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  1. Olican

    Multifinish bargain

  2. Olican

    Never used a poly derby before

    Never used one or seen one used . Found this one, :coffe:
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    Spot the....

    ....slight indiscretion in this work :coffe:
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    My good lady...

    ...wants to move to the North East. :rayos: I'm heading up there end of March for a gander, hopefully if the moon's align I can catch up with @Arti for a brew. Any insight would be interesting, :frenetico:
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    How would you advise on this render

    A client has rung asking advice about the render on their new persimmon home, they are concerned that the ghosting and if this could cause problems down the line. How would you advise? @Dansouthcoast84 @Rigsby
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    Ever heard of this plaster?

    New one on me
  7. Olican

    Walabot wall scanner

    I personally think the technology is still too fresh but I think all plumbers and sparks will have something like this soon
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    110v leads getting stiff

    If your 110v lead is stiff to pull out of transformer then rub a pencil around the edge and it will be easier to pull out. Could of filled this post with innuendos :rayos::coffe:
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    Made me chuckle...

    Reading this book... And this bit made me chuckle...
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    Do you think this will last?

    A section of a roof canopy came away so they've boarded with mr plasterboard and skimmed with multi. Do you think this will last ? :aburrido:
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    Been busted

    Had an email via my website, guess I'd better pay up :endesacuerdo: Remember kids, always cover your webcam when mastubating in front of your laptop .
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    Anybody know owt about bikes?

    Morning all, clearing out garage and was wondering if this is worth owt before it goes in skip (y)
  13. Olican

    One coating plasterboard..

    Been reading on a Facebook page how this is becoming common practice on lots of sites, I can't see it being a good standard. Never seen one coat work done well, could be wrong
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    Bulk buying

    Buyer's market this time of year, loads of good bundle deals available. I mentioned to @Vincey about bulk buying scrim..'s this deal sound to you Pete?
  15. Olican

    Hang on spread!!...

    ..I've got to spray some firefoam behind them linings before you start!! worries bud, do a clean job now.. ..yeah no problems..
  16. Olican

    Changing brushes on megamixer

    Morning all, Anyone changed brushes on a megamixer? Am I better taking it to a tool repair shop or is it straight forward. Thanks for any pointers :)
  17. Olican

    Keep a bag of flour in the van

    Thought of you when I saw this @John j :estudioso:
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    Forgot your level?

    No problem :estudioso:
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    Shared a tip ..

    With @JessThePlasterer that involved Jam. She said she enjoyed my tip so much so I thought I'd share it with you lovely folk :sorprendido3:
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    Render failure

    Rendered a timber frame block of flats 5 years ago and one elevation has delaminated from the boards and shelled off. All the work was carried out to spec, rest of the job is sound. I'm in the clear on this one , the contractor is not looking to me for responsibility I'm just curious as to...
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    Slim pickings ...

    ...on market place and gumtree lately. Seen any bargains @John j ? Saw this stunning coat hook :rolleyes: And a box of beauties ..
  22. Olican

    53 bags HBS GoRend for sale

    53 bags of HBS GoRend for sale. Colour . African Grey Supplier . Sas group. Kept in a dry store in Torquay. Plastic bags. Pm for details. :)
  23. Olican

    Update on previous Fundraisers..

    For any new members reading this just to recap;. We have run a charity fundraiser on here for the past two years for a charity chosen by a forum member. Both times small independent charities where 100% of the funds raised went directly to those who need it most. The Fundraisers revolved...
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    Anyone at the carboot today?

    @Andy g ?
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    First attempt at freehand Ashlar..

    Critique please
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    Hanging Hessian over render

    A long time ago someone once told me that renderers would hang massive Hessian blankets over their render, this would reduce curing time making the render stronger. Proof of this was old churches where the render is still solid now after many many years. Don't know how much truth is in this...
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    Kayaking and fishing

    Noticed on Danny's thread a few of you kayak, after some advice if any of you fish. @smoother09 do you fish off your yak? Been going out before work, had a few nibbles buy no bass yet. Couple of gar fish and mackerel Got no chance if the local seal follows you, get this if I'm out early.
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    Decisions decisions..

