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    Sto power rasp

    Sto power rasp for sale,open to offers
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    Ritmo help pleas

    Water dropped midspray and wouldn't let me adjust,cleaned out and set up again,it would let me introduce water on set up but soon as I fired up no water at all,Done filters and solenoid,any ideas?
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    Anyone help with best place for 12mm renderboard going onto concrete and fixings?also powder coated cills to a ral number?
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    Spraying. Brick effect mortar coat

    has anyone ever sprayed mortar coat for brick effect or would be too much of a fanny on with you forming corners ny hand
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    Twister trowell

    Just bought one for flattening mono in,a wont be using it till new year has anyone bought one and used and what do you think?a normal spat always knacks my fingers a think with the handle could be a nice tool
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    Rotor and stator lifespan

    Hi Anyone help on how long your rotor and stator should last,mines. B42l on the ritmo,I've only changed onc on 340 bags 30kg Parex,This time round I've done 6 tonne and it's showing early signs I think pissy ok pissy not too bad yer but think it could be going,is this about right,it's been...
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    Ritmo advice

    had me ritmo about six months now spraying with a lot more confidence no whisk on going to need to move my machine mid spray to get to other will I go about this?clean out start again or can I unhook water,power move everything plug it all back in and fire up?cheers Dave
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    Enewall scratch back

    just recently use enewall BASECOAT and bucket finish went through the ritmo great and nice hanging times for ruling off,AV got some bungalows coming off in mono so has anyone sprayed it and if so opinions please,is it a slow setter as it will probs be an overnighter Cheers dave
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    Anyone out there sprayed enewall basecoat through ritmo l?if so is it any good and water settings and speed if yer remember please Cheers
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    Advice please

    I've had my ritmo a few months and just sprayed mono through it,I tried Johnstones base coat today normal set up sprayed great for about a minute pressure drop and ran like piss.done clean up took mortar hose off and set machine away nothing came through machine.full clean out start again same...
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    Ritmo l on site

    Hi I have had my ritmo for a few months now only doing my own private work.i am going on site for the first time with it this week.has anyone out there had any trouble with it being 240?its a keep moat site I'm going on.i have been told it's not a problem but just want a bit ammo if...
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    Johnstones render

    Hi Has anyone sprayed Johnstones basecoat,I'm thinking about using it on my next job,I've used it before hand applied and found it nice gear and texture was spot going onto brickwork and the tech data says 6mm seems thin is this right?also can anyone remember water setting for it...
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    Water filter ritmo l

    Hi I am new to machines and going through all the problems expected till I finally stop screwing up.blocked airlines,hoses putting water in hopper!!!i have done 6 sprays now and need to clean filters AV done the air but can't find the water one could someone help please,I have had Les on speed...