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  1. George Kidd

    Merry Xmas....

    I would just like to take this Opportunity to say thanx to you all for making me welcome onto the forum And would like to wish you all a Very Merry Xmas & A Happy New year to you all Be safe and may next year be a great year for us all
  2. George Kidd

    MT Felt Brush..

    Just received this Felt brush today here in Perth from Team Marshalltown, I know that I'm sure a lot of u great lads and ladies have these? But I was so humbled to have won this and looking forward to seeing how these new products work for an ole plasterer Out here it's really hard to believe...
  3. George Kidd

    Base Coat &a finished Sand Finish coating..

    A Garden wall that was plastered with. Sand & cement base coat then usually out here in Perth we then will return after a day or so and mix a Slurry mix and put a cement based skim coat over the base coat as this helps the curing out here with so many weather changes, and especially now that...
  4. George Kidd

    Base coat & Texture Coating Perth:

    This was a house that I Plastered with Base Coat (Render) and Dulux Acratex here in Perth..
  5. George Kidd

    Grafiato at Cottesloe Perth

    This was a project I was involved in st Cottesloe, it was in a bad state of repair with being so close to the beach and ocean, so a lot of repairs where need here on the building..
  6. George Kidd

    Texture Coating, Perth.

    This is Dulux Acratex plaster coating that is used a lot, it's a paint based coating that comes ready made in Buckets, the cement Base coat and preparation are very important for to use this product..
  7. George Kidd

    35 years and still loving this special Trade:

    Hard to believe this month 35 years ago that I started my Apprenticeship on the streets of Belfast as an Apprentice Plasterer, watching those older plasterers spread Plaster on the walls like Butter and thinking to myself? Yes this is what I would dearly love to Master It was not easy and is...
  8. George Kidd


  9. George Kidd

    Putty Lime and Hardwall Perth Australia:

    This is Hydrated lime putty in bags as it is here in Perth..
  10. George Kidd

    Work Ute in Perth Australia:

    This is the best and easy way to get around the sites here in Perth WA, as there is so much sand and by having a motor like this with 4x4 is great for getting ur materials, tools etc closer to the homes, transits etc are not up to the task here as they would sink into the soft sand..
  11. George Kidd

    Running Bullnoses here in Perth with White Set:

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  12. George Kidd

    A Few Planter boxes getting ready for Texture Coating:

    Base coating on planter boxes here in Perth, then these will be Primed and Texture Coat finish applied
  13. George Kidd

    Laying on White Set here in Perth:

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  14. George Kidd

    Hello Guys:

    Hi Lads, My name is Geordie, been a Plasterer now for near 35 years lol Love this job with a passion TBH Come from Morn Iron, moved to Perth Australia, Looking forward to meeting a few fellow plasterers? And what I have seen? This is a great forum Danny
  15. George Kidd


    Been plastering from I was 16 and now coming 52, used plenty of trowels etc This is a small collection of some of my favourite Trowels There are a few well over 20 years old and retired lol From Carbon to Stainless Steel, Duraflex. Blue Steel Carbon etc..
  16. George Kidd


    Formed Straps with lath and plastered with K-Rend, then finished with Wet Dash..
  17. George Kidd

    Cleaning Trowels:

    This is something I was taught when I first started serving my time 35 years ago, everyday sandpaper and dry, it only takes a few minutes at the end of the working day to achieve this, and also show the builder, client that Plasterers are a clean Trade..
  18. George Kidd

    Box edged corners:

    This is a very simple way to do your corners rather than beads or nailing laths on the corners, box straight edges with wire clamps and simply throw ur cement render on and then return corners the same way..
  19. George Kidd

    Bullnoses Australia:

    Here in Perth there is a lot of Free hand Bullnoses to Learn, inside and outside as most builders will not pay for beads? You can put beads on if desired? But u have to pay for them yourself, In summer and as there is a lot of Windows in the homes over here, the heat can make it hard very...
  20. George Kidd

    Setting in Perth..

    The product that's used here in Perth is very different to the Hardwall Finish that we use back in the UK, it consists of Hydrated Lime Putty, and Various types of Hardwalls, that all react in different manners, like backgrounds, temperatures etc..