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    First time in months

    So seeing as I spend most of my time cutting grass in the summer months now, maybe this monster lid wasn't such a good idea :rolleyes:
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    1 2 3 4 5 and 6

    Oh dear, oh dear NUFC
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    Falling Damp ???

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    Need advise on mould process

    Do you think her process is good practice :RpS_unsure:
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    Block and Beam floors

    Have been asked today by a customer for best way to first fix timbers for ceilings to the underside of block and beam floors ? I am thinking Hilti cartridge gun fixings. Has anyone got experience of this type of work? I have never been asked or seen done before so any feedback would be good. I...
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    Wallcrete castles are so last year!

    Do you think this might be what they want the spreads for in egypt ?????:RpS_biggrin: Ã￾Å“Ã￾°ÑÂ￾Ñ‚Ã￾µÑ€-Ã￾ºÃ￾»Ã￾°ÑÂ￾ÑÂ￾ "Ã￾•Ã￾³Ã￾¸Ã￾¿Ã￾µÑ‚ÑÂ￾Ã￾ºÃ￾°ÑÂ￾ Ã￾¿Ã￾¸Ñ€Ã￾°Ã￾¼Ã￾¸Ã￾´Ã￾°". Ã￾›Ã￾µÃ￾¿Ã￾ºÃ￾° Ã￾¸Ã￾· Ã￾³Ã￾¸Ã￾¿ÑÂ￾Ã￾°. - YouTube
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    Check out the wrist breakers approx 5 mins into this

    JUST THE JOB Just The Job Season 2 - Solid Plastering - YouTube
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    Spongers how do you do it?

    I have never used a sponge apart from to clean skirtings and walls after patching chases. So how do u do it ? I was on a job the other day and another spread was there a lad in his early twenties and he uses a sponge float and gets a descent finish (not as good as mine of course lmao) so would...
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    Evening all new to the forum so, Helllo everyone. For my sins been a plasterer for 33 yrs now can cover all aspects of the but bulk of work nowadays is boarding and skimming and re-skims. Oh the name by the way was cos my proper names were already taken and i only found out what raggles where...