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    From before the lockdown

    @The Hobo @ChrispyUK A couple from the weekend before it all went tits up.
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    No lime.

    Ok guys something I never thought I'd do, ask you tossers a question about s&c rendering. I've got just two days left to finish a job. Perfectly safe, no contact with anyone or anything that anyone has touched in days. Problem is I just can't get hold of any hydrated lime. Have any of you clowns...
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    Snap snappy

    @The Hobo here you go Norm thought you'd like these. 15lb+ and 11lb+ from my little place. @ChrispyUK
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    Merry Christmas All

    As above, even @lurpak . Have a great day, especially those with young children.
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    What tipple tonight?

    Ok you peasants, what is your poison tonight? @algeeman @John j @zombie @bof @ChrispyUK @malc @carys @Simon85 @johniosaif @JessThePlasterer I've a little treat for myself.
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    Wallpaper paste

    @lurpak @John j @zombie @bof @Vincey and all other domestic lads. What do you do when faced with walls covered in wallpaper paste? I've always been of the opinion that it should be completely removed, and not by me. Your opinions are valued, yes even yours John.
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    So what's going on with Multifinish?

    So @smoother09 this is specially for you. @theclemo could you please express deliver one of your most excellent ropes to my good friend smoother9, many thanks.
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    Right you bunch of knobheads my son and I have dissolved our limited company and reverted to sole trading and have got a new website. Please take a look and give me some honest feedback (like you wouldn't anyway, you bastards).
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    PALPS (my boy)

    Oi pikey @algeeman my son's band have put some of their last gig up on YouTube. @lurpak @Cockney1 @John j @JessThePlasterer @smoother09 That's my little boy on the left playing bass guitar.
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    Who's out today then?

    @ChrispyUK @The Hobo
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    Dedicated to Algeeman

    This is my son's band and I'd like to dedicate this track called Andy 10 pints to @algeeman our animal spread and drinker.
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    f**k**g sad sad day.

    Keith Flint of Prodigy has died. I'm very very sad. Now cheer me up by putting some of their tunes up here you wankers.
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    Firms tendering.

    So how many of you constantly get asked to price projects for firms that are tendering for the project themselves? In other words they're asking you to price work they don't have. I priced up three projects for a firm a couple of years ago and didn't hear a word from them as to whether they'd...
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    So we're on a re-render and despite taking precautions a stone cill gets broken. Oops! Sorry @lurpak no Artex was used but I thought @Vincey is sad enough to be interested.
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    Bit of a surprise.

    @Danny @ChrispyUK @The Hobo I was having a little go for the pike and perch using a 5g perch pattern jighead when this grabbed it and put an almighty bend in my light lure rod.
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    Site mix through a Ritmo

    As per title. I know @theclemo has mentioned this before. Who's done it and is it iyho viable?
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    Wooden strips in brickwork.

    So we're gunning the old render off of old red bricks and there are strips of wood the thickness of laths set into the brickwork every six courses. Why? I've ask on another thread but @imago couldn't give a definitive answer, @Nisus refuses to lower himself to answer such stupid questions and...
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    Nice weekend

    Well it has been beautiful weather here all weekend and Saturday I spent a couple of hours fishing. @ChrispyUK
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    Much patience

    Hardly a straightforward job and possibly the worst carpentry I've ever tried to get over. Luckily my son has loads of patience when it comes to boarding. Let's hope I have when I start skimming it tomorrow.
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    Last one loxy

    @Lox some render using bagged materials.
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    And more for loxy

    Some sand and cement renders for @Lox
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    One for loxy

    @Lox this is especially for you. A little bit of Parex Mono Blanco finished with a float and sponge.
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    There you go Vincey.

    So go some nice ceiling shapes to do on this job and thought 'what better time than now to use Pure Finish for the first time'. So @Vincey what do you think?
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    For fucksake!

    First back using Multifinish this week after staying away from it for months. Absolutely f**k**g awful shite. First trowel, everything looks fine. Second trowel, no water other than on the blade of the carbon steel trowel, f**k**g tiger stripes everywhere. After thirty-seven years I'm second...
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    Nice night for it.

    I'm out fishing for the night (big surprise). You out @ChrispyUK or others?
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    It was either

    Go and have Sunday dinner at the mother-in-laws or sit down the Pool in the pissing rain. Anyway it hasn't stopped raining all afternoon, but I can't hear the old bat from here so much nicer.
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    Ok this afternoon I had a very (1:18) long phone call with a guy from BG. I felt that it was a very good two sided conversation with someone that both understands our trade and wants to help get Multifinish to a point where I'm (we're) happy with it. I'm not going to go into all the ins and outs...
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    Straight from the box.

