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    Petition...keep the pressure on.

    We are all hoping the government will provide a comprehensive financial support package for self employed ASAP...there is a possibility it will come soon but we need to keep the pressure on. Please sign and support this petition that is gaining pace...
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    Anyone used them?
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    Posh plasterers

    Anyone ever met a posh plasterer? you know the type that plays watches polo...goes on shoots etc...?
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    Asbestos Artex removal

    Just wondering if anyone has experience working for an asbestos removal do they deal with lathe and plaster ceilings covered with asbestos artex...especially if they show signs of cracking they seal off the room and remove the whole ceiling?
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    Speedskims, spatulas...finishing trowels

    I've used a Refina spat 600mm for a few years now ceilings and walls for quick flattening off... Just wondering if anyone is using...for example a speed skim then a finishing trowel only? and no longer using MT... For refurb work not site work...where the walls are all over and blue...
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    No more dither or delay...lets get it done :)

    If you haven't decided who to vote for this may be of interest as to how your business could be affected.
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    I've got a wall with a mix of paint and what looks like distemper...some of the paint is hard to remove...some is flaky (I've scraped the loose off) Anyone know if it's ok to Zinsser Gardz over the lot i.e not remove the paint where sound? or does all the paint need to be removed?
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    Surveyor specification

    Had a specification for internal insulation...fix insulation boards direct to wall with frame fixings to avoid gap where condensation could form...solid wall which has had damp proofing carried out previously...evidence of condensation and possible minor rising damp. I've always membraned...
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    As the long standing members will know I'm coming up to 38...2 years off retirement age. Just wondering if anyone is still plastering over 40 and how it feels...because ever since 36 I get funny aches and pains everyday, some the same some new...and I think I'm getting slower and more expensive...
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    Agency labourers

    Anyone ever used agency labourers we need an extra hand now and again...but not enough work to take someone on full time...thinking about paying £13 an hour to agency...
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    Skimming over render grip

    Can be done but expensive
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    Site mix dashing

    Can someone please provide me with a site mix dash some patching to do :) I'm guessing a 5-1-1? Thanks Or can I dash onto Weber OCR?
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    Time it takes

    The one thing that pisses me off most when on a job is when a neighbour makes a long will you be?...what are you doing in there? (indicating it's taking a long time) or the most annoying...what you doing in there plastering the whole house? Utter c*nts... Can't they just...
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    Internal Hardwall and Sand/Cement

    Hardwall in particular and sand and cement in my opinion are shite...the amount of houses I've seen which have solid plaster and have hairline cracks all over the place which come back through after skimming unless you use a mesh. Don't know what the cause of the cracking is but maybe because...
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    Feature breast

    Just finished this one...what do you reckon...all lime render.
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    No bog brush?

    I've been coming across this quite alot recently on domestic bog brush in the toilet, not good if you have had a curry the night before. What's your technique to get rid of the skid marks if they don't flush away? or do you just leave them?
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    Non flushers

    What is it with some customers...they go to the bog while your working and don't flush...I've opened the lid and seen it all now...bright yellow piss, used bog roll...logs... I don't understand the reasoning behind it? to save water? to pretend it wasn't them?
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    MF internal insulation walls

    Is it suitable for retrofitting insulated plasterboard to rendered solid walls? Usually we use treated battens...but have started using metal frame for ceilings and its quick... When dry lining walls do you have to use a GL8 track around the perimeter e.g ceiling and floor? if so what do you...
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    Anyone else struggling to get payment from customers at the mo?...they are all making me wait, last one 5 weeks gave me every excuse under the sun, had to chase daily...then said he had to borrow the money from his mum!? c**t Changed my payment terms from 7 days to on completion and still...
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    Mud cracking

    Been to see a re skim...fine hairline mud cracking on all the walls...around about 80s build sand/cement backing coat with multi as finish coat. I take it this is just shrinkage cracks from when the works was originally done? Or should I be meshing before skimming?
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    So you think money grows on trees? :hueco:
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    New Build

    Anyone ever bought a plot, built a new build and sold on? I've got the opportunity to do it...I won't be doing the building work just project managing. Much profit in it?
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    MP Finish

    Anyone used it messy spraying it through the Ritmo e.g on ceilings? How many metres could 2 spreads do comfortably?
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    Is it possible to get a good finish on this...without too much hassle? Got a job large areas...wants solid finish, was thinking this would be quickest if finish is multi? How many meters could a 3 man gang do with a Ritmo a of the gang being a unskilled lab.
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    Budget self employed tax hike

