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  1. Rigsby

    Do I need to prime between the base coat and the top coat

    Priming it you will be safe but not priming it is a gamble. But the base and top are light colours unlike a grey base and white top so don’t worry too much if they dont do it.
  2. Rigsby

    Air problem

    Probably the gun that has a build up, give it a good filing.
  3. Rigsby

    Do I need to prime between the base coat and the top coat

    It is usually colour coded to match your silicone. The reason is as you rub it up the aggregate rolls on the base and when it is all dried there is a risk of the base coat colour showing through the scratches.
  4. Rigsby

    Patch mono

    If you use paint then Rendit can supply and Parex do a colour wash. Jub revitacolor is good as well. These paints come very thick and need watering down a lot if it is to be a colour wash and not look painted. I have added 40% water to jub and it was still a bit like paint.
  5. Rigsby


    Almost self isolating, have been for a while. Long story and a bit personal but I am ok thanks.
  6. Rigsby

    Waterproofer in Render Base Coat

    If you can get parex Parmurex that is waterproof, just add water, mix and apply in layers.
  7. Rigsby


    I have some here in Sheffield. Its concrete retarder and I put 500ml in a 300 litre bin and it took 3 days to set in late November.
  8. Rigsby

    Pipes, cables and satellite dishes

    I take them off and refit but in my small print I state it is expected that all outside fittings (electrical, satellite dishes, ornamental etc) should be removed prior to work commencing but we will remove as long as the client accepts responsibility for loss or damage. With ewi I list what...
  9. Rigsby

    Johnstone’s mono

    Mono is too troublesome silicone is more reliable.
  10. Rigsby

    Johnstone’s mono

    Quite a few using Johnstones in Sheffield. The ocr is good for pointing.
  11. Rigsby


    We all have some problems in life, my probably only issue was going cold turkey on Setraline, massive headaches! So coming off Nicotine, alcohol, drug etc can be a challenge but t usually ends up on the positive side. Good luck with it.
  12. Rigsby

    How would you advise on this render

    Its too thin and probably was done on a soaking wet wall. A high performance silicone paint will sort it.
  13. Rigsby

    Maite alternative

    A Rossi says they all tear or sponge up crap. I developed a technique of applying flat and smooth as I could wet and dealt with getting it smooth when set. More labour intensive but better results. For arm ache I got the lab to do scraping and grinding, save yer joints wear out someone else’s lol.
  14. Rigsby

    Maite alternative

    Every manufacturer does an equivalent like Webers is their Lac, K Rend HPX etc. I found Maite the worst to use but I also stopped sponging, instead spat flat then next morning I use a rasp type trowel from pft North to get any lines out.
  15. Rigsby

    Sand cement mix for tyrolean type gun

    No Weber ocr but I have done it in pral. Bit lumpier with pral.
  16. Rigsby

    Help needed on rendering type

    The wall with the trellis is a modernish render But bite the bullet and have it all redone.
  17. Rigsby

    New block work

    Shouldn’t need it but if you want it to be extra sound then yes. Sbr cement slurry for s&c rendaid or equivalent for ocr..
  18. Rigsby

    New block work

    At this time of year you will be struggling with setting times, sliding and sagging. I would do two coats in either s&c or ocr letting the scratch coat cure fully and the second coat being 6mm with Wickes hardener added. It will rub up full of water though so different to summer conditions...
  19. Rigsby

    New block work

    4:1 is too strong it will probably craze. 5:1 scratch sharp sand. 5-6:1 second coat with 1 of the sand soft. Let the scratch fully cure. Better still use a modern render like a base coat then ocr. Garden walls are usually built wrong for rendering and are problematic. I stopped doing them, not...
  20. Rigsby


    Only just seen this post, yes I know of rained off plasterer renderers who would have been available.
  21. Rigsby

    Ritmo xl

    Do you still have the Mai G4? A machine not talked about much in the UK
  22. Rigsby

    150 degree angle

    SAS probead may have some but most likely 120 degrees. I don't like using stop too easy to get a vertical crack down the stop edge if it gets knocked. Cut the wing off an angle bead.
  23. Rigsby


    You will have most likely have used an air entrainer in the mix which so long as the mortar had got to an initial set it would act as a frostproofer as it will in its cured state for life. I have had two walls from the 90’s that froze solid within 24 hours of application and they are still...
  24. Rigsby

    K rend advice please

    Be an even better job if he bedded mesh into the HPX. Maybe stress patches also around the openings in the top coat, but if he is diy stress patches could bite him in the butt.
  25. Rigsby

    Ritmo xl

    I have always liked the XL. A modern version of the Monojet. A G4 and Ritmo combined. I would like to know what it can spray on 240v. But I think there is only 2 in the country so it might be worth looking on the German ebay sites. The bad side is gravity feed and its priming and setting up...
  26. Rigsby

    Who supplys

    Getting back to the question? Do you mean a 50mm board that gives the same ‘u’ value as 90 eps?
  27. Rigsby

    Silicone render mesh method.