    @Vincey Picked up a brand new Permashape on the way to work this morning. Open box, mix gear and then use new trowel from start to finish on a ceiling.
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    Calm down @Marshy So how many, if any, of you are using the Marshalltown Flappers instead of a wide brush?
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    Website updated

    Ok you bunch we've finally had our website updated and live. My son has put loads of time and effort it getting everything together. Let me know what you think or any mistakes you spot. I'm well prepared for all the piss taking so don't hold back.
  32. essexandy

    Paper in multi?

    We're about fifteen bags into our current pallet of multi and every one has had little bits of paper mixed in it. A right pain in the balls. Has anyone else been finding any? Be interesting to know before I give BG a call.
  33. essexandy

    A little moan about Knauf

    We have a job coming up in a couple months where the client is interested in us using MP Finish, so I give Knauf a call asking about getting a couple of sample bags. 'No problem' they say, I then speak to my area rep who also says he'll sort it. The weeks go by and not a word from Knauf, the...
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    Ritmo amps

    We sprayed some Monorex EHI GF yesterday and the Ritmo was running at over 7amps and cut out a couple of times. We put this down to having the gear to stiff so adjusted the water to the point I wouldn't have wanted the gear any wetter but we were still getting a reading over 5.5amps. Is this...
  35. essexandy

    First go at EWI

    As above on my own place, I'd never do something for the first time on a paying customers house. So far just boarded and mesh/basecoated but thought I'd stick a few pics up so that perhaps the more experienced guys could point out any mistakes or improvements we could make in the future...
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    Well as some of you may know our young Ritmo was taken away from us due to being neglected and has been with a foster parent called Stu for some time. On Friday I was allowed a short supervised meeting with our little baby and we have agreed to attend a refresher parenting course on Wednesday...
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    Hot knife

    OK lads I'll strike a deal with you, if you tell me your prefered hand held hot cutter for 90mm graphite EPS I'll say where I get my sponges from.
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    Ox trowels

    Well I bought a couple of Ox trowels. A one stainless by mistake and then the carbon steel one as I'd meant to buy in the first place. I spent no more than two minutes with an oilstone on each and then set about using them. The stainless one was used for a hit from start to finish and it worked...
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    BG Spray Finish

    Well we've got good terms with Travis but just been quoted £6.28 a bag with a SEVENTEEN day lead time. That'll be the last time I enquire about the product. This is the product that persuaded me to buy the Ritmo after all the spiel from BG. @Runswithscissors maybe time to have a look at your...
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    Thickest screed

    Just done a screed, only 36m2 but started at 65mm. Within a metre and a half of the starting point it was up to 100mm and by the time I got across the other side of the room it was up to 180mm. Jesus Christ 180mm and over underfloor heating, they'll need to put the heating on in the spring for...
  41. essexandy

    Knauf board

    Any of you lads work on Knauf board regularly? We've just a bungalow completely tacked using Knauf board instead of the usual BG gear. The setting went exceptionally well with a lovely even suction. Didn't use a drop of water to trowel up right through the place. Three easy trowels and walls and...
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    Who's on?

    @Danny the list of members has disappeared from the bottom of the page, is this how it'll be from now on or have I fecked up a setting?
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    Monogris E

    Has anyone rubbed this gear up? Parex say it can be but then manufacturers say lots of things don't they.
  44. essexandy

    Spraying Hardwall

    We're going to be spraying Hardwall the week after next for the first time, does anyone have any tips i.e. water settings, which inlet to use? Oh and how often would you give the machine a thorough clean out during the days work?
  45. essexandy

    Multi through a Ritmo

    Right we all know that we're not supposed to use Multi-finish through a Ritmo but how many of you guys have done so and were there any issues? Would you hesitate to use it again?
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    A good day at the office

    Today we sprayed the top coat on the job where we had our "bad day at the office". What a different day this was. Not a big area by any means but we turned up just before eight and had it sprayed on and ruled by nine thirty without any problems.:RpS_cool: Not overly impressed with the Parmurex...
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    First time.

    Did a little bit of pattern and band work yesterday using Parex Monorex for the first time. It worked really well, anybody else used this for said purpose? 231.jpg photo by andychapmam | Photobucket 211.jpg photo by andychapmam | Photobucket 206.jpg photo by andychapmam | Photobucket
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    Bad day at the office

    Oh dear, after a good start with the Ritmo last week we or that should say I managed to feck it right up today and the day was finished off by bad luck. All started ok and for the first half a m2 all seemed good and then suddenly we were just spraying pissy wet gear. Anyway quick call (very...
  49. essexandy

    Just like to announce

    that I no longer have a lovely gleaming Ritmo in the unit.
  50. essexandy

    Ritmo speed?

    I know that the PFT blurb says that a Ritmo can spray up to 13ltrs. per minute, but what is a realistic expectation when spraying CPI mortar?