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  1. Plastermind1

    Builder beading

    Builder said he would save us some time and put the beads on :ROFLMAO:
  2. Plastermind1

    Mixing drill

    Mixing drill broke today need a new 1 can use the other lads for rest of the week but no idea which 1 to get £250-£300 ishto spend what would you get 240v
  3. Plastermind1

    Not possible

    Bloke advertising on fb in newcastle any room any size including staircases £349 including materials and hes bragging hes filling up fast :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  4. Plastermind1

    Dont f**k with cats on netflix

    Anyone else watched this its crazy well worth a watch
  5. Plastermind1

    Warm roofs conservatory

    Anyone got any tips when yo have to curv all the angles what a ball ache
  6. Plastermind1

    Ready to render

    Hi lads eventualy ready do my first weber job in my back garden but could rain at 2 would you still do it or wait
  7. Plastermind1

    Pink grip

    Iv been told not to stick beads with pink grip and use bead adhiseve by the weber rep as it can leach through the top coat anyone had that problem or should i just crack on
  8. Plastermind1

    Mono on raised flower beds

    Hi lads just done the weber mono training day so i can do little bits here and there starting in the garden but if water is sitting on the top flat bit will i have problems also whats best to put inside to stop water penetrating through can i use plastic lining
  9. Plastermind1

    Course on rendering

    Hi all im a plasterer in newcastle (tynemouth) i have always done internal work only but need to colour render some raised beds where can i do a course or is there anyone who would like a hand on a job to teach me a bit cheers dean
  10. Plastermind1

    Want to get into colour render

    Hi im a plasterer in newcastle have always just stuck to internal work for 10 year but thinking about getting into external work does anyone know where i can do a course to get a feel for it and learn techniques cheers