    What say you @algeeman @theclemo ?? I'm in training for Blackpool :musculoso::popcorn::birras:
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    Worth a punt

    . .for a tenner @John j
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    Anyone tried these, not a bad idea :aburrido:
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    TPF big weekend part 2

    @algeeman thought I'd help with logistics. Anyone that doesn't know there is a forum get together planned for the weekend commencing 30th August. If you can pop by for an hour or two days it would be great to meet . Destination Blackpool ..list of names below of those confirmed, if you think...
  33. Olican

    Oldest hawk .....

    .....I've ever seen. Found in roof space of a very old property in Torquay.
  34. Olican

    Been a bit punchy...

    ...on here lately! Sure it'll pass.
  35. Olican

    Anyone near Rochford....

    ...if that trowel is a Marshall then that's a bargain..
  36. Olican

    Power float

    Any of you fine folk using one like this.. Seen them used on hp12 and ocr to achieve a paintable finish. Wondering if any good on sand and cement
  37. Olican

    Con man alert

    If this number rings you 07943088561 Be wary, he is Bristol based con man trying to scam trades folk out of their hard earned. He is articulate and convincing.
  38. Olican

    Bum fisting club

    Any chance you can take that off now please @Danny , I like to keep my affiliations private :bananas:
  39. Olican

    Giving blood

    Does anyone else on here give blood? It's been in the back of mind for years to do it but after hearing a customer tell me recently how he and 30 other doners saved the life of an 8 year old boy from Plymouth by giving 28 pints; its urged me on. I registered last night, took 5 minutes, and I'm...
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    Funny thing happened last week.

    Hello all, I hope your all well. Had a little break from TPF but think I'm emotionally and alcholicaly stable enough to engage again. Soooo anyhoo; I had a random phone call last week from AndyG last week . Had a nice chat with him, he told me about the times he worked with a younger @Rigsby ...
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    Been offline for a couple of weeks..

    ... Firstly a huge thank you as always to everyone that supported the last fundraiser.. ( ) I know there are still a few loose ends that I will tie up as soon I can. @Dropsalot @John j During the fundraiser a friend of mine...
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    Might get on for PVA..

  43. Olican

    Thank you topsread & Arti

    Thank you both for still pushing our total higher , @Arti kindly donated this lovely set And @Topspread16 has generously made a further Donation . Packages are flying across the country from member to member (phnaar) great to see
  44. Olican

    Have you ever won anything from Pro Builder

    That magazine you get from builders merchants desk.. I often play and often win, samples more than anything but bloody love a freebie . Won some gorilla glue couple of months back always comes in handy for fixing kids toys.. And today I won this... Yippee.
  45. Olican

    Giving a final double handjob for two lads

    Preparing the last two trowels to be sent out to @RobJack and @hstoke . @Smudger1 yours is well sharp and I'm dropping yours off in person.(y)
  46. Olican

    Whose sending what to who?

    Could the winner pleadse pm the donater please 2: 1901 plastering invoice. @imago to @hstoke All of @dropsalots prizes done in separate prizes 3: selection of spats . @RobJack pm @Dropsalot 5: set of s*p*r*lex @chuckie pm @Dropsalot 6: set of speedskims @ChrispyUK pm @Dropsalot 8...
  47. Olican

    A few prizes being redrawn..

    Thanks to @hstoke kindly redonating some of his prizes also @JessThePlasterer Anyone that wants to be left out let me know, anyone that wants to join in you can still win by donating here.. There's also some gold...
  48. Olican

    The results are in...

    .. controversy all round. Video is 11 mins long so taking time to upload. Here are the results. 1: whisky. @algeeman 2: 1901 plastering invoice. @hstoke All of @dropsalots prizes done in separate prizes 3: selection of spats . @RobJack 4: sponge floats and brushes. @JessThePlasterer 5...
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    Getting ready..

  50. Olican

    Bulk prize or split them up

    Question for those of you that have generously donated loads of gear; would you rather do as one prize or split them up. So @Dropsalot 8 prizes as pictured or a jackpot to one lucky bugger, be great for some one starting out. @imago , two separate draws I think if that's ok. @Arti speedy &...