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  1. keithuk

    Air problem

    Connect the airline to your water , see if the hose is blocked, same with the gun , a slight blockage can stop it firing up , hope you get it sorted
  2. keithuk

    Self Employed

    oh well thats good ,we have nothing to worry about now !lol
  3. keithuk


    Dream on ! lol
  4. keithuk


    The 2 month before Christmas were a bit wet ! Lol, same old same old tbh , just live with it , enjoy the dry days and the wet I guess
  5. keithuk


    Always look in mate TBH ,Danny has a great site
  6. keithuk


    If you live from "hand to mouth " outside work is a killer ,all each to their own
  7. keithuk

    K-Rend Rendering disappointed

    Keith you know as well as i do ,its bad , but i love the way you still help out
  8. keithuk

    K-Rend Rendering disappointed

    Tbh i only posted to back up the fact it can and should be done right ,hope you get your home sorted
  9. keithuk

    K-Rend Rendering disappointed

    We hate lights as well ! Lol
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  11. keithuk


    Best way in the wet cold months , a must have for us
  12. keithuk


    Is what it is ,the building game does not stop for winter ,the show must go on! lol , just like to add ",Come on England" !!!!!!!,sorry about that
  13. keithuk

    K-rend over pebbledash

    i drink on a school night sometimes ,don,t make it right ,x
  14. keithuk

    PRB Render Demonstration

    Try and be nice John !
  15. keithuk

    Accelerator and the dosing

    If you need any help give me a ring mate you have my number, we same day all year round
  16. keithuk

    Base coat goes off too quick

    Just make it wetter ? most guys new to machines ,set it up like they hand ball it ,wetter mate
  17. keithuk

    Using an Eze 24 for S&C render

    Can you not hire one to try ? Just a thought
  18. keithuk

    External render disintegrated at bottom of wall

    Lime ?f**k me is it Grade 1 listed ? you guys, lol
  19. keithuk

    Render to New Build - Is it ok

    It could all be spot on , just some fine it easier to run a bead along the brick line for a sharper finish
  20. keithuk

    Eze k4 2019 machine for sale

    You going turbo ? Lol
  21. keithuk

    Eze k4 2019 machine for sale

    You paid that with the VAT?
  22. keithuk

    New member need advice and tradesmen

    Least you have that to look forward to I guess
  23. keithuk

    New member need advice and tradesmen

    We drink that as much as you wear a flat cap ! Lol
  24. keithuk

    New member need advice and tradesmen

    We did this one in Otford Sevenoaks if you want the address
  25. keithuk

    Silicone 1.5

    Do Weber do a quick drying one now ? I could be wrong, hate the look of it tbh ! Lol , like the olds days of sand tex
  26. keithuk

    New member need advice and tradesmen

    Pm over your number I will have a chat
  27. keithuk

    New member need advice and tradesmen

    We are booked up for 5 weeks, try getting a list of approved renderers from the suppliers , best of luck
  28. keithuk

    New member need advice and tradesmen

    When are you looking to have the rendering done mate ?
  29. keithuk

    Ritmo water flow

    Ffs phone Les !
  30. keithuk

    PFT Ritmo L for sale

    Hear that a lot tbh , not like I use it myself
  31. keithuk


    If someone trust a post on a forum or facebook about rates ,they are mad , back in the day it was face to face in a pub ,now its "ray3579" says i should earn £800 aday !
  32. keithuk

    Silicone Rend vs Monocouche Rend

    Seal it mate your be fine ,loads out there to choose from
  33. keithuk

    Silicone Rend vs Monocouche Rend

    Seal the mono , cost £50 for 20lts
  34. keithuk

    Modern render systems

    I wouldn’t have thought so , but doesn’t mean I’m right , lol
  35. keithuk

    Modern render systems

    It’s more covering yourself mate , if a customer has a problem and you have not done your work to the right spec , you don’t have a leg to stand on .
  36. keithuk

    Modern render systems

    Not really mate ,if its less then 7 newton ,they do say mesh the lot tbh ,can be done in a basecoat ,such as rendaid or in the mono
  37. keithuk

    Sika accelerator is s**t

    Use Weber’s own mate , 40 m2 finished at 10.00 , your be done by 3.30 , just a heads up
  38. keithuk

    New ritmo slimline

    you still teaching it at a cost ?
  39. keithuk

    Black mamba

    Seen people use them for rendering, but as you say , a bit fast ! Lol
  40. keithuk

    Ritmo l

    there is one on here some where ?M ,not L
  41. keithuk

    Ritmo M for sale -Brand new

    too many people think they are plug and go tbh
  42. keithuk

    G4 standard for liquid screeds

    Weber do training mate
  43. keithuk

    G4 into Transit van

    Mine goes in a Vauxhall L2
  44. keithuk

    New forum features coming

    Danny f**k off the twats on here might help! You have a handful of people that help post , the rest make the forum and you look silly
  45. keithuk

    Urgent Damp Proof Advice please :) Thanks everyone

    Most cellars normally need a Newton system to advoid the water pressure tbh
  46. keithuk

    Urgent Damp Proof Advice please :) Thanks everyone

    I see why know one post on here anymore !lol
  47. keithuk

    Parex uneven finish.

    sure most on here f**k up from time to time ,least your honest !lol ,hope it gets sorted mate