    Surprised no one has put a rant on the forums about the tax hike for self employed... I'm f**king fuming about it...for how hard we work and for the reason we don't get the same benefits that someone is employed i.e pension, sick pay, holiday pay etc etc, and for the fact the Conservatives...
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    Parapet walls...hydraulic lime render

    Anybody used lime render to re render parapet walls? Is it suitable?
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    Hydrualic Lime Render suitable instead of Renovating Plaster

    Victorian property... Damp caused by leaking downpipe...gutter fixed, wall drying out. My only concern is if there are any salts as the walls dry out will they come to the surface and spoil decoration if hydraulic lime render is used? Cheers
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    Top coat

    Hi all looking for some advice. On a job...rock hard scratch coat, can't get it off the wall...seems dry all over... The top coat came off with a scraper, very weak mix So I'm back to a rock hard scratch coat, a bit of tanking here and there....upto around 1.2 metres all round. What do you...
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    Alternatives to rendering arched chimney breast

    Anybody used hardi backer boards and dabbed the opening? What do you do if you have an arch...bead on the arch and dab the opening... Looking for a quicker way than rendering.
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    Skimming over Weber OCR

    Anybody tried? I did a few chases and didn't find that the skim bonded well to the OCR. Skimmed it day after.
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    Some customers...

    Had a hell of a job yesterday...customer knocked me down on price, so turned up without my labourer in order to make the same money, half way through the first day she said...can we have a chat about the cost, started trying to make out I had been dishonest about not turning up with my labourer...
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    K Rend thincoat over existing

    Got a job thin coat over existing render. Need a K Rend base coat that is suitable and can be sponge floated smooth? Also what beads do I use 8mm? Cheers
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    Concrete slab

    On a job existing concrete slab knackered, it's straight onto soil, slab is only 1-2 inches thick no dpm. Need to remove and redo slab with dpm underneath. Never done one before what mix would be best? Thanks
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    1.5mm silicone over scraped render

    I've got a small area to spray over existing scraped render to match in with the rest that I have done over Weber OCR sponged up. Base coating over the Pral M is going to be a problem as I've got gas boxes with pipes tight against the wall etc. Can I prime and spray directly over the Pral M...
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    First spray with Bennu X-15 Spray Gun

    Pic of our first spray with Bennu Spray Gun, nice bit of kit. Weber OCR topped with K Rend TC15 in Sky Blue.
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    K Rend Mineral TC

    Anyone used it? Can it be sprayed? Drying time? Does have same flexibility as resin? @Krend
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    Primer and top coat in a day

    Any lads used K Rend TC Primer and TC15 top cat same day. Prime morning, spray top coat afternoon. Got a hot day tmw need to get job finished wondered if its possible. Cheers
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    Don't you think it's odd..

    When I learnt the trade putting waterproofer in the scratch coat was standard, gives you time to float the top coat and allows the top coat to cure gradually... With these modern renders e.g k rend gp mortar and weber OCR (2 coats), no waterproofer in them, they don't dampen down well, when you...
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    16 bags of Pral M Chalk for sale in Bristol

    16 bags in date, kept in dry unit. £6.00 per bag, must take all bags.
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    Waterproofer in Weber OCR

    Anyone put waterpoofer in Weber OCR?...just been speaking to technical and apparently it's a job that needs alot of dubbing out over Rendaid.
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    SBR modified site mix render

    Parex say you can add SBR to Monorex to modify it so it will bond to engineering bricks etc...can you do the same with a standard 4-1 site mix? if so what's the ratio sbr/water? Thanks X
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    Power sponge on Mono

    Anybody ever got the power sponge on mono after barring? wondered what it looks like instead of scratch back. Any pics? X:birras:
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    Silicone over sand and cement

    Anyone do much silicone over OCR or K Rend General Purpose? Anything to watch out for?
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    Spraying silicone render

    Any idea what Oasis is using here? He has a combi drill on the gun! lol
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    Parex v Weber

    Lots of spreads on here seem to use Parex...I'd like to know why over Weber? There customer services is definitely better than Webers and their specs are good...I've never used it mainly because I like the fact that Weber sets quickly, today I was scraping at 3 without the sun, using...
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    10% off Wickes

    Wickes now doing 10% off for still get 10% off if you buy 5 or more. Makes a bag of multi £4.80. (y)
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    Foil back wallaper

    Went to look at a job yesterday customer had started stripping wallpaper, there was foil behind and a black residue. What was this used for, heat retention? covering damp? Thanks