    I remember Gibbo doing 90m2 on a Saturday morning on his tod. years ago though. Marmorit as I remember.
  28. Rigsby

    Silicone render mesh method.

    As Gibbo below/above says. I bed the mesh in lightly then spat over just hard enough to cover the mesh.
  29. Rigsby

    can anyone recommend a EWI for a stone house?

    I would address the cause of the damp first and then consider iwi. But if it needs to be ewi how about a solid insulated render system like Bauwer?
  30. Rigsby

    Silicone render mesh method.

    In winter I do the two day method with all the effort in making it flat as on day one with a tight coat over on day two. Doing it in one on a cold damp day canmake it sag, wave and slide. Bit different in summer with dry air.
  31. Rigsby


    Yes, Stuart welcomed me to spend a day learning how to apply a full Santane system back in the L&D forum days.
  32. Rigsby


    Yes the joint! How many bricky’s cut the gobbo to maintain the drip?
  33. Rigsby


    lol. Jonesy gave you a run for your money. good days.
  34. Rigsby


    A good bricky would have a dpc under the copings although they would need to be big and heavy to stay put. There was a concrete furniture manufacturer here in Sheffield and they had moulds in stock of various sizes and had in stock heavy concrete copings with a good 40mm overhang with decent...
  35. Rigsby

    Temporary downpipe

    PFT Northern Ltd.
  36. Rigsby

    Sand cement mix for tyrolean type gun

    Use Weber pr Johnstones one coat render for both the rendering and tyroleaning. mix the tyrolean mix very wet and keep stirring.
  37. Rigsby

    Garden wall render. help!!

    Meant luck not look, grammar police and all that.
  38. Rigsby

    Garden wall render. help!!

    Garden walls are always built wrong as to regarding rendering and this one is no exception. No dpc, tanking behind and inadequate copings. At a chance you might have some look with a polymer modified render but those copings need improving.
  39. Rigsby

    Identify the stones!

    The white is flint and the brown is Barleycorn but there is some grey in the mix. Looking in my Derbyshire Aggregate sample box it looks like Harvest spar.
  40. Rigsby

    Identify the stones!

    As mentioned above send a picture to Derbyshire Aggregates Ltd at Youlgreave . I have used that particular dash but forgot the name but it is a Derbyshire Spar product. It is the white pebble in it you need to get right right as they make similar but use different white stones so maybe ask for...
  41. Rigsby

    Invoices & qutoes

    If you watch Judge Rinder it shows that everything needs to be in writing and with proof of being read and accepted. Dates, what you are going to do in detail, what is expected of the customer (water, power etc) and terms of payment as a minimum. Little things like allowing for extra time due...
  42. Rigsby

    Boring weber question

    Temperatures are dropping from Wednesday so on rendaid late spray and overnight.
  43. Rigsby

    New year

    Happy New Year Gary, hope it all goes well.
  44. Rigsby

    What you spend your penny’s on

    I have an epos, made in 1993 as a short batch of only 500. Cost £450 back then but still in prime condition and looks good. If I was to replace it, it would be a Omega Seamaster.
  45. Rigsby

    Will hacking off old blown render damage internal walls

    Think this house will need building regs approval so some insulated render or plastering is required.
  46. Rigsby

    Air vent

    Houses are getting sealed up so not only stale air but you also have moisture being created by steam, breathing, clothes drying etc. This moisture has nowhere to go and will find a cold spot to condense on. An air vent(s) will wick away the moisture and freshen up the air quality. leaving a...
  47. Rigsby

    Air vent

    You can fit a open or shut vent over it. Leave it open in summer and when you can in winter. Vents the house.
  48. Rigsby

    Will hacking off old blown render damage internal walls

    I have done hundreds of hack offs on 9” solid walls and in most cases there has been no damage. It is possible though but less on dot and dab than solid plaster. If you are concerned then have the top coat of render removed but the scratch coat, the coat that has been applied to your bricks can...
  49. Rigsby

    One of those days.

    That broken spindle is replaceable. You will need to dismantle the gearbox though, I had a hire shop do mine. Getting the ‘other bit’ out of the drum can be awkward.