buy rolls of double insulation and attach batterns to fix them?these are 9inch but with no cavity hence insulate ,would 50mm...
  40. hstoke

    20x5 finishing trowel worth it???

    20x5 finishing trowel are they worth purchasing or should keep to the normal size plastering trowel for walls n ceiling do the bigger speed up work please help
  41. hstoke

    using A DARBY?

    Does anyone use a plasterers aluminium darby when finishing walls or ceiling for quickness or coverage anymore ?????
  42. hstoke

    board or muliti on bit paint ceiling

    spoke to a few lads asking which would be be best to use on a bit paint ceiling which needs skimming or should i use sum bonding and muliti on first coat etc????
  43. hstoke

    laying in coats holes in finish

    ive just done a couple of ceilings over weekend at home i get my first coat flatten in then i get my second on as im doin that i am flatteing in at the same time when i have finished i notice i get the odd holes or small bits missd, should i bollock or the second coat on regardless of lines then...
  44. hstoke

    first coat etc

    ive had 20 years experience in building trade lately now i want to learn more about skiming walls n ceilings ive been reading the forums got idea of first coat n second but jus the mixing of muliti do you keep the first mix thick n creamy of course n then the 2nd mix more thinner so it spreads...
  45. hstoke

    mixing first coat n second coat

    new to all this workd industry long enuff, i want to start skimming walls ceiling etc ,i aint got to grips wiv yet ,mixing of multi shud the second mix for second coat be mor thinner so run over wall mor easily etc please help