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  1. worthwords

    Unusual cause of damp

    We had this very odd square patch of damp with salts precipitating around it and through the thick textured wall paper. \ After stripping the wall paper i found it was a perfect square of damp gypsum - the rest of the wall is some sort of sand and cement render. I dug it out - about 10cm of...
  2. worthwords


    Just to introduce myself. 1st time buyer 1930s house which needs a lot of love.Trying to do a large chunk of the renevation myself. Enjoying learning basic plastering but will leave most of the reskimming to pros.
  3. worthwords

    Reskim around doors

    I wonder if you can help. Utter notive but getting better.... I've done some DIY skimming, corner beading, reveals etc but not had to deal with wooden door frames. This door in the picture is small downstairs toilet. I think previous artex was reskimmed and went over the wood of the old door...
  4. worthwords

    Surrey Looking for someone to chip off and re-render(?lime) 1930s house

    Surrey, near epsom KT20. Don't think sand and cement is the best option for this house as it was built to be breathable. The rough cast render is falling to pieces after it was painted with impermeable paint and the cavity filled with insulation which has trapped moisture in the masonary. The...